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Title: 7 days to die
Post by: dudesomebody on September 12, 2013, 07:58:04 pm
  I have been on the search for a good sandbox zombie game since forever. I have seen many games that had awesome features (dead rising, left 4 dead) but they focused on the action. Action isn't bad but I wanted something bigger. A few days ago a friend introduced me to 7 days to die ( It is kind of like minecraft in that you can collect resources and build whatever you want where ever you want. The game does better graphics, as shown in the trailer, and having played it I can say the stuff shown is in the game. The zombies are slow during the day or in torch light, so make sure to have many of em. Also, the buildings are not just totally destructible but they can collapse under their own weight if you take out enough support structures, found that out the hard way hiding in a wooden building.... zombies hate wooden buildings it seems.
  Thought I would throw this one out there as I am loving this game so far and thought you all should know about it.