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Title: The Longest Walk Home
Post by: DubstepDisciple on June 10, 2011, 11:07:52 am

A decently sized suburban town just on the outskirts of a much larger urban metropolis. The outbreak seems to be reaching a local-high concentration level within the suburban town which soon means it will find its way to the city. This is relatively close to the beginning of what could prove to be an isolated outbreak but only time will tell. Time is 3 PM on a Tuesday in late Spring or Early Summer. High humidity and little cloud cover.


Zombies will be limited to Crawlers as it is very early in the infection even if it threatens the city. I would like guns to remain out for the beginning of the story and until the characters have gotten into whatever groups of factions they intend to. I won't be making a character profile a requirement for this thread as I think it keeps you very limited in what you want to do with that character. Its hard to communicate morality in such a grey area like this one where the hard decisions can sometimes mean sacrificing a lot of people so that some of you can survive. This I hope is something we can expand on later but I'll leave it at that for now.

Title: Re: The Longest Walk Home
Post by: DubstepDisciple on June 10, 2011, 11:25:54 am
Breath came out in ragged huffs from Dub's sore throat as he hunched down in the cover of three sparse trees. This kind of activity was something that he just wasn't used to as was obviously by his slightly pale screen-washed skin that spoke of far too many hours in front of a computer screen. Besides that Dub was a rather unremarkable individual with average height and a build that spoke of maybe a part-time job hauling boxes. Either way both worked against him in this insane heat. Taking a deep gulp of air Dub leaned out slightly from the trees and looked out over a vast row of recreational fields spread out in a space between different housing areas. This route gave Dub a dominating field of view as he slowly made his way home while also keeping him away from streets but the disadvantage was that cover was extremely limited. "Alright, one more sprint to the houses and then I'm home free." Taking up an almost comical version of an Olympic running start he quickly ran off, legs being driven more by adrenaline and fear then energy. People still walked here and there by following the paths cut into the field but none of them had seen what had set this young man's feet running. They would soon enough.

It was then that Dub took a chance to look back as he approached a residential street and he saw the figures across the field from where his school was located. The slow wandering motion of those human shaped figures gave him all the convincing he needed. Movies had come to real life and for some reason it had to be zombies.

Dub did not know how or why only that during a trip to the bathroom he had turned to corner to spot three of his classmates fighting over the principal's eye jelly. The rest was just a whirl of colour and fear. In fact Dub noticed as he tentatively checked to see if he had wet himself he had never ever known what true fear was. The fear of being chastised or even of being caught smoking a joint from time to never did not compare to this. It was a fear that gripped him in his gut and almost forced him to his knees. Even so he forced his legs forward, limping and short of breath, but somewhere in the back of his mind he knew he couldn't slow down. Running was going to become something he and many others would have to get used to.

Title: Re: The Longest Walk Home
Post by: Gromitooth on June 11, 2011, 04:00:55 am
(For the reference I will be basing my character off of myself)

James rolled away from the zombie before dropkicking it. It went down, then started to jiggle and get back up. He didn't stay to become it's next meal, he ran as far as his feet would carry him past people who were lying in the grass getting their spines ripped out.

I ran out of the school grounds, grabbing my roller blades from their usual hiding spot and skating off down the road, one car had already crashed and I could hear screams echoing in the distance. I saw smoke starting to rise from behind me but I tried to ignore it, trying not to think of my dead friends and the danger that my parents could be in. I continued onwards towards home, I would be there in minutes.