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Title: Eyes of the hunter
Post by: Kraven on January 13, 2010, 04:06:42 pm
I got this idea last night and also from a book that was given to me for Christmas. It is written in first person since this is the view of the zombie. Hope you guys enjoy it, and I'll be adding more soon.

Eyes of the hunter

A tattered journal lays across the ground next to a dead body. The body looks to be that of a woman and carefully turning it over has scars of battles with humans and other zombies. One scar that is noticeable is a huge burn on its back from another zombie.  Quickly snatching up the journal the wastelander was shocked to find that it was written by this dead zombie.

My name is not important since my family is dead. If you are reading this journal then that means I am dead. Well soon to be dead. You see not too long ago I was bitten by those….things and figured it would be somewhat comforting to my mind to write my final hours of life. Cliché I know but I am human after all. Right now I can hear those bastards clawing at the door just taunting me to come out. I found an empty apartment building not to far from where a damn….god what are those things called? Well it doesn’t matter I was bitten by a zombie and now here I am. My arm hurts like hell and I feel like shit. Yeah, they tell you the symptoms of the illness but they never tell you how much it really hurts. God I can feel my body tighten up. This hurts so much but I need to keep writing….need to keep writ-

-There is a long line from where the writer has stopped. It appears that this is when the person has changed. Turning the page the writing is more sloppy but still legible to read.-

My body doesn’t hurt anymore! In fact I feel stronger though it is hard to think of sentences. I also feel hungry strangely enough, and I don’t feel like having the normal steak with potatoes…..I have a craving for humans. Oh my mouth is watering now just at the thought of having humans! Humans! Humans! Humans!

The door was locked and I really didn’t know how to unlock the door. So I used my fist instead. I didn’t feel anything as I punched the door and I could hear some moaning as a few others helped me escape. Stumbling out of the room I could see other zombies but they didn’t attack me. Walking by them a few of these zombies began to leave the building and soon I found myself following them, from the roof.

We stomped around the city for days. Hungry and tired looking for fresh meat. I could hear some of my brothers and sisters moan in frustration as we stumbled along the roads. Moaning for food. They continued to moan until one of the tougher zombies, I think the humans call them berserkers lashed out and attacked. I kept my mouth shut since I did not feel like tangling with one. I’m just a mere what do they call me? Hunter, I think since I move swiftly and stalk my prey. I love it when they think they’re alone. If I could smile they would see me smile as I rip out their throat. The others around me are getting tired. If they become too tired they will be easy for the humans to kill. It looks as though one of the berserkers have stopped and everyone around has stopped. We must be stopping for the night.

Stomp stomp stomp. That’s all we’ve been doing for days. I’m getting hungry and angry with the berserkers. They’ve been pushing us around ever since the crawlers began to moan. I’m thinking of ditching this group and hunting alone. I prefer to be alone anyways.

I ditched the group and began to hunt on my own. I don’t miss that group one bit. The crawlers were getting annoying with their moaning and the berserkers were attacking anyone or anything that moved. With those two combination we were making so much noise that any human would have warning of us coming. So here I sit perched on a building watching the city. Hoping to hear a stupid human so I can eat. I’m so hungry……

Title: Re: Eyes of the hunter
Post by: Cheez on January 13, 2010, 05:13:52 pm
Muy nice. The zombie-perspective journal idea is a very interesting one.

That said, corrections:

I could see others zombies but they didn’t attack me.
I could hear some of my brothers and sister moan in frustration as we stumbled along the roads.

Title: Re: Eyes of the hunter
Post by: Kraven on January 13, 2010, 05:19:52 pm
Thanks Cheez. And thanks for pointing out those errors. I fixed them.

Title: Re: Eyes of the hunter
Post by: Cheez on January 13, 2010, 06:22:04 pm
No problem.

By the way, I keep thinking you're Sammich with that avatar.

Title: Re: Eyes of the hunter
Post by: Kraven on January 13, 2010, 06:36:08 pm
Hahaha. My plan is working! First coping Sammich and then the whole forum! Bwhahaha!!!

Anyways I got some plans for the upcoming journal entries. Might even add in some of our beloved forum crazies. :D

Title: Re: Eyes of the hunter
Post by: Sarge on January 19, 2010, 04:25:11 pm
Lol, if you read through the Those Left Behind threads, you'll probably find some cool instances.