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News: We go there and half the time... WE DON'T COME BACK!
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181  General Discussion / General Discussion / Re: PP: Not having a Pet Peeves thread. on: July 21, 2011, 04:00:22 am
PP : My registration at the University went from "Fuck yeah" to "FFFFFFFUUUUUU" :
  • The insurance guys made several errors in the contract which leads to my application for an university room being currently on hold until they recieve the corrected papers (that means that the probability of getting a shitty room grows exponentially over the days)
  • I may have to go through some traditional procedures to transfer some of my papers... even if I'm fully registered now.
  • The speciality I registered in may not open at the beginning of the year... wtf?
182  General Discussion / Game Discussion / Re: What are you playing? Episode 2: Sequel Reloaded! on: July 21, 2011, 03:57:26 am
Playing Dawn of War : Soulstorm as a part of our LAN schedule. Kicking ass as Necron Cheesy
183  General Discussion / General Discussion / Re: The Anti-Peeve rides again! on: July 14, 2011, 05:09:51 am
AP : Jägermeister.
184  General Discussion / Game Discussion / Re: Disappointed with Conventional RPGs on: July 12, 2011, 06:44:30 am
I'm interested in this, FireFog - do you feel like elaborating?
It was a makeshift RPG : default fantasy setting (This is not a critic, I wanted to say that the world wasn’t fully fleshed), no classes (which is a good thing for me), all stat/skill checks were done with a d20 (damage depended of weapon). Cards presented the advantage to have directly the effect of the skill/item/spell on-card for a shortened character creation time and quick reference.

There was no level system either: at the end of the adventure, the GM gave a skill card (or a trait, etc.) to each player according to what they did during the adventure.
The “loot bags” I mentioned before were small bags where the GM put some item cards where we picked randomly a card when we opened a container/stole a NPC/etc.

It was at a very beta state, and the GM planned to add a deck of themed “event cards” (depending of the location).

Sitting around flipping through books, picking through dice, and deciding which game mechanics to employ to defeat my foes isn't fun for me.
I see the point of your post. There seems to be a problem with your groups, I, too, wouldn't appreciate a game consisting only of kill/loot/level, and I would rather play Diablo than this.

And if I want to torture my mind by pondering about the most effective skill allocation for a Sludge Elf Necromancer, I already have the one and only Stone Soup for that ^^
This is a ROLEPLAYING game : Interaction between players, exploration, and other adventuring shenanigans should be a very important part of the game.4

No, not LARP. Definitely not LARP. So far as I can see, LARP still usually has the same rules and goals (i.e. kill monsters --> gain treasure + XP -->  kill bigger monsters --> gain more treasure + XP --> kill yet bigger monsters ad nauseum) but in addition you have badly costumed geeks running around with styrofoam weapons throwing bean bags at each other. Give me a chain saw, please - a real one, if that's OK.
LARP, from what I heard is much more oriented towards Roleplaying. It could be fun.

(As I said several times, English is not my mother tongue and I’m not really fluent in English, so sorry if some sentences doesn’t make any sense)
185  General Discussion / Game Discussion / Re: What are you playing? Episode 2: Sequel Reloaded! on: July 12, 2011, 05:05:11 am
Coop in Men of War : Assault Squad with some friends.

Edit: FUCKING BALLS. Had a quarterstaff that had +11/+2! Fire! Rage! Only knew that after I died. Thought they only went up to +9/+9.
Wow, now that's loot. It was maybe an artefact.
186  General Discussion / General Discussion / Re: Words on paper in this technological world, reading anything? on: July 12, 2011, 05:00:40 am
Electronic Principles (French Edition, without the CD), a big-ass book about... the principles of electronics, quite heavy, but a very interesting read for anyone interested in electronics (but prior experience and knowledge is advised), I have to read it (+ another book) during the holidays for the formation I will join in September.

This is going slowly  Slow Going...
187  General Discussion / Game Discussion / Re: Disappointed with Conventional RPGs on: July 09, 2011, 01:14:24 pm
Items are represented by illustrated cards - no scribbling endless equipment lists on a sheet.
One game we hosted had a system like this with cards for items, skills and spells with colored glass markers to be put on the cards for enchantement, durability and so on... one advantage of this system is that our GM created bags of loot where we picked ourselves (randomly !) a fixed amount of cards depending of the container or monsters looted. (but not all the drop was random)

Character sheet fits on half a page; the other half is a "cheet sheet" containing the rules.
That's a great asset for easy management and keeping the game fluid (rules).

When I show them conventional roleplaying games, they ask: "Why would anyone play that?" I dunno. I tried to join a D&D group recently and can't figure out why anyone plays it, either.
Bad GM or bad group, I guess... I don't see why D&D could not be fun... and more genreally I don't see why what you call a "conventional RPG" could not be fun !
As long there is a fluid gameplay and good storytelling (as much from the GM as from the player), it should be great ! It does the trick for me, as you said, it's all a matter of immersion.
188  General Discussion / Game Discussion / Re: What are you playing? Episode 2: Sequel Reloaded! on: July 06, 2011, 02:45:28 pm
Evil Genius... muhahaha !
189  General Discussion / Movies/TV Discussion / Re: Latest Movie You've Seen on: July 04, 2011, 03:30:07 pm
Transformers 3... I still can't believe I paid to watch this... Sad
190  General Discussion / Game Discussion / Re: What are you playing? Episode 2: Sequel Reloaded! on: July 04, 2011, 03:27:05 pm
Edit II: Killed by a miscast of Evaporate. This is such a bitch.
How ?

I'm currently playing BlazBlue : Calamity Trigger, this reminds me how I suck at fighting games... but I have a blast nonetheless
191  General Discussion / Game Discussion / Re: Pen and Paper revival on: July 04, 2011, 03:22:20 pm
I may have found a group for a few sessions. The only drawback is that they are almost all total beginners in tabletop RPGs (this is not a critic), so I have to be the DM and we should play an "lighter" RPG (by request) ... me being the DM is quite a challenge I must admit... any suggestions on "light" tabletop RPG ?

I'm still undecided on either making a one-shot makeshift RPG based on very simple rules in order to move on a real game in the next sessions if they like this or beginning a "true" game...
192  General Discussion / Zombie Stuff / Re: One Bullet left (With a twist) on: June 30, 2011, 08:51:50 am
I'll let the other person have the gun because :
  • I'll just don't have the courage to kill the other person
  • I'm too curious to shoot myself
193  General Discussion / General Discussion / Re: What did we learn today? (Apart from that australian wine rocks.) on: June 30, 2011, 08:36:29 am
TIL that NASA has recovered stolen moon dust
194  General Discussion / Movies/TV Discussion / Re: Latest Movie You've Seen on: June 30, 2011, 08:28:52 am
True Grit. In my opinion, a good movie !
195  General Discussion / General Discussion / Re: PP: Not having a Pet Peeves thread. on: June 30, 2011, 08:26:36 am
PP : A lot of my classmates are spending their days to whine about how they are bored. But when I propose something to do (and I plan this something in order that everyone can attend), they whine even more about how they can't because they are tired. We're 21 (for the most), for fuck's sake !!!!! We all got our B.Sc !!!! So we should be celebrating, partying, drinking, whathever !!!!
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