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Title: Once upon a time
Post by: DochSavage on June 09, 2017, 10:15:21 pm

It's mid-2017, and it's a really nice morning in Easton, PA.  Smack in the middle of the Lehigh Valley, there's green everywhere, blue sky, fluffy clouds, and the full moon is just visible in the western sky.

But you just woke up.

You're bright, have a nice job, read widely, surf the recent science regularly, but you're not a supergenius.  You're OK with that, generally, because generally things are going OK.  But you've been dreaming.  Just now, somehow, your brain combined with last nights science feeds, politics feeds, and 4 glasses of rather nice scotch have forced a epiphany that is clear as crystal, and you've been paralyzed for that last hour gazing out that window into the nice reality that you were expecting...trying to break the logical precision of that scenario that just fell into place between your ears.

It's still there, smugly looking at you, no doubt laughing at your horror.

The apocalypse?  No, that's not right.  Apocalypse refers to an unveiling, a discovery of a truth. Or the Truth.  What's coming should be described as a Collapse.  So, what then?  You've had an Apocalypse of the Collapse?  O, how poetic.

No, that's stupid.  Can't be.  I'm overthinking something.  I've forgotten some bit that makes this...scenario...a moot point.  For this sort of thing to happen...what?  A totally incompetent government of the US?  Isolation from its technically competent allies?  Advanced biological science to the point of precision DNA, RNA, and epigenetic manipulation?  Well, duh.  CAS9?  CRISPR? Calculated destruction of trust, combined with engineered manipulation of various violent prejudices...well, that pretty much kills off most of Civilization's natural immunities to Collapse, right there.  Then you need a slow, creeping super-bug with a delayed-blast endgame and an airborne delivery system.

Sure, but those exist.  I'm sure 2 or 3 nations have stuff like that.  Noone will use them because it would be MAD, right?  Mutually Assured Destruction.  Nobody likes that failure mode, so nobody goes there.

Until, eventually, someone does like that failure mode. 

But even so, nobody that stupid would ever be allow near that much deadly opportunity.  It's be like putting a toddler in a nuclear launch control bunker with a literal big red button 3 feet above the floor in the middle of a wall.  And telling him, "No."
No, scratch that.  Bad analogy.  These are still adults we're talking about, with experience.  Even stupid adults have limits.

You'd need a desperate, stupid adult to make a mistake that big.  Desperation enough to erase whatever integrity they might have once had combined with someone...credible..offering a one-final-way-out-that-just-might-work.  So said-sad-desperado has to have few-to-no mental defenses against blatant psychological manipulation and few-to-no friends to call for an alternative answer.

It's just a matter of time before the situational heat hits the temperature of fuse-ignition then?
Nyah.  Too pat.  An idiot like that would probably try some sort of limited-nuclear release option, figuring any return strike would take out mostly his enemies on the heavily-populated coastal cities.  Any military patriot worth the name would keep the football way, way out of his hands or refuse to follow the order.  Besides, even his limited political calculus would force him to realize he'd probably die in the exchange or be ripped apart by one of the many angry groups in the aftermath.  Or that one of his well-equipped "buddies" would send a well-funded hit squad for him.

So, he'd look into something more sinister, less kaboomy.  Something to make those pesky plebians more controllable.  Maybe that compound QI that got mentioned in that...intelligence briefing.  A biological that produces a targeted drug that degrades a neural center in the prefrontal cortex that would cause impairment in adaptability, specifically in being able to change one's belief in the face of new data.  Subtle.  Just enough to keep control of the masses using religion, bigotry, and political group-hate.

Hmm.  So much for the plebians, if he can fool enough of them all of the time.  Infecting the other powers, like Congress and the Courts, would give him a lock on power for the rest of this life.  He'd have all the marbles.  And they had the gall to call HIM stupid.

He'll show 'em.  "Bob.  Do it.  Do the QI plan."

This dream sucks.  Besides, even it is happening, what the hell can I do?  Move to Canada?  Is that even enough?
Maybe Britain?

Crap.  Man, it's nice outside.

Title: Re: Once upon a time
Post by: Anonymoose on June 12, 2017, 10:26:56 am
Dammit man, you've figured it out sooner than was expected. On the plus side though I can tell Cthullu (pbhn) that He won't have to stick anything in that Tump muppet anymore to make its lips move. I think that was starting to bother even Him.

Elder Evils. They do too have limits, they just don't like to discuss them with anyone who isn't a licensed professional.