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31  TZH Discussion / TZH Role Playing / Re: New Legend on: October 27, 2009, 05:34:19 am
"Bonjour," answered Serge. "But this rain isn't so bad. There's nothing like a storm to wake you up. In the meantime we can enjoy this petit dejeuner, non?"

The meal continued for several minutes before the usual briefing officer strode up to the projector and cleared his throat. "Good morning. I know it's early but we haven't got any time to lose. As you are all well aware, winter will be setting in shortly. The winters here are usually mild but they can still make things very difficult. Every available salvage team is being sent to the mainland for supplies. You would normally be sent there as well, but we found a mission that might require your specialized skills."

He pressed a button on the projector remote and brought up a picture of a cargo ship. It must have been pulled from an archive because that vessel was in impossibly good condition. "Two days ago we received a distress signal from the Lew Wallace, a Panamax container ship like the one you see here. Don't ask how it managed to survive all these years without sinking because we don't know. Apparently the engines have either been shut down or broken and it's drifting into our air cover. We can't pass up an opportunity like this. Our meteorologists predict that we'll have a one-day window to reach the ship before another storm shuts us down."

One of the other men at the projector pressed another button. At first Serge just heard static, and then a faint tapping. It sounded like somebody banging a baton on a metal surface. He noticed that a pattern developed, with three rapid taps followed by three more widely spaced taps, and then three more taps in rapid succession. It repeated itself again and he realized it was a looping sound track.

"That's an SOS signal in the old Morse code. It was probably made years ago along with the automated distress signal. Regardless, there's probably nobody left on board. And since the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea is most likely null and void, we can probably bring in a rich haul from that ship."

The briefing officer interjected. "Yes, there's probably a lot of pre-war manufactured goods from China or Japan on board. So here's your mission. You will leave in exactly one hour. The helicopter will drop you off on the ship and return to shuttle some more salvage teams to the mainland. You will probably have to rappel down because we have no idea what condition the deck's in. Search the bridge and find the cargo manifest. If you can, try to get the engines started; there might be some fuel left. Radio us and we'll decide what to do from there. You should be picked up by late afternoon."

He cleared his throat. "Ah yes, and about possible zombies... remember that container ships have small crews. Even if all of them got infected you won't be dealing with more than fifty zeds. That shouldn't be any problem for a team like you. Anyways, I know it's short notice, but this is such a rare find. You were chosen not only because some of you are ex-military, have experience at sea, or know your way around a machine shop. It's because you have managed to stay alive through two tough missions and came out on top. So get packed and meet up on the helipad within an hour. Dismissed."
32  TZH Discussion / TZH Role Playing / Re: To New Legend 2 players on: October 26, 2009, 04:33:09 am
Crap, I got busy with a paper and forgot. Expect one tomorrow.
33  TZH Discussion / TZH Role Playing / Re: To New Legend 2 players on: October 25, 2009, 06:13:29 am
I'll post again later today.
34  TZH Discussion / TZH Role Playing / Re: To New Legend 2 players on: October 19, 2009, 03:22:42 am
The RP thread is UP!
35  TZH Discussion / TZH Role Playing / New Legend on: October 19, 2009, 03:21:48 am
The alarm rang, waking Serge up from a deep sleep. It was five in the morning. The briefing was in one hour. He drew back his curtains and looked through the window with bleary eyes. It was raining again. A hard, chilly rain that seeped down your collar so you were cold and wet all day. It was both good and bad news for Serge. Good news because the rain always helped him fall asleep, and bad because his team was being deployed today. Of all the days why did it have to be now? Oh well, he told himself. It could be worse. He could be one of those Red Halo operatives patrolling the sea wall. The work was boring and there was no shelter there. One of his old comrades from the marines had told him that colds were starting to become common among the sea watch.

He started his morning calisthenics. As he did his exercises he let himself get lost in thought. His view from the pull-up bar let him see out the window. The trees had changed color a while ago and now most of the leaves had fallen off. Winter was almost upon them. He wasn't particularly looking forward to it. Winters at the Island were generally mild, but still too cold for his taste. He missed Marseilles' Mediterranean climate. Perhaps he might see his home again. He would need an ocean-going vessel and a crew for that, but it was still feasible. Maybe once he got to France he could look for clues leading to his family's whereabouts. Maybe they had fled to Corsica? Perhaps they had found refuge in the Paris catacombs? Those last, troubled phone calls he had made from Montreal had been so vague. No point in dwelling on that now, though. Now it was time to face the daily grind. He finished exercising and went to the shower. It didn't take long at all because most of the other teams were still sleeping off last night's hangovers. At least he could use as much hot water as he wanted. He dried off and suited up in his foraging gear. Then draped a poncho over his shoulders as he headed out the door.

He trudged through the rain to the briefing room. As he peeled off the poncho and hung it from a coat hook he noticed several people at the briefing officer's desk. He recognized the mustachioed bald guy and exchanged nods with him. The three other faces were familiar, but Serge had never spoken with them before. They were in deep conversation with one another and had their backs turned towards him. Serge put his notepad and pen down and turned towards the breakfast table. There was the usual pot of coffee and selection of pastries. What was unusual, though, were the trays filled with scrambled eggs, breakfast potatoes, and sausage. Non-infected NEVER got so much of this stuff for free. Either it was a token of appreciation for his team's last two successful missions or the brass wanted to feel less guilty about sending them off on a suicidal task. Whatever, food was food and he was going to enjoy it. Serge heaped his plate and waited for the team to show up.
36  TZH Discussion / TZH Role Playing / Re: To New Legend 2 players on: October 16, 2009, 01:04:44 am
Yup. I'll set up the actual RP thread sometime this weekend.

Btw, the past two RP's kept us going for over a year. It would be cool if our characters got a cameo in the comic. *poke poke*
37  TZH Discussion / TZH Role Playing / Re: To New Legend 2 players on: October 14, 2009, 03:16:09 am
Correction, Serge isn't french canadian. He's a full blown parisian.

Close. He's Marseillais.  Grin By the way, just assume that the second mission was a success and passed without incident.

Name: Serge Raynal
Sex: Male
Age: 25
Height: 6'
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Gray
Hometown: Marseilles, France
Specialized Skills: Sailing, motorboating, rowing, skydiving, gun repair, wilderness survival.
Primary Weapon: M1 Thompson (120 rounds)
Secondary Weapon: M1911A1 Colt (35 rounds)
Tertiary Weapon: Machete
Clothing: Red beret, blue scarf, brown leather jacket, white shirt, jeans, hiking socks, combat boots, M1912/36 pistol belt.
Other Gear: Backpack, sleeping bag, flashlight, compass, binoculars, canteen.
Mini Biography:

Serge grew up sailing and rowing off Marseilles' shores with his family and Scouts. It was only natural that he join the French marines after graduating from school. He quickly attained the rank of caporal-chef in the 3rd Airborne Marine Regiment and became a popular fellow both in the mess and at the bars. His self-assured manner and good looks also made him attractive to most women. He was considering staying in the marines for a career when the zombies threw a wrench into the works.

When the outbreak started to get out of control in North America, Serge's regiment was dropped into Ontario to relieve the pressure on Toronto. The authorities were still under the impression that those zombies were simply rioters or anti-government rebels. After a countless number of battles, the battered marines were pushed into Quebec. They were ordered to guard Montreal's Olympic Stadium, which had been turned into a refugee center. Both the marines and the remnants of Montreal's police faced the impossible task of guarding 50,000 panicky civilians while confronted with hundreds of thousands of zombies from outside and many infected from inside. What followed was two weeks of pure hell.

The food ran out first, and then the potable water as the water systems ceased functioning. Toilets backed up and people started getting sick. Bitten refugees - and by that time they knew what zombie bites did - concealed their wounds, died, and reanimated in the midst of that stinking mass of civilians. Conditions steadily deteriorated until the defense became untenable. Serge's colonel gave the order to simply abandon their posts, strike out for the countryside, and survive as long as they could. Then he put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger. The marines punched through the undead lines and ran for it. Moments later, the zombies swarmed over the undefended barricades and began to consume the refugees.

Serge had heard about a safe haven on a place called ARC Island. He led his team (in the French military, it's a sub-unit of a squad) through the Canadian wilderness for the next few weeks. He utilized every skill he had learned during a lifetime of Scouting, drilling, and sweet-talking pretty girls. It was a harrowing journey, but they finally reached the shoreline without a single scratch. At that moment, a group of berserkers charged at them from a concealed position. The team's last grenade took them out, but also showered Serge with gore and bone fragments. He became infected as a result. The Red Halos picked them up soon after.

Serge's three team members were immediately drafted into service as Red Halo operatives. As for him, he was put into the infected barracks and given the task of leading a group of zombie hunters. He did not feel up to the task, especially after what he had seen in the Montreal siege. He had become gloomy and introspective. After two successful missions, however, a bit of the old swagger has returned.
38  TZH Discussion / TZH Role Playing / Re: To New Legend 2 players on: October 10, 2009, 03:51:38 pm
Yeah, I think I'll stick with Serge. I liked playing that Frenchman.
39  TZH Discussion / TZH Role Playing / Re: To New Legend 2 players on: October 09, 2009, 03:49:49 am
From what I've seen, all of the zombie hunters in the comic are infected. Therefore, it goes without saying that everybody in this RPG is infected as well.

I like what I'm seeing. I'll give people another week or so to join, then I'll post my character and we can start.
40  General Discussion / Movies/TV Discussion / Re: Zombie Land on: October 04, 2009, 04:15:43 am
I just got back from a showing. GO SEE IT.
41  TZH Discussion / TZH Role Playing / Re: To New Legend 2 players on: October 01, 2009, 04:21:56 am
That's good. Also, feel free to have your character explain parts of his life to his teammates. That's what roleplaying is all about. As for myself, I'm trying to decide if I want to make a different character or use the same one. I did get rather attached to Serge.
42  TZH Discussion / TZH Role Playing / Re: To New Legend 2 players on: September 29, 2009, 03:56:57 pm
Okay, let's start up again. I guess the old posts have gone into the Netherworld.

This will be like the previous two. The characters are a new team of zombie hunters from the island. I plan for this to be a story-driven campaign. While I encourage the players to contribute to the atmosphere and background of the game in their posts, the weather and the numbers and types of zombies will be set by me.

Specialized Skills:
Primary Weapon:
Secondary Weapon:
Tertiary Weapon:
Other Gear:
Mini Biography: [Just a bit of background info. What did your character do before the outbreak? How did they get to ARC Island? What is their life like on the island?]
43  TZH Discussion / TZH Role Playing / To New Legend 2 players on: August 22, 2009, 05:50:56 pm
As you all can see, we've lost all our previous posts. This is a major bummer because we had a pretty good RP thread going. My suggestion is we wait and see if those posts can be retrieved. If not, we can always start a new one.
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