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1  TZH Discussion / TZH Discussion / Re: Today's Comic on: April 19, 2012, 08:09:05 am
Last Resort for the Chapter 14 page is...strangely fitting. In a sort of comical way.

And I thought that last page, the one with just Charlie against the black background, was an excellently done page. It just gave me a bit of a chill, especially with what was said on that page. Probably my favorite page out of the whole thing so far.
2  TZH Discussion / TZH Role Playing / Re: To New Legend 2 players on: January 10, 2010, 05:43:43 pm
Gotcha. I was busy, too.
3  TZH Discussion / TZH Role Playing / Re: To New Legend 2 players on: January 05, 2010, 06:27:56 pm
Shouldn't we try and bring this back?

(I haven't checked any of the other forums, so I dunno.)
4  TZH Discussion / TZH Role Playing / Re: New Legend on: November 29, 2009, 08:05:17 am
(Apologies; I've been pretty busy with stuff lately. I usually post more then this.)

Trent, satisfied that the team was all down safely for the moment, finally rappelled down himself. He slung his M1 Carbine over his shoulder for now and and pulled out his pistol; it would be more useful in the close corridors, unless there was a particularly long one.

He strode over to where Nils was dealing heavy punishment to the door, and waited.
5  TZH Discussion / TZH Role Playing / Re: New Legend on: November 10, 2009, 09:42:21 am
Trent decided that since he was a sniper, he would serve the others better by giving them cover from the helicopter until everyone else that plans to go onto the cargo ship has rappelled down.
6  TZH Discussion / TZH Role Playing / Re: New Legend on: November 04, 2009, 11:10:27 am
Despite Trent being one of the first to make his way for his room, get ready, then leave for the helicopter, it seems everyone else had beaten him there. Either he was slowly becoming incompetent, or everyone else was just faster then him.

He took a seat in the helicopter, and noticed that Olivia was bringing a scoped bolt-action rifle to a cargo ship. He also heard her mumbled cursing in realizing this. It wasn't entirely bad; while the thing would be more then useless in the close corridors of the cargo ship, it would serve a considerable job out on the deck.

While waiting for the helicopter to take off, Trent double-checked his weapons to ensure that they were clean and ready to be used.
7  TZH Discussion / TZH Role Playing / Re: New Legend on: October 31, 2009, 09:09:36 pm
Trent has been intently listening to the briefing, mentally writing it all down in his head. Fifty zombies didn't sound so hard to fight, though intel has been wrong before, and this sounds too easy to be easy.

He heard Nils mumble something he didn't understand, and heard Nils spoke to Serge asking him about the possible count of zombies. Trent was about to ask Serge too, but saw that a new recruit, oh right, his name was Jocke, practically volunteered himself to be the first to possibly die. No one here knew if intel really was right about there being only fifty zeds on the ship; for all they know, there could be hundreds.

"Question," Trent said to Jocke. "Why stay away from the captain's quarters?"
8  TZH Discussion / TZH Role Playing / Re: To New Legend 2 players on: October 25, 2009, 09:51:21 am
Alright, cool. I was gonna make another post, but you can go ahead.
9  TZH Discussion / TZH Role Playing / Re: New Legend on: October 19, 2009, 04:44:53 pm
Waking up nice and early to the sound of rain pounding his window, Trent Horatio, knowing that it would be likely for him and the rest of his companions to be going on another mission today, decided to spend the extra time he seems to have found by cleaning his weapons and making sure they work. He didn't even bother to take a shower just so he'll look all nice and clean; he'll be tired and dirty after this mission, anyway. After ensuring that all the ammo packs on his person were filled with the maximum amount of bullets, and that his combat knife was nice and sharp, Trent went off in the general direction of the briefing room.

His hand resting on his holstered pistol, Trent Horatio strolled into the room with the same caution as he would if he was walking into a zombie-infested building instead. It was a habit of his to treat every area, every building, as if it's a bomb that just might go off under his ass at any time. Some people may see such a habit as pointless (and perhaps mental) in friendly territory, but hey, habits like this one keeps you alive. Plus, a sniper isn't that great in close combat, so a habit like that was a life-saver.

Trent saw Serge and the others sitting at the tables, but what drew his attention first was that Nils stank. He must have gotten the same idea as me, Trent thought.

He then saw that his squad-mates were eating--Holy crap, real food, Trent thought. How long has it been? He recalled that time when just before his first mission with the squad, Serge took them all out to some restaurant, so the veteran members could get to know the new guys better. He quickly took a plate, piled all the food he could on the plate, and sat down at a unoccupied table to busy himself with eating the food.
10  TZH Discussion / TZH Role Playing / Re: To New Legend 2 players on: October 16, 2009, 10:31:46 am
Serge, Nils, and that third guy (I forgot his name) would have the most likely chance of such a cameo. But still, it would be awesome to see our characters in the comic, if even only for a brief moment.

Jenny, if you're reading this, please, for the love of God, consider it!
11  TZH Discussion / TZH Role Playing / Re: To New Legend 2 players on: October 14, 2009, 06:36:49 pm
Yeah, this is the OOC thread; we'd be making another topic for the actual RP.
12  TZH Discussion / TZH Role Playing / Re: To New Legend 2 players on: October 14, 2009, 03:08:33 pm
By the way, just assume that the second mission was a success and passed without incident.

And that we all kicked plenty of zombie ass while doing said ass-kicking epically, I bet.

So, when can we expect to start on this?
13  TZH Discussion / TZH Role Playing / Re: To New Legend 2 players on: October 10, 2009, 07:28:29 am
Yep, it's the same Serge. If Ironbrig changes his character, I can simply change the name of the guy to match his new character's name.
14  TZH Discussion / TZH Role Playing / Re: To New Legend 2 players on: October 09, 2009, 09:53:07 am
Ah, it's starting up again. Well, I don't see anything wrong with using the exact same guy as last time (plus I liked using him), so here he is. Of course, I just copied and pasted this from a old file I had stored in one of my folders, so some of the stuff may be wrong and/or unedited. Please feel free to point anything out.

Name: Trent Horatio
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Hometown: Indianapolis, America
Primary Weapon: M1 Carbine
Secondary Weapon: Colt M1911 Pistol
Tertiary Weapon: Combat Knife
Miscellaneous Gear: ten M1 Carbine magazines and two pistol magazines are stored in his combat vest. Other items are binoculars, a canteen, and a scope (He prefers not to use it).
Clothes: Combat vest with pockets for gun magazines, boots, pants (yeah, I don't recall the exact kind of pants I had for this guy, if I specified anything other then "pants"), and a backpack for storing his other gear.
Specialized Skills: Trent is a marksman whose remarkable aim became known among his former teams. While one may expect a marksman to prefer keeping his distance from his target, Trent actually doesn’t mind if he’s a mile or inch away from the enemy—as long as he can see the target.
Biography: Just eight months ago, he was just one of the many Infected who was brave enough (and adventurous enough) to take up the duty of becoming Zombie Hunters.

His amazing marksmanship made him the “Sniper” of his team, despite there being no such official position. His honesty and smart thinking caught the eye of the Red Halos, and he was put through leadership training, passing with flying colors. He was reassigned to another team, a fresh one, as the new captain, but not before waving a sad farewell to his old team.

Trent’s experience with his old team was a great benefit for the group of fresh Hunters. His skilled aim was something that would receive a used-to-it shrug and a “Great-job” smile from his old team, but it always got a whistle or a gasp from the new team. But the one thing he remembers the most from the new team was a 25-year-old woman in the new team, named Carissa, but everyone nicknamed her “Midori”, Japanese for “Green”, because of her dyed-green hair.

Trent saw her as a beautiful, kind woman, because that’s what she was. She was also very brave, saving the neck of several members on more than one occasion. Trent developed a childish crush on Midori, taking every moment he can just to check up on her. Soon, a rumor spent through the team that Trent liked Midori. Trent, obviously, dismissed these rumors as immature gossip. But he knew that the team would have a dismissal on the coming weekend, and so he finally decided that on the weekend, he’ll try asking Midori for a date. Just one more mission before the weekend, he thought. What could go wrong?

Everything. The mission was an utter disaster. Upon landing, Midori was ambushed and dragged away by a Berserker. Consumed by his desire for her, Trent ordered the team to come along as he chased the Berserker, leaving behind the objectives of their original mission. They went straight into a town-hive of zombies. Half the team was butchered, but Trent forced the team on, never caring for their pain.

The pursuit ended in the middle of a vast plain, where Trent and a few surviving members found Midori, brutally beaten, in the gentle arms of several Mercies who must have fought off the Berserker. Despite their “compassion”, Trent shot them all down, and left Midori’s decaying body behind. He had no doubts that she would become a zombie, but he couldn’t bring himself to destroy her.

A helicopter searching for the team soon appeared, and gathered them all up and took them back to ARC Island. The surviving members of the team saw Trent in a new, “dark” light, never trusting him again. When it was heard that Trent would be stripped of his rank and reassigned, they practically cheered with joy.

Trent was never himself again. He vowed to strike down every zombie on the face of the earth, to devote himself to the purpose of a killing machine. Now holding the rank of a Recruit yet again, he’d been reassigned to a new team, commanded by someone named “Serge”. He only hoped that Serge would be smart enough to stay out of his way when the zombies start appearing.
15  TZH Discussion / TZH Role Playing / Re: To New Legend 2 players on: September 23, 2009, 06:02:11 pm
Let's start anew. I don't see any of our old topics, so I guess we'll have to do a new RP.
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