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Title: Maureen's morning
Post by: Dodom on November 23, 2011, 08:15:32 pm
This is a story where each participant writes the next paragraph.
- Make it short. There's no solid limit but really, this isn't the kind of story where readers will like walls of text.
- No destroying the story. "It was only a dream" style. "Rocks fall, everybody die" is also frowned upon.
- This isn't RPG. If you introduce an original character, it's not yours and other contributors can make it do whatever they want.
- No giant candycorn.

Captain Jasper Buttmonkey Reyes had asked for a "date" in payment for helping out, and she expected him to spend the evening humiliating her in every way he could get away with, but it didn't go that bad at all. Ok, he did make a few rude moves, but it seemed like he wasn't interested in getting too physical with the infected, and some times - just some times - it seemed as if he respected her as a colleague.
So what did they do? Well mostly they chatted. They played darts for a while, drank, gossipped about their respective teammates, drank more, played drunken Scrabble (Pina Colada didnt make it into the official rules of scrabble but barely) and then... wooooo, did she really drink enough to have a black out???
She sat up in bet, and the motion... ugh! Military grade hangover, that's what you get for dating an officer! She gathered the courage to turn the light on and nearly fell on her face from what she found:

Title: Re: Maureen's morning
Post by: Dodom on December 15, 2011, 09:47:35 am
Ok, since it doesn't catch, imma finish it myself:

The closet was open, all the clothes thrown on the floor carelessly. Jasper's uniform was on the floor and one of her dresses was missing - annoying, but everybody was really expecting a move like that. But what struck her was a medium sized box at the far end of the closet, one that she had almost forgotten about, but that she immediately noticed when it was touched. Did he dare??? She crawled out of the bed and edged near the box. Oh no oh no oh no! She drew a deep breath and opened it in one sharp motion.
He had gotten her drunk, waited until she passed out, then stole each and every one of her Pokemons.
Go to hell, Jasper. Go. To. Hell.

Title: Re: Maureen's morning
Post by: Newb8D on December 15, 2011, 08:56:08 pm
Ahhh, I'm rather late, but I'd like to give this a try:

This crossed the line.  Now, he would have to PAY.  Maureen looked around.  What caught her eye was a pencil and stack of papers on top of a smooth, polished table.  Hmm, it will have to do.  She snatched the pencil and scribbled furiously onto a blank sheet of paper.  What was that code again?  Ah, yes, here goes.
Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, START.
"This had better work," she muttered.  Now, to wait.