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Title: Translating webcomic
Post by: LivingAfterWorld on July 31, 2013, 12:07:11 pm
Hi there,

well, i have a blog in pt-br language (for anyone that is curious anyway: and i wonder if there any problem about translating thezombiehunters webcomic to pt-br.

Anyone knows anything about it?
(tried to email Greg and Jenny, but 1month no response and tried more than once...)

thank you for reading o/

Title: Re: Translating webcomic
Post by: Greg on August 06, 2013, 10:25:52 am
Hey, looks like I misfiled your email when I moved us over to Thunderbird*. Sorry about that.

The short answer is that we'd rather you didn't host translations at your own site.

The long answer is, we've got a translation project going here, to get TZH up on this site in other languages. That's stalled out due to some bugs in the UI that wipe various entries when new translations are uploaded- not exactly working as intended yet. I'll probably be able to pick that up again once we've got book 2 out the door.

If you're interested in doing translations that we'll be hosting here when we have the system up and running, send me another email and I'll get you on my list of folks to notify and add as translators. (However, we can't offer actual money- translating TZH would be a labor of love, not a paid position)

As always, we appreciate your interest and dedication to want to do something like that :)