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196  TZH Discussion / Fan Works / Re: Pew pew on: October 08, 2009, 11:47:39 pm
but the zombies took all the good legs
Then steal giraffe legs faster,stronger ,better.

as i said it's a world of opportunities.
197  TZH Discussion / Fan Works / Re: Pew pew on: October 08, 2009, 11:35:40 pm
but he lost his legs

Then he steals some legs, this is a world of opportunities.
198  Roleplaying / Role Playing Sign up and OOC / Re: TZH: The D*** Wars on: October 08, 2009, 05:58:46 pm
I would agree, that this is a peaceful place. A place to return after fighting and to rest and relax before the fight.

Hehe, so says my friends, I have no face Tongue XD

i didnt' say what kind of ammo I used , or did I?
i might have shoot blanks ... afterall this is the friendly conversation part of it. Grin
199  Roleplaying / Role Playing Sign up and OOC / Re: TZH: The D*** Wars on: October 08, 2009, 05:14:33 pm
Oh my word, I am so into this. I'll be joining Cricco as some short kid that wields gigantic wepons and some other crud and po....


Shoots jackal in the face with the Psg-90 ,

200  TZH Discussion / TZH Role Playing / Re: To New Legend 2 players on: October 08, 2009, 05:00:34 pm
Yeah, but that still doesn't explain how he's managed to stay uninfected.

dammit , have you never heard of luck skilll , he was mostly sneaking + the fact he doesen´t hunt any other zombies than Mercys ,except for those directly in his path.

Goddamit , ill just sign him up as infected  >Sad
Not that it really matter anyway i just thought it would make the character better.
201  TZH Discussion / TZH Role Playing / Re: To New Legend 2 players on: October 08, 2009, 04:50:14 pm
I find it a tad implausible that he managed to remain uninfected after all that. A single drop of zombie blood in the eyes, nose or mouth is all it takes, and he's been up close with them several times now.

At the top it says High-risk of infection , which means they almost ignores if he getts infected or not, after all hes made residens in the infecteed barracs and doesent seem to want to move out , i should have writen that he already has the badge  Wink

Moded the text so its Fix´d
202  TZH Discussion / TZH Role Playing / Re: To New Legend 2 players on: October 08, 2009, 04:00:41 pm
Not to be rude, but how do blue-green eyes truly look?

damn the eyes kinda changes color alitle bit depending of the angle of the light , seen directly from the front " with light straight into them" they look blue
and seen slightly from above they look more like green
dammit this is hard to explain.

hope it did help, it was a vague explanation but hey, i tried   Cry

Btw, don´t hang up on the small details , read the story and tell me if it´s good or bad  Sad

203  Roleplaying / Role Playing Sign up and OOC / Re: TZH: The D*** Wars on: October 08, 2009, 02:09:42 pm
Huh. He mounted your shoulders. Kinky.
well considering he was the immortal god thing i thought of it to be the safest spot to be , Grin
and i always consider my chances of surviving the most important.
204  Roleplaying / Role Playing Sign up and OOC / Re: TZH: The D*** Wars on: October 08, 2009, 02:00:12 pm
"shows up out of nowhere pats Grammer on the shoulder."
*Dont worry iam a pro!

"runs down into the crater spreading mines everywhere and finishes by mounting Grammers shoulders equipping a Psg-90 sniper-rifle"


by the way, could i have the same stuffs Cheez was offered?
205  General Discussion / Movies/TV Discussion / Re: Animes on: October 08, 2009, 01:29:52 pm
a good site to watch anime on is
and i recomend watching darker than black as i found it amusing.
or if ur simply bored u can look through the index there, you might find something funny.

206  TZH Discussion / Fan Works / Re: Pew pew on: October 08, 2009, 01:18:34 pm
Pffft, dead people can't walk, silly!
not yet,not yet...
207  General Discussion / Movies/TV Discussion / Re: Need and anime that includes , zombies , gore , humor , headbashing and guns on: October 08, 2009, 12:51:24 pm
maybe i should have added that i saw and liked those?  Huh?
well now u know kinda which line of stuff i like
something like hellsing but more zombies.
208  General Discussion / Movies/TV Discussion / Need and anime that includes , zombies , gore , humor , headbashing and guns on: October 08, 2009, 09:49:40 am
basicly , something with zombies lots of em trying to eat people shooting the ones trying to eat them. Grin

and please half-realistic ones, ive seen my share of magic shooting , über swords that talks and cute furry things that are not shoot. >Sad

if anything comes into mind plx post the name of the series here

209  TZH Discussion / TZH Role Playing / Re: To New Legend 2 players on: October 07, 2009, 12:43:21 pm
Alright , i am new here but this sounds kinda fun.

Name: Joakim "Jocke" - simple to remember, as his last name is in Swedish i wont write it here

Sex: Male

Eye color: Blue-greenish

Hair:Color Dark blond with silver stripes caused by traumatic stress.


Status: INFECTED - "are you happy now?"

Hometown: Sweden ,Scania county , Between the villages Höör-Hörby

Specialized Skills: Marksmanship , stealth , Demolition

Primary Weapon: PSG-90 (Sniper rifle) , with built in suppresor.

Secondary Weapon: H&K Mp 7 (Smg) ( separable suppresor )

Tertiary Weapon: Ordinary Military issued Knife.

Other Gear:
*Ghillie suit
* 10 clips of  7,62 mm NATO (Sniper) ( 1 clip-9 rounds)
*3 Clips 4.6x30mm ( 1 clip-30 rounds )  
* 1 water canteen ( 1 litre)
* 5 HE Grenades
*First aid kit

Mini Biography:
During the first part of the outbreak Jocke now 18 years old ,was studying the It-Program at a Gymnasium within Sweden's borders, but later when the outbreak reached within Sweden's borders he fled to Gotland island.
At the third day of the outbreak the virus reached Gotland infecting most people on the cramped island, But he fled on a fishing boat with a couple of survivors out on the sea.
Just a few kilometers of the coast someone on the little boat was housing the virus and slowly began to turn, infecting most of the crew aboard except for three survivors who hid inside a small cabby's.
The ship was sailing without commands for two days until a Swedish frigate turned up and Fired several hundreds rounds upon the zombies which had crawled upon deck when they heard it approach.
When the frigate was happy with the result of the bombardment they called out for anything not undead.
Loaded upon the frigate the survivors was put in quarantine inside the medical wing of the ship.
The ships medical wing was full of survivors ranging from newborns too old-folks.
As time passed the ship happended upon a seemingly abandoned Aircraft carrier.
The Swedish marines armed a few of the healthiest survivors including Jocke and a woman which was training for police work and sent them aboard the carrier as a "recon" party.
only minutes after entering the ship dozen of crawlers showed up and began feeding upon the scared civilians
seeing as only a few of them had used a gun or rifle for that part were mostly just wasting the ammo straight into the chest of the crawlers which didn't really do any serious damage.
The few who survived the first minutes put up more of a challenge seeing as most of them were former hunters or had at least used a rifle before. Jocke skilled with the rifle since the age of 7 when he  began shooting Airguns (not soft  >Sad ) picked off zombie after zombie till the ammo ran out.
as more and more of the "recon" ran out of ammo the panic raised more so since they were being pushed back towards the end of the ships deck.
jocke Then saw what seemed like their only chance, one of the crawlers , most likely a marine was wearing a belt and upon it a grenade.
Jocke lounged out for the grenade barely dodging a bite from a zombie , kicked the Marine on the knee which broke it making it fall backwards. he rapidly threw himself into close combat with the marine-zombie as the last rounds in his allies rifles splattered the heads of the zombies closest to him. Successfully cracking the zombies head with the butt of his rifle , he picked up the grenade drew out the pin and threw it straight into the crowd of zombies slowly getting closer.
A loud boom and a rain of zombie-insides and metal shrapnel made it's way across the deck.
But there were no time to lose Jocke took the Marine-zombies secondary weapon , a 9mm Berreta semi automatic and started pooping the heads fencing of close encounters with the rifle's butt.
Standing their ground for nearly five minutes all their ammo was practically used up but the last zombies on the ship was still pouring up on the deck.
slow as they were as few hundred zombies quickly overwhelms a group of 7 ammunition's individuals.
on after the other was bitten and rose up  again to bite another one, and soon the last four of them were standing on the edge of the deck.
He didn't flinch , he grabbed the police woman and threw himself and her over the edge .
and while falling saw the the rest of the recon being devoured by the zombies, and just before landing in the water he heard the frigate starting to bombard.
Later as he woke up he was on board the carrier seemingly cleared out thanks to a few armed civilians a cheap rifles , and of course a few rounds from the bigger gun's on the ship killed the rest but who counts.
When he woke up he was stunned , how long had he been out, was he alive, was she alive.
He looked around the room , it was empty except for him.
When he got up and tried to get to the door he tripped over something and was knocked unconscious.
he woke up after a while back in bed , But as he tried to get up he was pushed back by someone,he looked up and saw the police woman. She told him he had to stay in bed until the doctor could check him up, They began to talk and she introduced herself as
Sarah Johnsson. The following days they became better and better friends and after a month thew were practically inseparable and more or less considered a couple on the "colony" . During the summer period they did raids on local coast towns near the Spain coast which the carrier was close to.

The Winter that year they and three more including a Swedish navy lieutenant was  picked for recon upon American soil seeing as most supplies on the carrier was depleted, They were equipped with whatever they would like from the now rather oversized armory.
Jocke choose what he saw fit for recon so he picked a PSG-90 a Mp-7 e few grenades ,a ghillie suit.a leather jacket , and  Swedish winter Camouflage uniformand+supplies, Sarah picked a AK-5 a few grenades and first aid kits , seeing as she was trained in first aid since she was training for police and had received lessons from their doctor on the carrier.
 After a week the frigate reached the American coast.
The landing party was set ashore with a lightly armored terrain vehicle "Galten" ( Swedish army terrain car ) armed with a heavy Machine gun available of hauling bullets everywhere.
The first coast town the discovered was burned out and abandoned as they advanced upon the second they noticed movement while watching the town from they drove into the town they were shocked a large village with approximately 30.000 inhabitants before the outbreak was completely abandoned, cars standing where they stood when they were abandoned wild animals running wild in the shops , bears lurking in the Alley's.
They kept driving till they came to the target , a Mall.
They parked the car put a guards on the ,and headed into the mall, They checked store after store for "unwanted inhabitants", chased out a few wild animals and started looting, putting everything into shopping carts , they filled cart after cart and placed them near the entrance and went for more, when they filled more than enough to fill the car they went outside, They noticed the gunner was gone and it was getting dark, they started to look for the man , seeing as there had been no visible zombies around. After  searching for fifteen minutes they started heading back to the car , and the out of nowhere they heard a shriek that hurt badly in their ears, When they looked up they saw a zombie taking a deep breath while heading towards their lieutenant, a man who seemed to be vomiting and screaming of pain while holding his ears as blood flowed out of them . They could only look in awe as the zombie lounged out and took a large bite of the lieutenant's face.
Back on their feet they headed for the car but, when they rounded the corner of the mall it was clearly overrun, while the other man that run ahead was having his entire ribcage ripped open by a zombie with an evil grin in his face , they Turned and headed for a three story apartment on the opposite side of the mall, and as they entered the building they heard the zombie ripping the soldier apart Laugh a insanely wicked laugh. They entered the building and headed for the roof wrestling a few zombies on the way up , as they reached the roof door they realised it was locked, they ran down a stair and tried to hide in a room. Just as they hid in a closet they saw a zombie lounging himself thorough the air flying straight in through their rooms window. Almost directly when it landed
It started smelling the air and slowly turned it's head towards the closet , as it looked straight at them , Jocke kicked open the door and fired his rifle, The bullet pierced the right half of the zombies head leaving it twitching on the floor.
as of now they had only one choice, they must reach the roof and barricade the door, they ran back to the stair and as Sarah Held of zombies coming up , Jocke shoot several rounds on the locking mechanism on the door until it pooped open, letting them pass, They barricaded the door with a bench.
Sarah tried to get the frigate to respod on their radio signals as Jocke lit a fire and started cooking a two cans of tomato soup.
after half a hour and a meal later the frigate responded upon their signals , asking where the lieutenant was.
The response was
"he is dead,eaten alive by zombies , Theres only two of us left and hundreds of zombies converging on us"
The frigate answered.
" If the lieutenant is lost we can only do what was ordered from the captain, in case of the lieutenant or mostly of the recon squads demise,Bombard the direct area with artillery until nothing remains"
Trapped on a roof, with no escape rout with a bombardment on their heads.
They stood on the roof staring in desperation as the projectiles came closer ,closer and finally struck down on the car and surroundings as they heard several more rounds being fired from the ship.
Their house was hit and as it started to crumble they tried to hold on to anything they could find.When he woke up he saw the village totally leveled by artillery he was lying with his head in Sarah's lap,But something was wrong the once warm touch of her hand stroking his hair and face was now cold and when he looked her in the eyes, They were lifelessly staring back into his.
He stood up but fell backwards onto the ground he realised his leg was broken .Sarah crawled after him took him gently in his arms and started humming whilstlooking up into the sky.
He broke lose once again and started looking for his weapons , the mp-7 was useless as it was out of ammo so he started to look for the PSG. He spotted it a few meters away, as he started to limper towards it another zombie was startting to get close, just as he reached the rifle the zombie lounged out to bite him in the neck bu the split second before the bite Sarah jumped the zombie giving jocke a clear shoot on it, The recoil was enough for his broken leg so he fell backwards straight into the rubble where he could feel a rib snap on the backside of the ribcage only to a split second later hit the backside of the head on a stone, The world was getting blurry and his vision started to fill up with something red the last thing he saw and felt was as Sarah took him in her lap , like a mother would hold her little offspring that comes home with a Bruise on his knee and slowly started humming.

Jocke woke up ha was surrounded by dead zombies which had recently had their heads violently crushed,h looked around himself searching of Sarah, but as she was nowhere to be found he Sat up and in a desperate attempt to bandage himself used up most of the bandages in his first aid kit.
as he got up and started to limper around in search of something to use as an improvised crutch, he found the twisted remains off a stopp sign and used it.
ha began to walk towards the outskirts of the village ,but not far behind him he could see Sarah lurking in the shadows killing off all and every remaining zombie which would threaten to attack him.
as he reached the outskirts of the village he could hear the sound of a helicopter , h grabbed some matches from his backpack and made a small campfire tied a large piece of cloth on the rifle and starting to wave it around like a madman to get their attention.
The Black hawk helicopter passed over the village , spotted the fire and went straight for Jocke who was about to fall unconscious again because of bloodloss, just as the chopper touched down and a few civilian dressed persons followed by men wearing gasmasks with red eyes started to run against him he passed out taking a last look on Sarah standing in the outskirts waving at him.

three months later .
Jocke is out of the quarantine , and has forced him self into the zombie hunter squads even taking up residence within the infected

He has now dedicated himself to track down Sarah and either have the A.R.C personnel transform her into a Half-life or by his own hands end her and himself.

sometimes he requests a trip into the wilderness, that if granted leaves him away from arc island for weeks.
then he is found waiting for the boat always as depressed as the time they first found him.

He also has a personal score as one of the few who has successfully creeped up upon a hunter and killed it in one clean melee hit.

Has evolved a special kind of relation to mercy class zombies.

*My spelling might be a bit off, But i hope you enjoy this story as much as i liked writing it.* PS.this is my first RP
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