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News: Oh, Gutted tried to steal supplies, and ended up stealing our hearts.
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1  TZH Discussion / TZH Discussion / Re: Today's Comic on: December 20, 2012, 09:59:35 pm
I think Jasper just wants to monologue. I mean he was hired to kill Milo and lets the convenience and alibi of letting a zombie do the job for him just wave goodbye, he just wants to monologue how Red Halo rule, and Zombie Hunters drool.

I hope Jasper doesn't kill him though.

I hope its a beserker Charlie that kills Milo

I also hope the comic can end this incredibly long flashback and return to when Jenny and the rest of the gang have been demoted to Jasper's stoogies.
2  TZH Discussion / TZH Discussion / Re: Today's Comic on: April 19, 2012, 04:32:42 pm
Well hopefully there's going to be more zombies in this chapter then the last one. (Not counting Charlie)
3  TZH Discussion / TZH Discussion / Re: Today's Comic on: April 11, 2012, 01:40:02 pm
Does anyone have a theory as to how the comic's going to tie back to the first four chapters?
Like how Milo dies, how Charlie stopped trying to be so meek and became insufferable?
A theory for how the relationship between Jasper and our plucky heroe's became as it is would
be cool to.
4  TZH Discussion / TZH Discussion / Re: Today's Comic on: March 30, 2012, 09:58:16 pm
Why the hell is Jenny making Sam such a bitch?
Here's hope some major PTSD/trauma backstory coming up.
5  TZH Discussion / TZH Discussion / Re: Today's Comic on: March 11, 2012, 09:39:05 pm
I wonder if there'll be zombies in this chapter.
6  Art Discussion / Music / Re: What are you listening to? on: January 06, 2012, 11:51:03 pm
Owl City
Arcade Fire
Relient K

And a whole bunch of independent bands that sound like muzak on Youtube
7  TZH Discussion / TZH Discussion / Re: Today's Comic on: December 04, 2011, 10:35:30 pm
Hey the comic's on early! Not sure if thats a good thing.
8  TZH Discussion / TZH Discussion / Re: Today's Comic on: December 03, 2011, 10:50:19 pm
Perhaps Dodom if you sent her some of your artwork she would be more inclined to pay attention.
9  TZH Discussion / TZH Discussion / Re: It's time for a character poll again! on: November 17, 2011, 05:13:00 pm
Jameson all the way. Why oh why did Jenny have to kill him off so fast!?! He had so much potential!
10  TZH Discussion / TZH Discussion / Re: Today's Comic on: November 17, 2011, 05:11:35 pm
To you artists out there, why is drawing buildings so hard? It looks uncomplicated to me, so I'm clueless. 
11  TZH Discussion / TZH Discussion / Re: Summer Merchandise on: September 30, 2011, 11:36:08 am
What happened to the summer merc stuff?
All the shirts and things?
12  Art Discussion / Writing / Writing excerpt of a Time-Travelling Hitman on: September 26, 2011, 10:13:42 pm
Okay this is a excerpt from a short-story I was walking on. This was originally going to be the opening about a time-traveling hitman. Unfortunately I only got the first part thought out and drew a blank on the rest of the story. Time-Travel stories are complicated. Any-hoo I'm re-writing it but chances are good I'm not adding this piece in.

Winston checked the chronosmeter, again for the umpteenth time.

01:24/11/Sept/1988 now 01:25/11/Sept/1988 Right on time.

It was raining on that date, the hour and moment, the fat droplets bashing against him, the sidewalk he was standing on, and everything in the city. The wet droplets, splattered on his fedora, inescapably running into rivulets, down into his trench coat, and everything else.

But he already knew that, it would be raining. He knew it as much as where he knew he wanted to be, near O’Malleys Pub  the dingy alleyway which even O’Malley would never use for a smoke break, for want of convenience. He could see why that man would have used it. He frequented O’Malley’s often, and the alleyway was a dead-end, no escape. A large enough dump that O’Malley near sense-deaf, rarely checked to be anything beyond the regular garbage bags, and Winston always brought his own to hide disposals. Be packed along with the garbage and in the landfill before anyone noticed.

It wasn’t so hard to see, just by the saturated yellow light from O’Malleys where dim shadows hunched behind the window, ever dimmer from the sky wet above. To the side of it, nothing but shadow, but he could still see, the narrow crack, between O’Malleys and some small apartment, that shouldn’t have been there, but was still there. No matter, if they never complained about O’Malley’s late night hours, they wouldn’t hear him. 

He checked the chronosmeter, again.

01:27/11/Sept/1988 any minute now that man would come.

Hiding in his own alleyway, across the street, Winston fingered his pistol in his coat pocket, checking it. A Smith & Wesson, a discontinued MK 22 his favourite for silent kills. Taking a silencer from his other coat pocket, he screwed it on, trying his best to keep it all dry. It didn’t matter, the wet was everywhere, and spattered all over it and the chronosmeter on his wrist, leaving boil-sized droplets behind. The gun would still work in the end, he didn’t know why he even bothered, just force of habit he guessed.

Looking up, there! The man was already there entering the alleyway, his face obscured by the large collar of his trench coat. Winston cursed, running out onto the road. The crack of thunder, split wide, the sky in harsh brightness, as the rain poured harder now, obscuring his sight, as he ran hoping against hope.

Then there was a shot. Just barely over, the raucous sounds from the pub, but there it was. Winston stopped, listening to the underscore as he cursed again. He knew he would be too late, that he would always be too late, no matter what he did. Still he had still hoped, but that didn’t stop him from pursuing his original goal. The man would still be there, with him.

The rain diminished, when he was inside, protected by O’Malleys and the apartments from either side, yet a steady pour showered down on his head, when he saw the man. The man was already bending over his body, checking to see if he was still alive. Too bad he would be but the man wouldn’t.


As the man turned, Winston shot. Once, the gunshot low under the rain but still clear in his ears. The blood spewed off the scalp, as the man fell. Dropping the gun he had in his hands. He fell on his side, to the side of his victim, the collar obscuring his face. His gun also fell down on his side. The cold wetness of the rain trickled down off the rim of Winston’s fedora. It was done.

It wouldn’t hurt to see who the man actually was; he always referred him as the man, but never knowing who he was. Could have been a female from what little he knew. Walking over, he bent down to pick up the man’s gun. The reaction automatic, experience telling him, you never left anything to chance. But then he looked at the gun, momentarily confused, then his eyes widened in shock. He grabbed the man’s shoulder turning him over to confirm what he thought he realized.

He shouldn’t have looked.

What do you guy's think?

13  Art Discussion / Writing / Re: Need writing help 1 on: September 26, 2011, 10:11:45 pm
It'd be helpful if you wrote a excerpt, or a rough copy. Any idea is good if its buffed by good prose.
14  TZH Discussion / TZH Discussion / Re: Today's Comic on: September 19, 2011, 03:10:41 pm
Wait a second why is maureen using a handgun to look for that guy, when she's got a M-16 handy? I mean if your searching for someone who you have no idea his intent and if he/she is armed or not, wouldn't it be better to bring the bigger gun?

15  TZH Discussion / TZH Discussion / Re: Today's Comic on: September 13, 2011, 10:20:00 pm
wow this one is so green!
Green truck, green sweater, green eyes
really the colour makes the previous strips
look almost grey.
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