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1  General Discussion / Zombie Stuff / Re: Your zombie survival plan on: October 31, 2013, 08:21:58 pm
First off I just want to say that I dont even remember how I found this comic but it only took me three days to get through the whole thing and I am glad I found it!

So Zombie Survival, My background first. I am 24, 6ft and very average build, I have worked security for 6 years, Armed for 4 of them; Carring a Glock on the job and other non-work weapons would be in my already set go bag I have for everyday emergencies: 3 Mag-Lites assorted sized, two steel tooth blades 10 inches with 5 inch blade, a few flares, basic medkit, MREs, ham crank radio, etc and I have a Psychology background so knowing how to deal with people and situations should be my real bonuses on the outside and when encountering other survivors. I have to admit, without a wife or a child, I am going to be selfish if it ever happens in my area because I cant rely on how people will react if something like it were to happen, emotions, shock, fear, etc will only hinder their abilities and slow us down, . So let me explain the area I am in. I am 10 minutes across the George Washington Bridge from New York, it is a metro type area and people and buildings and especially big highways everywhere and those are all negatives for my survival unless I take local roads and go straight North into upstate New York to try and get away from the masses and try to keep to myself for as long as possible. I have minimal knowledge of hunting but I'm not sure how I will do in the snow season, I have some horse back riding history so if I find a ranch I can saddle up two or three and that will increase my traveling and up my inventory capacity.

That whole scenario is based on being able to get OUT of populated areas. If I am stuck inside the city then I am going to go 28 weeks later and cade up in an apartment building, top floor and clear out each room, cade the exits and start systematically clearing out each floor and gaining supplies from the rooms.

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