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241  TZH Discussion / TZH Discussion / Re: Today's Comic on: November 14, 2015, 10:20:41 pm
Damn, people. What the hell is the point of coming to a forum if only one person posts? It's kinda like being in a room full of people and being the only one willing to talk to you, y'know?

I was right, this place is a tomb.

(Edited just for you, Outlaw, 'cause your'e special like that.)
242  TZH Discussion / TZH Discussion / Re: Today's Comic on: November 14, 2015, 08:13:16 am
I was kinda hoping for the same thing, though in my experience, when the comic's forum isn't any livelier than the comic schedule you've got more than just real life problems.

I mean, if you're building a brand you want to farm loyalty like crops that will feed your family through the winter. Best way to do that is with an invested fan base able to carry water for you when needed. Community is a resource that must be built. But, more importantly, it must be maintained. The Goblins comic is a great example. Thunt went sideways for awhile, and the active forum kept right on supporting the brand until he got back in the game.

That may have existed here once, but now? There's no updates on the site, no real communication with the base and this place is a tomb.... Ungood tidings, if you ask me.
243  TZH Discussion / TZH Discussion / Re: Today's Comic on: November 12, 2015, 10:54:38 am
Ok, but how long would a status update take? Prolly as long as the last one. Community is a resource that is built, y'know?
244  TZH Discussion / TZH Discussion / Re: The Zombie Hunters: How Will It End? on: November 10, 2015, 03:32:13 pm
I think it will end when all of the main characters are stuck in a basement until Charlie runs outta Plasma Pops and other viscera fortified protien supplements and perfects JenCo stroganoff while the rest of the world withers away due to creative neglect.
245  TZH Discussion / TZH Discussion / Re: Today's Comic on: November 10, 2015, 02:38:33 am
OK. Now lets for a moment consider that I meant the artist and not the characters......
246  Forum Community / Questions, Comments and Suggestions / Houston, is there a problem?? on: November 09, 2015, 05:12:05 pm
Is the comic on hiatus? I cannot seem to find anything on the status and was wondering if its time to start wondering.
247  TZH Discussion / TZH Discussion / Re: Today's Comic on: November 09, 2015, 05:07:04 pm
Soooo.... Did we perhaps loose more than just milo and glenn since I last came out from under my rock? And, If zombie afficianados and/or comic artists turned, would they get bonus hit dice just cause, or would they have to farm frontal lobes along with the rest of us?
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