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16  General Discussion / General Discussion / Re: What did we learn today? (Apart from that australian wine rocks.) on: February 14, 2011, 11:58:56 pm
I learned that eating funny looking Valintines day candies (mickey mouse hart shaped smarties for example), a cinnamon hard candy and then french fires can trigger a nasty case of over night flu after you come home from college.

and also learned that writers block can cause one to go to youtube to forget about doing anything.

17  TZH Discussion / TZH Fan Fiction / Re: Walking Far on: February 13, 2011, 05:59:55 am
Eyes widening, he could only managed to turned on heel, shoved his way passed a zombie and dove to the ground as both tank and box went off in a sudden blast of propane.  As he hit the ground, he could hear the box going off like a crazed army firing off all at once. A blind hiss and spurt of dirt next to him told him to start crawling.  He suddenly realized that he probably made a mistake triggering the bullet explosion.

   Crawling towards a thicker table, he could hear the rattle of heated brass burned the powder inside them.  He dared not to stop to look to see if the zombies were caught in the blast. He had an idea that some of them weren’t getting back up.  Reaching the cover of the tick wooded table he, stayed low, his body hugging the ground, he covered his with a hand out of human reaction to incoming fire while his other hand clung to the little rifle for dear life.

   He couldn’t tell how long the chaotic, aimless barrage lasted as there was another explosion that temporary took the sound from his ears, replacing the noise with a loud persistent ring in his ears. He uncovered his head, turned his body around to peek out from underneath the table, he could only see blue sky, smoke, and the occasional tracer flying in every direction.

   His mind was as chaotic as the mess going on outside his little hiding spot, he didn’t know if he should move out to finish the job or stay put until the self shooting bullets stopped. He laid there thinking among the adrenalin and breathing as he then internally convinced himself to pull himself out from underneath the table and kill the rest of the zombies.

   He picked a direction, then held the rifle in both his arms as he crawled outward.

Clearing the table, he sat up on knee, looking around to see that the bullets had or are doing their nasty work with out the help of a gun.  Bullet holes riddled the near by tents and some undead were sprawling about from the stray hits. He couldn’t ear much as he could only hear faint pops as he could hear the ring, his racing pulse and his working lungs. Keeping to a crouch, he moved onward, trying to get as far away from the explosion of his own making.

   Nearing the trees, he quickly got to his feet but something ripped at him.
18  TZH Discussion / TZH Fan Fiction / Re: Walking Far on: February 13, 2011, 05:52:56 am
The first round out knocked a zombie, closest to him, sideways as the rifle round tore into it’s cheek. As it fumbled to the ground, he Paned right, he popped two rounds, one miss, one hit, a body buckled from the sudden lose of mental function.  He kept moving forward as he fired away. Knocking two down while putting a third out of it’s misery.

   By the time he neared the car he had set off, the entire rest stop was alive with activity, undead pouring from every direction; the car’s battery had died from age and usage not minuets before.  Adam broke stance, turned and bolted off to his right, passing the middle gazebo that separated the two large block restroom buildings. His rifle barked as he quickly snapped sights from target to target.

   Bodies fell, half clumsily and slowly got to their feet while the rest stayed down. Turning around, Adam looked on as walkers had picked up their pace, he wouldn’t of believed it himself but they were coming at him with pale arms raised, their shuffle became a clumsy walk or something along the lines of them becoming fast, dear god! he thought, Pray that they don‘t start running. “Serves up zacks!” he shouted to them as the ruger shouted along with him. Bullets pounded away as rotten flesh caved in, tore or flew from the bodies of the undead as they nearly closed in on him.

   As they fell forward with a hole in their head, their bodies started to build a corpse trail.  Of course, they being dead have not need to fear nothing; they carried on their slow charge while the human pour rounds into them. Among the gunshots, their groans, moans and other inhuman noises vented from their decaying mouths as they  fixed their glazed pale eyes upon their long needed meal.

   Something tugged at his mind that caused him to look behind him, two of them were sneaking up from behind.  On instinct, he spun on heel, drew the colt and fired rounds.  A chest collapsed and a head exploded out the back of the skull. Avoiding being surrounded, Adam fled off to his left. Running along side the gapped tree wall that made up the perimeter of the rest stop, he waved through the makeshift campsite. Returning the 1911 to his holster, Adam turned around. He brought the carbine to his shoulder, firing with both eyes open.

   The rifle’s last bullet scored a nose shot caving the face inward, the zombie collapsed into a tent, making the thin aluminum poles buckle and break under the sudden dead weight. The action locked back, his arms worked out of memory, in seconds, the rifle was singing again. Breaking aim, he jumped over a blackened fire pit before turning to fire again.  An elderly looking zed buckled from a knee shot then tripped over an ammo can, falling face first into a lawn chair.  Another, more faceless blond zombie stopped dead as it was shot trying to climb over one of the picnic tables.

   During the semiautomatic barrage, he eyed a small propane tank meant for a camp stove on another table. He took quick careful aim at the tiny tank. A shot punched through the tank’s metal wall, knocking it over before it pinned itself against the box next to it,  gas gushed from the hole.  Snapping over to pop a skull open, he panned back to the tank as six more undead trudged their way toward him.  The ruger barked and the gas ignited, seconds before the tank exploded, Adam caught a near glimpse of what the box was.

The side contained digits, letters and wording indicating that it was a munitions supply box.
19  TZH Discussion / TZH Fan Fiction / Re: Walking Far on: February 08, 2011, 12:53:56 am
The echo in his head awoke him from the surprise sleep, making him jump up, making him tumble backwards, the ruger and revolver slid down with him.  As he landed on the bed with a clatter, he simply blinked as he stared up at the orange tinted sky. “What…the fuck…was that?!” he only managed from the sudden panic attack.

   He lost track of how far he had traveled to this point, he could only remember that the on ramp must have been miles away.  The SUV was only three miles from the first rest stop sign…He suddenly blamed the heat for that insane dream.

   Regaining his composer, he sat up hearing the faint whine of the car alarm in the distance.  He looked around the bed of the truck, only guns, gear and himself sat in the bed while the Winchester remained propped up on the top of the cab. His face felt hot, checking himself, he must of cried in his sleep, At least the only good thing about being alone was not being seen.

   Wiping up the mess on his face, he began to go through his gear like he had done in the dream.  This time, no ghost to talk to.  He quietly and quickly shuffled through everything, recounted bullets, filled mags and double checked everything before going back up to the top of the cab with the ten rounds in hand.  “All right zeds…time to go pop.” he peered through the scope.

   He fixed his sight on a head before pulling the trigger, the rifle roared and rotten gray matter sprayed out the back of the skull. Working the bolt, he repeated the steps and dropped another.  He had to shoot quickly for there are more of them as well the alarm’s power was dying off. Fire, bolt, scope, fire, bolt, scope, fire-was the pattern that ran through his mind as he went through rounds with ease.  The rhythm of the thirty ought six brought music to his ringing ears, only pausing as he had to reload a five twice.

   Every round scored a body as he went through the fifteen rounds like candy. Five in the internal magazine and ten on hand he started with before he unleashed the thirty caliber hell on the zombies. His mind stayed blank as he quickly folded up the rifle, gathered everything and moved forward.   His heart was beating with a sudden rush as he quickly moved further and further closer to the mob who’s numbers weren’t even dented by the rounds he put into it. Stopping at the off ramp to the rest stop he did on last check before he dropped the bags off and the Winchester leaning against them.  Keeping only the handguns and ruger on him, he moved forward.

   He mentally spoke a prayer before he raised up to fire the first shot.
20  TZH Discussion / TZH Fan Fiction / Re: Walking Far on: February 08, 2011, 12:34:56 am
After a few moment of silence, “Adam?” El asked as she tilted her head to the side looking at him, “yeah?” he reached into the bag to pull up rounds for the .45; “You okay?” she asked calmly, “You seem a little tense.
“Oh sure, got a ghost sitting in front of me and a ton of zacks in my next stopping place, Just outstanding, out-fucking-standing!” he replied giving her the okay gesture, his voice cracking a little. “I’m going to win the prized jacket after they find me I bet.” he commented as he loaded rounds into a magazine. “Not to mention, I could be marked as infected and they’ll want to figure out how I didn’t turn! And, and-” he drifted off, letting his hands and head hang low.

   “Adam?” El asked looking concerned.  Adam took off his hat, He started quivering gently, “You okay?
“I miss you El.” he looked up at her, his eyes reddening, a hot tear leaked from an eye as he stared at her. “If only you were, you were-” he drifted off as he started to cry, Sadness overwhelming him.   Dropping the mag he laid over on the back pack, he was too stiff to move from the walk here to curl up, But he just let himself go, his self trained instincts forced him to try to keep it quiet for being so close to the undead, but his body couldn‘t hold back.

   He closed his eyes as they stung from the salty water pouring from them, he clenched his teeth as to try to keep himself from sounding off. He reopened his eyes, El laying beside him, her eyes locked with his, “I’m sorry.” she could only say as she gently placed an ethereal hand on his cheek, He reached up to touch it but only felt his own cheek. “Damn this infection, Damn this apocalypse!” he sobbed quietly.

   “If, only if…if-”
shhh, just give your self a minuet.” the hallucination could only watch as the human cried till he managed to regain control of himself. He laid there for some time, looking at the ghost before closing his eyes.  “I, I just want to qu-”
oh no, no, no, You just can’t quit because you lost me mister!” She frowned finally, “You can only but keep moving on,” El urged, her voice sounding solid finally. “IF you quit now, everyone that died would all be for nothing!” Adam was only but taken back by the sudden change of things.  He reached out to her, “Your, Your alive?”  His hand touched her face.

   Adam could feel the flesh of her warm cheek, She could only smile kindly at him as he shifted towards her. He couldn’t say anything, however, before he could get only inches from her face, “Wake up.” she said simply.
“Wha-?” he looked at her with a sudden surprised shock on his face.

Suddenly, he herd a point blank roar of a rifle.
21  TZH Discussion / TZH Fan Fiction / Re: Walking Far on: February 08, 2011, 12:11:16 am

Now, now, is that not a way to talk to someone you knew?” the voice spoke as he sat down, digging through the pack and bag. He looked up to see a woman sitting crisscross from him.  She looked healthy; her light brown, shoulder length hair pulled back into a tail; her dark brown eyes looking at him. She wore similar gear as he did, her jacket matched the color of the one he had to discard.

   Adam wasn’t disturbed by the woman sitting there, “Your lucky I don’t have the pills anymore.” he frowned as he shuffled through the book bag, “If I did, you’d be back out of my mind-”
Only for a short time though.
“heh, Even in death you are still persistent, but-” he paused for a moment, “-yet that’s what kept me in line since Utah.” he looked back up to her; “Of course!” the hallucination smiled cheerfully.  “But listen, you know that you can just walk around it all, yet, you don’t want to lose the chance of more salvage.” Adam listened as he pulled out ten thirty-ought from the back, tucked them into a vest pocket then went on to count the .357 rounds he had.

   “As I risk the chance of being killed Eloise.”
Yet, you still collect rounds to pop’em.” Adam’s heart chilled at Eloise’s voice, “Why now of all times you show up, accent an all?” he questioned, “Your dead El, you should be at rest!”
Christ Addy, your going to run on again about this?! I’m trying to help you here!
“Oh yeah, Haunting me is sure as hell of a way in helping’ me!” Adam snapped, Elly quickly waved her hands down, trying to keep him quiet. He stopped himself and rubbed his forehead, “Sorry to snap like that, the wastes are getting to me.”
Obviously.” El commented with a smug on her face, “listen, I believe you can do this. Like at the station, you moved like as how Sarge trained you to.” she said now appearing closer in front of him, her expression normal. "I remember the old bastard, thankfully the rest was learned on my own before that fight long time ago." Adam counted up two cylinder’s worth of rounds before putting them in another vest pocket.  "I'm surprised that loud mouth ain't here to bug me too."
"very funny addy."
"I know right? back over there." he thumbed over his shoulder, "I belive there are about three sets of ten and maybe one set of five zacks in that stop, going to be a long ass fight ahead if I decide to go int here."
"If? You checking ammo and supplies, you are going in!" El stated gesturing to him, "Of course, I'm still thinking about it. more or less likely to go in, make a mad dash into some boxes for supplies, then dash out before they could surround me. Or simply go in there, make a mess of them, then back off till morning to finish the job." Adam shrugged, "Hell might as well Molotov a few of those cars for some cheap fireworks before I...oh hell, might as well just kill'em all I guess." Adam wasn't sure what he was saying, his mind was all over the place at the moment.  El Could only chuckle, or giggle, at him as he made a fool of himself.

   “Still, I can see doubt in you Addy, you haven’t forgotten that-
“-you can read me like a Pent house forum.”
was going to say Tolkien Novel, but that works too!” she laughed, Adam couldn’t only help but chuckle himself, he reached into the pistol magazine pouches to check how many loaded mags he had. As he drew the first, he saw a hand reach for his.  The touch was warm, he finished bringing his hand up, passing through the hand. He tried to blot out the ghost before him as he counted the loaded mags, after counting only three full, he drew up the empties.
22  TZH Discussion / TZH Fan Fiction / Re: Walking Far on: February 07, 2011, 11:25:05 pm
He was tempted to bring the ipod back out, for today being a day with out running into a zed of any kind. However, his cheery mood changed with the wind. The familiar rot filled his nostrils as he suddenly stopped in mid step.

   His mind registered the strength of the sent, he determined that there were roughly fifteen or more up ahead. “Fuckin’ A man!” he swore as he spun the ruger from his shoulder, the carbine filling his hands, “No rest for the wicked is there?” he asked the breeze as he clicked the safety forward; he said no more as he walked onward.

   The rest stop sign came into view and the smell grew in strength, he could eye the park like details from where he stood.  He knelt down near a lifted pick-up as he eyed the rest stop ahead.  His mind going over the details as he thought over a question a few times, is it worth it?.   He gauged the numbers on a bullet to zed scale, gauged the possibility of running into another unique, his mind turned into a biological battle computer as he looked up at the cab of the truck.  “perfect spot…” he thought aloud as he proceeded to climb the truck from the rear up.

   Dropping his pack and bag into the bed of the truck (after dropping back to quickly grab the binoculars of course), he laid himself atop of the cab with both rifles at his side (the revolver made it uncomfortable to ware in prone). Removing the revolver from the holster and laying it near him, He unfolded the bipod of the Winchester.

   Peering through new scope, he could make out that the place was occupied for sure.  The hole rest stop was full of them, “Not quiet the lively bunch are they?” he commented aloud as he panned the scope side to side, getting a better look of the location.  He noticed a few cars parked among the mob, “Lets bring everyone out.” he flipped the safety, steadied himself for the shot and fired.

   The shot roared from the rifle and into the side window of a sedan, triggering the hidden car alarm. Working the bolt, he peeked up from the scope, “The odds of that happening I didn’t think about…” he then peered through the scope as the blaring electronic alarm drew the infected towards it.  As he watched them gather, he took a head count.  A few minuets later, “Jesus!” he lowered the scope, “That has to of been an entire encampment there.” he closed his eyes, he suddenly felt sympathy for the lost in there.

   He could only imagine how that camp fell to the infection, “Don’t tell me your planning on sneaking by are you?” the female’s voice came back, “I thought you stayed out of my head after the gas station.” Adam spoke not even opening his eyes, “Well, you don’t really have a choice now do you? Didn’t we promise we’ll get there together or not?
“I’m miles away from my rescue and I’m stuck talking to a fucking ghost…” he commented as he opened his eyes and slid back down into the bed of the truck.
23  TZH Discussion / TZH Fan Fiction / Re: Walking Far on: February 02, 2011, 08:37:55 am
       After stripping his gear off, he slipped the coat on.  He was really lucky that the coat was a decent fit, not snug but it still fit him.  Looking it over, he noticed that it was a thin leather trench coat, which isn’t much but to his mind it was breathable, maneuverable and just thick enough to withstand decaying bites along the arms and most of the body.

   Fitting his gear back on, he peeked into the car to check what was the gun used in the suicide.  Picking it off the floor board, he examined the gun.  It was a python snub nose, he scoffed at the thought of how retarded the man was for having a high recoil weapon as he checked the cylinder, only one round was spent, no duh…

   Flicking it closed, he checked the ground for rounds (as well stripping the body of the shoulder rig). Pocking the rounds and tucking the new gun into it’s holster, he closed the door and carried on with his hike, remembering how sometimes people where idiots during the outbreak.

   As the sun reached it’s peak, He guessed it was around noon. The heat was bearable and his hat blocked the bright light, his new coat breathed well so only the vest and packs where causing the sweat.

   An hour passed and the familiar blue sign came into sight.  He didn’t have to guess that there was a rest stop two more miles away, he thought to himself that he’ll stop there for lunch or dinner, whenever the time was…never could tell time by the sun.
24  TZH Discussion / TZH Fan Fiction / Re: Walking Far on: February 01, 2011, 03:17:32 pm
yay smileys!  laugh

thanks for telling me that, I'll keep note of that.

 Slow Going... as soon as I can get home from the college, I'll post at least one section today.  Slow Going...
25  TZH Discussion / TZH Fan Fiction / Re: Walking Far on: January 28, 2011, 12:25:08 am
Weaving his way around wreckage, he checked the ipod’s power before resetting the music to another play list.  Replacing the aging player into the vest pocket, he walked on with the music only fading into the background as his mind runs through tasks and needs he’ll need to take care after or during this hike across this stretch of ground.

   A muffled sound caused Adam to stop the music, pull out the nubs and stop in step.  He let his ears regain sound of the surroundings as his eyes scanned the derelicts for any movement. Pocketing the ipod quickly after hearing another noise, he flipped the ruger from the sling and filled his hands in seconds, the butt stock touching his shoulder as he stood still.

   As the music before had almost made him lose the fact that the world around him is dead and reanimated, he shifted forward with weapon raised as his lax body snapped to work. The boots going silent, his eyes gracefully glanced around in front of him as he searched for any possible zeds; his breathing slowed to improve his hearing.

   Moving into another cluster of vehicles, an ancient pileup from months long gone, He herd the noise again, a shuffle coming from among one of the abandons near the pile. Snapping his aim into the direction of the sound as it emitted again, he moved towards a faded black SUV with it’s sun roof open; The shuffle became a faint tapping now.

   Side stepping to the right while keeping aim locked onto the car, he approached one of the doors.  The heavy tinted windows masked what was inside.  Hugging the side he reached with an open hand to open the door.  After the door handle clicked and barely shifted open, it shot open, black blurs shot out and a body slid out of the seat sideways into the road.

   Adam jumped back, nearly loosing his footing as his back slammed into the side of a van behind him.  With the ruger now raised and aimed at the body, he waited for it to move.  His heart was thumping in his chest from the surprise; Seeing no movement yet, he glanced up to see that the tapping he herd was made by crows picking away at the bodies inside the car. Snapping his attention back to the body, he noticed that it was another mummified body; a large exit wound coming from the back of the head indicated how the poor soul died.

   Relaxing finally, he slid down the van to sit for a moment. He obviously wasn’t ready for the shock of surprise today, he stared at the corpse for a few minuets before his nerves calmed themselves. Getting up, he stepped up to the body and knelt beside it. On impulse he padded the body all over for anything useful. A few more minuets of searching pockets he only found items of the before days:  a dead cell phone, a wallet with money and credit cards and an ID card which wasn’t read for Adam didn’t care who the stupid bastard was.

   However, Something did catch his eye on the corpse, the over coat the body wore was only scratched up by the crows by nothing severe. “Nice coat you got there friend.” he muttered to the body as he lifted an arm to slip the sleeve off.  He spent the following minuet to strip the coat from the body, as well tossing out the useless items found in the pockets.
26  TZH Discussion / TZH Fan Fiction / Re: Walking Far on: January 27, 2011, 09:47:13 pm
[shrugs] I type with microsoft word with it's spell checker on and there are some things that I missed... [reads the other notes] but I'll keep everything noted as I keep pushing on the story.  thank you for bringing the misses to my attention.

edit: and see, I like getting CC like that because not only did you point out what is wrong but also explain what is wrong and how to fix it in a more simple way. sure it's a little bothersome because your plucking my work, but, I'll read it over a few times anyways so I don't make them again.
27  TZH Discussion / TZH Fan Fiction / Re: Walking Far on: January 23, 2011, 11:08:19 pm
When the sun dawned the next day, he snapped awake from a nightmare, falling from his chair of course.  Swearing as he got to his feet, he checked the station around him for any movement or any visitors; Yet, there was no one there only his rattled mind and himself.  Gathering his senses, he packed up his gear and supplies after he had fitted the new (yet smaller) scope onto the Winchester.

   Before putting everything on he walked outside to collect the back pack he seen on one of the killed undead.  Stripping it off, he brought it back inside with him to reorganize his supplies, fitting what he can’t have on his person inside it as well whatever else he could scavenge from the store one last time before putting everything on.

   Slinging the Winchester last, he dug into his book bag and pulled up a rare commodity in the new world.  His Nano. The Ipod still had half a bar of power when he last looked at it. Since the way was clear, might as well play some background noise right?  Fitting the nubs into his ears he scrolled through the play lists and selected one of his favorites from the list.

   Walking out of the station, leaving bodies where they fell among the dried blood and discarded shells; the well mixed acoustic and wind interments greeted  his ears as he walked up the road, his first destination was to get back onto the freeway,  East he had to go and east he’ll walk.

   A voice sung into his ears as he tucked the Ipod into his vest pocket.

*After our days, and the fall of man
One day this will heal again.

Beasts crawl forth over desert clay,
And mankind will be nature's prey.

Ruined towns spring forth in vines;
Trees, leaves, fleet combine.

Humankind will have lost its sway,
The world again will be theirs one day!

   He walked by the long trail of abandoned or burned out vehicles, fallowing them towards the on ramp. Mangled, mummified corpses decorated some of the cars, a faint image of passengers and drivers, some had doors open with no body inside others had burnt bodies in them.

       All familiar sights to him as death became a common being in his eyes, nothing was out of the ordinary nor was unique. The sun rose into the sky as he worked his boots along the road.

Skeletons of rust reach for the sky,
Ruined empires of days gone by.

Dreams and lives buried in the sand.
The end of days will have been long planned.

Our children's children have passed away,
Their auspicious lives lost in the fray.

Carrion birds are all at play--
The world again will be theirs one day!

   As he smiled faintly, Adam listened to the music as he adjusted the rifles hanging from his shoulders, sharing room on his back with the pack. He caught sight of the on ramp some distance away.

   Not wanting to try to walk around them or to squeeze through, he climbed onto the top of a van and started vehicle hopping towards his destination. Gauging and estimating each car, truck, van, and semi as he went onward.

Nomadic tribes of the last of man
Pull their caravans across the sand.

Gypsy wives hold their children tight
As the new superpower howls through the night.

Gods watch from above and wonder what went wrong;
The entropy of what once was strong.

The survivors of man stay up late to pray,
That the world will again be theirs one day!*

   He cleared a decent sized gab as the song was coming to a close, he paused ontop of a van to hit back to play the song again. Keeping the thoughts, worries and doubts out of his mind until he had his feet onto the cracking pavement of the old freeway.

        When his boots finally clapped onto the pavement from a jump from the top of a pick-up, he made a quick adjustment to the ipod to go to shuffle, cutting the need to make anymore adjustments as he concentrated on clearing ground before the sun went down for the night; which however was still morning by the time he had reached the freeway (or interstate according to the road map he had on him).

28  TZH Discussion / TZH Fan Fiction / Re: Walking Far on: January 23, 2011, 10:52:19 pm
Would you like constructive criticism? I chair a bi-weekly fiction writers' group where we read each others' submissions and make suggestions.

the CC depends on how its worded, but that's me being picky.  If coming from folks like you? yes, it would be nice.
29  TZH Discussion / TZH Fan Fiction / Re: Walking Far on: January 23, 2011, 10:11:16 pm
Thank you for pointing those out, I tend to not read over anything while I'm typing this up. my eyes tend to space out when creating works like this so I do miss errors like that... of course, when I let a friend of mind read what I had made so far he went ahead and edited it with out saying anything to me and questioned some visuals that make sense to me but not to him...

It's a pet peeve of mine for others to edit my works while not letting me know before hand.

and I am surprised that I got a lot of positive feed back for this fan fic so far.

hm...since you guys are reading this I could use some help getting some ideas incorporate into this piece for I tend to go long with this work (series maybe?).  It has been a bane of my works for the lack of ideas to keep things flowing and smooth.  If you think you got something that'll fit in somewhere, feel free to PM me.

Thanks again guys.
30  TZH Discussion / TZH Fan Fiction / Re: Walking Far on: January 22, 2011, 05:23:23 pm
      Walking through the lobby of the mini-mart of the gas station, he took a seat at the register counter, laying both rifles onto the counter he examined the sling on the Winchester.  Seeing it was still long enough for him, he tied the sling back together as he reached into a bag for a small roll-up tool kit.  After removing the scope and mounts off he laid it on the counter as he took off his coat to look at the marks cut into it,  He felt around his back to feel fro any scratches or cuts, thankfully, nothing, but his Kevlar vest took most of the damage; however, since it didn’t fall off of him yet he kept it on for the pouches but he needed a new coat…

   Putting the thought aside, he removed his bag and set it onto the counter as he began to set dig through it.  Pulling out a thick book, a rag and a first aid kit; he started going about his personal tasks for when he can actually stop to rest:  striping his torso to check for any deep scratches (with the help of a shaving mirror he had in the kit),  Checking munitions and cleaning weapons.  After fitting his colt back together he grabbed his flashlight to explore the station, looking for any supplies.

   He didn’t find much on the shelves or counter but he did find useful items among the supplies left behind of the previous survivors that he had to put down outside and inside.  He came across few full mags that would fit the ruger, spare .45, a few unused M.R.Es, a damaged sniper rifle that was fitted with a battle scope, and some air chilled canteens full of water.  Taking the rifle remains and supplies back to his spot at the counter he began sorting through his gear for roughly a long while.

   Once done, he set the chair closer to the wall behind him with the book in hand and the handgun hanging from his hip.  Opening the battered book, he took the cracked mechanical pencil and began writing into it…

Day 121

   As I had thought, he began, the station was crawling with more than I had estimated, but the fucking specials were laying in wait for at least one human (yours truly for example)  to come out and strike, who‘d of thought that many would have been here.  Thankfully the thirty ought, made up for its travel weight. he paused to look on at the mess he made on the floor around the mart, thinking for a minuet before returning to the book, Sadly, the zacks I had to put down were originally other survivors that tried to hold out in here. God knows how big the horde that took them was. Had They stayed here and not of moved on to more live prey I wouldn’t be sitting here in the gas station writing this. he quickly scooted back to the counter, setting the open book down, he grabbed the flash light and shaving mirror.  Shining the light at his face he looked into the mirror to check his eyes.  Looking at them both for a minuet he set them both aside to write into the book more, The wastes are sure getting to me, for some reason, I have been noticing changes about my person over the course of several days. didn’t think of it at first and didn’t record it. Yet, the most recent change was my eyes are fading from the solid green to a grayish silver, the previous changes was my ability to maneuver improved a lot.

   he clicked the pencil for more lead, A few days ago I had to find a way around an abandoned check point as I had mentioned but I kept the real details on how I got over it out for I didn’t think of it. he pasued to listen to the wind picking up outside, metal rattled, dust turned the light into dusk. I still can’t belive that I haven’t became one of them yet, nor is it a surprise that they still attack me. Of course, the men of this fabled ARC will no doubt find this out when (or if) I get there.  Still, this worries me not as I still got a stat-n-half to cross before I have to signal to them; yet, I can not shake the fact of what some of their stray dogs had did to my people. Their cocky voices still echo in my head to this very moment. he gently rubbed his forehead before turning a page to write more.

   During my search of the station, I have came across a few state maps, in better condition compared to what I had previously, and managed to lay out a route to the coast; The signal came from the marine channels before I lost my scanner, Channels that only freighters, cutters and even navy ships use, and one of those channels buzzed with faint noise. he dug through his mind mentally, trying to remember the noise, Putting two an two together, I simply plotted a destination to the Carolinas for stories have told that carpet bombing was used on the north eastern corner of the old US; So, New York and Boston are out of the question.

   He nodded as he looked at the page, As far as I’m concerned, the noise was nothing more than a recording that was running on solar out at sea, only way to find out is to get there and try to reconnect with that signal. Well, I’m going to die somewhere, might as well be there at the coast.

Sergeant Adam Halsey
Last of the Old Utah Jaegers

   He closed the book and stuffed both pen and book into the bag before closing it up.  Before he turned in for the night, he noticed something among the killed dead in the dusking light, A pack, in decent condition.

   I’ll get it in the morning, he thought to himself as he moved back against the wall. tilting his hat forward, he leaned back against the wall.  His mind drifted into absent darkness as he dosed off finally.
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