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News: It's a BRICK-FLAIL!!!
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226  TZH Discussion / TZH Discussion / Re: Today's Comic on: August 25, 2010, 09:25:22 am
The other thing is, even if they do need nourishment, we still know they can hibernate for long-enough-to-be-undefined time periods. Maybe the ones with damaged guts just haven't starved to death yet.

 Evil <- I advocate for dis guy.
227  General Discussion / General Discussion / Re: PP: Not having a Pet Peeves thread. on: August 23, 2010, 11:49:15 am
Looks like something got borked there, Cheez. If you can, tell the computer to boot from its last known good configuration. If that doesn't work, find a windows disc from somewhere, boot the computer with it, and tell it to repair the existing installation of windows. May or may not work, but, hopefully...
228  General Discussion / General Discussion / Re: Funny Image Thread Lives Again!!! on: August 21, 2010, 06:32:21 pm
Log: You're not part of those whom I'd consider offensive, and many of them indeed left. Still, the forum has seen a much more aggressive attitude than what BB has been showing and it was apparently fine.

Well, again, the picture itself wasn't a problem- there was just a potential for complaints about it. Fortunately, no such complaints were forthcoming, as far as I'm aware. And we've had enough flamewars in the past about politics for TLO's warning to be well-earned.
229  TZH Discussion / TZH Discussion / Re: Today's Comic on: August 20, 2010, 08:20:44 am
Hmm... All right, I'll run it past Jenny and we'll see what I can tell you about it.
230  TZH Discussion / TZH Discussion / Re: Today's Comic on: August 19, 2010, 08:49:28 am

The reason we picked the area we did, was because it would've had comparatively few people in it. Once the cars and trucks were stolen off the lot (we figured it would've been looted long before ARC came around), it would've been an empty concrete slab with a warehouse in it. Clearing the warehouse wouldn't have been much fun, but at least it's only one relatively open building.

A concrete slab with its own fence and a warehouse is a great building area for a base, though. Bring in some trucks and some gear, and you can do whatever you want with it.

It's kind of silly how much planning and modeling I wound up putting into the camp, given that really, you'll never see ALL of it in any detail- it's just the backdrop for the story that's really going on. But it was a lot of fun to be included in the story process Smiley
231  TZH Discussion / TZH Discussion / Re: Today's Comic on: August 19, 2010, 07:40:32 am
So it would kinda be exactly like in "The walking dead"? Just with Jenny's zombies... ouch...
Yeah- regular or fast zombies would be bad. Trying to clear an entire prison, and make sure you got EVERY last hunter? That's the stuff nightmares are made of. Let alone rounding a corner in a laundry room and finding a spitter about arm's length from you, or something.
232  General Discussion / General Discussion / Re: Awesome image 2: Return of Raptor Jesus on: August 19, 2010, 07:38:13 am
If that sequence is real, it's probably a reservoir for some community's drinking water- you might look for places undergoing a drought in europe, since it looks like european architecture, to my untrained eye...
233  TZH Discussion / TZH Discussion / Re: Today's Comic on: August 19, 2010, 07:34:40 am
Not to mention, they're full of thousands of prisoners-turned-zombies, dark corners, nooks and crannies, and generally close quarters. I can think of things I'd LESS like to do than try to clear a pitch-black labyrinth filled with Jenny's zombies.... but those would be mostly things like 'fuck a meatgrinder, while base-jumping into a volcano'.
234  General Discussion / General Discussion / Re: Images of you people, the ressurection! on: August 18, 2010, 11:10:34 am
Lookin' sharp, BB!  Afro
235  General Discussion / General Discussion / Re: The Anti-Peeve rides again! on: August 17, 2010, 03:43:48 pm
awesome! Cheesy Congrats, Hail!
236  General Discussion / General Discussion / Re: PP: Not having a Pet Peeves thread. on: August 14, 2010, 04:51:03 pm
Ah, Jet, look at it as an excuse to carry her around everywhere Wink

PP: Holy frigging hell, more popups again. Did I not JUST FINISH putting boot to ass about this? We changed out our code on the first of August, and now they're back again. And I've the sneaking suspicion that they've been going on since the change, but nobody told me.

 Outlaw with an upgrade
237  TZH Discussion / TZH Discussion / Re: Today's Comic on: August 09, 2010, 10:14:29 am
TZH world is a crapsack world. No one gets a happy life! And then you diiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Aw yeah!  He love you long time
238  TZH Discussion / TZH Discussion / Re: Today's Comic on: August 01, 2010, 10:14:24 pm
Just as a heads up for y'all in the forum- we've just put up a clearance sale on the hoodies.

Between supply issues and just plain runnin' out of room, we're going to stop carrying sweatshirts for the foreseeable future. So get 'em while the getting is good!

These aren't quite as good a deal as the misprints, but they're a quarter off.
239  General Discussion / General Discussion / Re: PP: Not having a Pet Peeves thread. on: July 31, 2010, 10:42:18 pm
Mmm, if I wanted to use Bing, I'd use Bing. And I don't.

I wind up using Bing more often now and then, when I can't find something on Google. If Google gives up on the 'on mouse____' event crap, and gets their searches back in order, I may stop using Bing again.

but if I'm gonna have to wade through cutsey-poo web interface crap, I'll go through the one that isn't bog-slow :p

it's got to the point where I have one browser with Bing as its homepage, and Google for the other.
240  TZH Discussion / TZH Discussion / Re: Today's Comic on: July 31, 2010, 10:35:55 pm
...I find your ideas intriguing, and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.  Yes, I am a smug bastard...
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