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1  TZH Discussion / TZH Role Playing / Re: Those Left Behind: Silent Frost on: November 01, 2010, 12:26:34 am
Woot. Post in celebration of Halloween and the Walking Dead TV show premier!

It is also a testament to me being lazy and pretending I don't have a buttload of homework. In fact I'm so busy I shouldn't even be posting this right now much less trying to take that nifty little Mary Sue test for two characters
2  TZH Discussion / TZH Role Playing / Re: {IC} Those Left Behind on: November 01, 2010, 12:17:00 am
Trista listened with patience she didn’t realize she still possessed. The girl barely blinked during the apology. Her face didn’t express upset or anger or hurt at being reminded she was left alone in the dark…she just seemed to be. Trista was just there, no more and no less than the ceiling Liam had looked to for words was.

“Alone isn’t so bad. Helps me prepare…”

Trista unzipped her hooded sweater, starting to undo the hostlers holding her two pistols to her side purposefully. For a long moment she did nothing. Just stood stock still and ran her fingers over the cool metal and leather that weighted in her hands before bringing her gaze back to Liam. She closed the distance between them and without much regard for personal space, she took Liam’s hands and forced the weapons to his palm and closed his fingers around the guns with her own broken digits.

“Only have you left to mourn…”

Trista knew she hadn’t expressed herself any better than Liam had. She was less coherent and her logic probably boggled a sane mind. The teenager hadn’t expected Liam to understand but she said what she needed. Her hands lingered over his for a moment and then she pulls away, turning to return to the darkness of her room.


Billie couldn’t stop from scrunching up her noise at the implication of her learning to shoot a gun. Her hands were meant for helping, not killing…sadly she’d done very little of the former and entirely too much of the latter in recent months. The gun suddenly became terribly heavy and unpleasant in her hands…just feeling wrong.

She put the weapon down carefully on the table and took the seat next to Ignot, taking up a cup of coco. The mug of hot chocolate stinging her fingers with warmth was a happy change from the cold steel of the weapon. The doctor wasn’t put off by the silence lingering between her and Ignot. Though she felt it was haughty to think such things, she believed that she could read Ignot. Having fought at his side to stay alive for as long as she has, she’s learned to read the subtle. She knew he had something he wanted to talk about…she just had to wait for him to work out how to approach it.

Ignot had no problem telling the truth and being brutal with it but he never spoke without thought, without careful mental editing. He always made sure not to reveal much about himself or say anything that would antagonize Billie’s worry. It was only a minor pang of hurt that he couldn’t be candied with her, but she had learned to accept it. Their relationship was odd but it had what was important. Even if Ignot didn’t want to talk about himself and even if Billie was too amiable, they trusted one another. At least, Billie trusts Ignot with her life…and despite how he acts, she is fairly certain the feeling is mutual.

She heard Ignot sigh, the sound bringing her attention back to him. Looks as though she’d be fishing for whatever silent worry was trouble Ignot. "You alright?" She asked, eyes already scanning him for possible bites or injuries.

He glanced up and Billie instantly felt as though she was under the microscope instead of the other way around. But she didn’t back down from the red-tinted gaze, just staring back and waiting for an answer…having a suspicious it would be a lie.

"Fine. Concerned."

Billie shifted her weight a little toward him as he leaned back. Not entirely a lie, I suppose. "About what?" She asked, sipping gingerly on the cup.

"The engines."

Engines, right. Sure you don’t want to talk about the talking to yourself?

But no. She’d never say anything so outright…at least not yet. Maybe with some careful guiding she could get him to talk about it, but right now wasn’t the time for that. She knew the engines weren’t as fictionally as the voices Ignot may or may not be hearing. Billie takes a long sip from her hot chocolate, mental forming her setences until…

“And uh…Miss Billie? I uh, I’d like to speak to you later on…in private…I mean uh, if you’re…if you…can.” He stumbled. His faced turned redder and he cleared his throat. “Well uh, I’m gonna go check on Alex now.” He said, leaving quickly.

And the red face Leland is gone. Leaving an odd silence between Ignto and Billie. “Well…so what about the engines?” Billie attempts lamely, feel heat come to her face for Leland’s awkwardness.
3  TZH Discussion / TZH Role Playing / Re: {IC} Those Left Behind on: September 24, 2010, 03:15:29 pm
Trista's fingers had just brushed the doorknob when she heard the footfalls behind her. She knew without looking Liam had caught up with her. The teen considered ignoring him; just going in her room and slamming the door in his face if she must but…but that’s not what she wanted. Trista let her hand fall away from the doorknob before turning back to Liam. He was still a good distance away, but she could see the uncertainty painted on his features. Trista wondered if he was scared of her like Sylvester had been…or if he was just at a loss for how to approach her now that he had seen how deeply disturbed she was. Trista kept Liam fixed in her intense gaze for moment, waiting. It only occurred to her after a few minutes of stillness that Liam had followed her lacking the foresight that he may actually catch her…he hadn’t thought of anything to say. Trista felt the corners of her lips twitch, involuntary wanting to turn up in a half-smile. Honestly the awkwardly amused expression probably made her look more out of her mind than she actually was.

“How’ve you survived so long as you have with how little you think ahead?” Trista asked. It was supposed to be a joke, an attempt to poke funny at Liam…but with how her monotone voice sounded even she doubted that her words hadn’t been meant in insult.


“I’d be hard-pressed to sneak up on you in wet snow boots,” Billie retorted. She emphasized her point by taking another step forward, her boots squeaking loudly against the floor.

The doctor crossed the room with chorus of annoying squeaking sounds before completing the task she set out to do…letting Ignot’s coat fall back on his shoulders. A wide sheepish smile crossed the doctor’s face as she shifted the rifle in her hands, knowing how odd it must seem for her to have it considering her disdain for firearms.

“Leland lent it to me. I’m no good with it. Wasted three of his shots before I just used the butt to deal with the zombie,” she explained in an embarrassed fashion, frowning as she noted the blood staining the stock of the otherwise pristinely cared for weapon.
4  TZH Discussion / TZH Role Playing / Re: Those Left Behind: Silent Frost on: September 20, 2010, 11:55:39 pm
Clearly I am still in. Just be prepared for my responses to be somewhat slowed since school is back in session.
5  TZH Discussion / TZH Role Playing / Re: {IC} Those Left Behind on: September 20, 2010, 11:51:41 pm
Trista closed the door to Leland’s room, working to suppress the conversation she had just had. She could mull over the more philosophically upsetting points later, in privacy but for the moment she wiped her face of emotion and her mind of thoughts.

However her brain was started back online sooner than she would have liked, the girl pausing mid-step and staring into the open door of one of the rooms. The room of Billie’s two new strays. The girl tilted her head, frowning at the crying that is rather obviously coming from the younger of the two men. Without a word the girl came foreword, pausing in the doorway and giving the strangers time to register her scrawny, bandaged silhouette before she closed the door on the scene. Trista had done enough crying due to the events proceeding her time in the apartment. Tears solved nothing.


Trista was careful to stay just at the very edge of the hallway, almost peeking out into the common area where the scavenging group had returned. Her single green eye moved quickly over the faces of the survivors before settling on Liam. She exhaled at seeing him smile, not even realizing she had been all but holding her breath the entire time. Trista eyes moved to whom Liam was smiling at unsurprised to see it was Billie. The teenager tensed at realizing Billie was looking directly at Liam but nodding her head in Trista’s direction, calling Liam’s attention to her presence. Not waiting to see if her presence had been noted, Trista turned and moved back down the hallway. Planning to hide in her room like she usually does when interaction with another person is imminent.
6  TZH Discussion / TZH Role Playing / Re: Those Left Behind: Silent Frost on: August 20, 2010, 07:56:35 pm
7  TZH Discussion / TZH Role Playing / Re: {IC} Those Left Behind on: August 20, 2010, 07:53:21 pm
Billie smiled at the concern Kenneth showed for Daniel. All the woman could do at the moment was pat his shoulder reassuringly in promise that she’d do everything in her power to help his friend.

Billie raised her arms above her head, using the weight of her axe to help stretch the muscles of her arms. She flinched a bit when her bones popped audibly under the slightly strain and Billie lowered her arms as she thought of the long trek ahead of her. Daniel should be able to survive with her jacket helping to insulate him and the zombies shouldn’t pose a significant threat due to the almost complete immobility the cold and snow caused them. But would she be able to make it?

The thought crossed her mind as she looked at her gloved hands and the thin sweater material tucked into them. The woman sighed heavily, eyes narrowing in determination. She didn’t feel cold at all. Her body felt warm and her fingers were tingling as they clenched around the handle of her axe. The woman knew the adrenaline of the situation would die down and the cold would eventually get to her. Trying to psyche herself into believing she won’t feel the cold during the hour long journey back to the apartment, Billie become so lost in her thoughts she jumped when Ignot stopped her.

"Remember your jacket, Billie. It's cold outside." He said, with the closest glimmer of humor in his voice since this whole thing began.

The woman couldn’t help but smile fondly at her friend as he put his jacket around her shoulders. She hadn’t realized how cold she had truly become until the warm embrace of the jacket around her made her shiver at the contrast in temperatures. Billie couldn’t help but pause a moment to look at Ignot, her smile lingered at that ridiculous orange beanie of his. Rather than say anything or make an promises of waiting for him at the apartment, Billie just reached out and touched his arm gently before moving on to lead her little party to their home. Besides, Ignot knew she was much too stubborn to die.


The trip back to the apartment was uneventful. There had been a few zombies struggling to move through the snow and despite it being a smart idea to stop and end the creatures, Billie urged the others to ignore the undead and keep moving. Time and weather weren't on their side and the zombies posed a minimally threat for now.

To her discomfort, Leland had given her his rifle. Billie did not like nor know how to use guns. She had no intention of wasting the ammo as none of the zombies the small group encountered had any hope of catching them. As uncomfortable as Billie was with the gun, more unsettling was the sound of something akin to an engine rumbling and echoing all around them off the empty streets and buildings. Kenneth and Leland stopped but Billie urged them on again. The noise didn’t matter right now…and to be honest it caused her a great deal of anxiety. If the sound was a running engine that would mean people and even with her usual faith in people she’d rather not be caught out in the snow with an injured teenager surrounded by zombies and potential dangerous strangers. She quickly made a mental note to tell Ignot about the sound before pushing it out of her thoughts and focusing on getting Kenneth, Leland and Daniel to the apartment safely.


Relief washed over the woman once everyone was safely in the apartment. Despite shivering from the cold and her nerves she refused to relax. Billie could easily see Leland was exhausted; he carried Daniel the entire way. She’d have to thank Leland later but right now the teenager needed her attention. Billie instructed Kenneth to carry Daniel to one of the unoccupied rooms. After tucking the boy under the sheets, Billie busied herself with bringing in extra blankets and a space heater from the hallway. Once satisfied that Daniel would be kept warm she told Kenneth that when he woke up he’ll need food and he would have to ask Kai warm up some soup. Despite the boy probably wanting something heartier, soup would help get his internal temperature back up. If all went well Daniel could enjoy the meatloaf Kai was preparing for dinner.

Billie smiled a bit sheepishly when she returned to the kitchen. Kai and to her surprise, Trista were giving her a similar look, one that a parent might give a child for bringing home stray animals. Billie however seemed to find and bring home damaged people to nurse back to health. The doctor silently moved through the common room and back out onto the fire escape. Feeling the weight of her fire axe and Leland’s rifle on her back she considered going back to help Ignot. Billie silently told herself to wait, give the other’s time to make the walk. Her fingers wrapped around the safety railing of the fire escape, eyes trained out to the white world as the wind became stronger and the sky darker.

Twenty minutes. I’ll give them twenty minutes. They shouldn’t have been that far behind us. Twenty minutes…


Trista had been watching silently from sofa in the common room as Leland all but dragged a body through the window. She had tensed initially but upon seeing that she didn’t recognize the boy she relaxed back onto the sofa cushions, watching impassively as another stranger climbed in the window, followed by Billie. The teenager faded back to her original activity of staring disinterested at the ceiling. If she sat in the common room with Kai, he didn’t have to come knocking at her door every ten minutes to check on her. Plus Kai didn’t say much while he cooked. So it was almost like she was alone anyways. Trista stared at Billie as she returned from caring for the unconscious teenager. While Kai’s back was turned the doctor slipped back out onto the fire escape. Trista couldn’t tell if she was just waiting for the others or had left again but she didn’t care to look. Billie was capable of taking care of herself and more than capable of taking care of others. She is strong.

The teenager stood only when Kai left to take the newcomers some hot chocolate. She took one of the remaining cups from the counter and slipped off down the hall. She stood outside the apartment door for a few minutes, hearing nothing from inside. The teenager cracked the door open just a bit, able to see through the darkness that Leland was bundled up under the sheets. Trista crept into the room, not wanting to disturb the corpsman if he was sleeping. She carefully put the steaming cup of hot chocolate on his nightstand and turned to leave.
8  TZH Discussion / TZH Role Playing / Re: {IC} Those Left Behind on: August 01, 2010, 03:02:01 am
Billie ignored Kenneth’s question, kneeling next to Daniel. The woman carefully rolled the boy onto his back, handling him like glass. She put two fingers to his neck, finding a slower pulse than she would have wanted. Billie unzipped her heavy jacket; it quickly followed by an oversized university hoodie. The medic shudder mildly at the chill of the air she was now exposed to, only keeping a very thin long-sleeved tee for herself.

Wordlessly, the medic began putting her clothing on Daniel knowing he needed the extra layers…plus the clothes were already warm from her body heat. Zipping up her jacket on the teen, Billie took a moment to push some of his thick brown hair from his face. Daniel couldn’t be more than eighteen years old. He also had to be at least six feet tall and easily outweighed Billie despite his obvious malnutrition. This presented a problem in that all that was necessary to treat hypothermia and malnutrition was across the street…and up a ladder…this further complicated by the possibility of bloodthirsty zombies.

“Ignot, he needs to be taken out of the cold. Now.” Billie knew her recklessness towards a situation as delicate as a stand-off would probably get her chided by Ignot later, but right now he should fear her if he thought for a minute this little exercise was going to continue when a boy lay possible freezing to death on the floor.

“I’ll take him to the apartment and you can stay here with the those three,” Billie nodded her head toward the apartment of Frank, Bethany and Antony. “Daniel doesn’t have time to wait around for them to make up their minds.”

The fact Billie turned away from Ignot and said no more to him made it clearly that regardless of his input she had made the decision that her plan was going to be followed.

As her eyes had come away from Ignot, Billie was forced to do a double take. She hadn’t realized at some point during her examination of Daniel, Leland had come to her side…to defend her against Kenneth…who had already put down his gun. Billie gave the young corpsman a flat look. Not that she didn’t appreciate the underlying chivalry of the action, but she had a hard time understanding what it is with men and their paranoia…just as much so as Ignot or Leland may have in comprehending her trusting nature.

“You…” Billie started, getting to her feet and looking pointedly at Leland, “Give that here.” The medic didn’t wait for the other to hand over her axe, taking it from him instead then pointing at Daniel with her unburdened hand. “You’ll need to carry him. Carefully.” She knelled again, picking up the fallen gun and offering it back to its owner.  “Kenneth, you are going to help me cover Leland and Daniel as we make our back across the street. We have a secure home and I can better care for Daniel there. Got it?”
9  TZH Discussion / TZH Role Playing / Re: Those Left Behind: Silent Frost on: July 27, 2010, 02:52:40 am

No but seriously, if she gets shot that's her own fault. Tongue

I thought it worth mentioning to B-Chan (since there are no character sheets up for the older characters) that Billie wears a jacket with the 'Star of Life' logo on it which may help Kenneth ID her as a doctor.

10  TZH Discussion / TZH Role Playing / Re: {IC} Those Left Behind on: July 27, 2010, 02:44:40 am
Billie had thought things were going in a more civil direction when Ignot stepped out with her and rather than instantly making demands or outright shooting the two outsiders he made a very reasonable request of them. She wasn’t surprised that one seemed weary of doing so…Ignot did just kick in the front door of someone’s hiding spot loudly enough to attract these two lost souls from the lower floors. That coupled with Ignot's daunting presence would make her unwilling to part with a gun had her and Kenneth's situations been reversed. The other man’s actions however, defied logic.

Billie watched as he surrendered his weapon, sliding it toward Ignot. And with eyes still locked on Ignot the man started to cut his face. Without a thought Billie took a step forward, thinking the man was going to start mutilating himself. She stopped just as quickly as she started when Daniel started talking, having only cut a bit of facial hair from his cheek. Her lips parted to speak; to tell him he could have her jacket since even from this distance she could tell the man was ill. But he snapped at her like dog…not helping in Billie’s impression that he was as rabid as he appeared to be.

"This winter will kill me if I do not manage to get a semi-permanent/permanent place to warm up and rest. I'd rather die painlessly here than to freeze/starve to death alone in some corner and be a Popsicle for the zeds."

Her eyes widen as his words fully hit her. Her eyes shot to the discarded sweater on the floor. Paradoxical undressing. She replayed his words in her head. Apathy towards his condition. She glanced to the knife in his hand and how he gave himself an impromptu shave. Poor decision-making. And she looked back to Daniel just in time for him to sway. Lack of coordination followed by…

Daniel hit the ground with a dull sound. …Unconsciousness. There was a clatter as Billie’s axe joined Daniel on the floor. The doctor already rushing forward without a thought to Kenneth…who still had his gun to them. In her mind Billie didn’t think to identify herself as a doctor. Her mind was swimming with thoughts of what she believed to be Daniel’s condition…Hypothermia.
11  TZH Discussion / TZH Role Playing / Re: Those Left Behind: Silent Frost on: July 16, 2010, 08:59:09 pm
*rises up from the depths*

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn...


I mean...welcome back Sarge! *WAVES*
12  TZH Discussion / TZH Role Playing / Re: Those Left Behind: Silent Frost on: May 13, 2010, 02:44:29 am
I'm still interested in playing. Like Sarge I got pulled away by finals but now that summer is here I finally have some free time! Hope everyone comes back and we can get things going again!

Also: LM! *hugs* Cheesy
13  TZH Discussion / TZH Role Playing / Re: {IC} Those Left Behind on: May 13, 2010, 02:42:11 am
After Ignot gave his usual short prep talk concerning evacuation procedures and building layout, Billie promptly turned her back to him to indicated she’d be going in the opposite direction of their leader. The woman huffed softly to herself, glaring hard at her gloves as she straightened them on her fingers. Hearing the sounds of the teams starting to spread out she lifted her fire axe and rested it over her shoulder, eyes searching for Harold. Her intense gaze softened when she spotted Liam and Alex. Billie knew Mr. Matheson death had a caused a great deal of distress to Alex and Jason…but Trista’s violent retreat back into her own mind had been slowly grinding away Liam’s personable disposition. Her heart fell into silent mourning for what the teenagers had lost and how powerless she was to prevent it.


Billie sighed heavily looking at the three survivors they charged in on. She cursed in her mind seeing one was a scared little boy. The woman quickly rested her fire axe over her shoulder, wanting to seem less a terrorist than she felt. Despite Ignot never issuing an order to be at ease around the strangers, Billie felt an immense pride at Liam’s outreaching to the survivors. Slowly the situation deescalated and Billie felt her nerves settling. The momentary calm was quickly taken from her as frustration grew watching Ignot slip off from the unpleasant situation he created. Huffing the woman stalked after the retreating man, the angry words burning in her mouth just to disappear as she stepped through the threshold of the apartment.

"Now of all times Illaron?" Ignot whispered, taking off his beanie and rubbing his bald head in agitation.

Billie could only stare, observing, as Ignot seemed to carry on a conversation with…himself… When his head turned in her direction she froze, physically and mentally, just staring back to his red-tinted gaze.

"What?" He asked flatly.

Billie only stood there. No support, no antagonizing, no nothing. Just stood there, hand on the door frame looking at him. At the time she couldn’t formulate words to chew Ignot out for his aggression…she could barely fully process she’d just witnessed Ignot during a moment of weakness.

She followed him silently back into the apartment and a smile came to her face as she listened to Ignot apologizing to the strangers. Maybe what she witnessed in the hall wasn’t as bad as she originally thought. Maybe rather than it being a display of weakness or slipping sanity it was just a moment of guilt due to his actions. Reassured, Billie went to introduce herself to the three survivors only to pause…turning toward the door where the sound of someone tapping ‘funky town' was coming from. Seeing Leland hanging out the door, Billie excuses herself from the survivors and joined him in the door frame.

“What are you…” Billie choked on her words. Just above the stairwell were two scraggly young men. Two young, scraggly, ARMED young men. Between her and Leland and the two armed strangers were Ignot and Alex.

Slowly the woman edged out of the room, hands up in the most nonthreatening manner she can manage while supporting the weight of a fire axe. “Can we help you?”
14  TZH Discussion / TZH Role Playing / Re: {IC} Those Left Behind on: January 30, 2010, 05:12:32 pm
Common Area

Billie’s gaze was off to the side, the usually sharp hazel eyes almost glazed…like a person sleeping with their eyes open. The doctor was miles away from the conversation at hand around her, not registering the chatter or Ignot’s plan for their “training.” Her disagreement with Ignot had taken Billie’s thoughts to a time before the dead…and the faces spawned from these memories had made sleeping very difficult.

"Billie, let's hear the list."

The woman jumped and turned her eyes to Ignot. For a moment the woman’s face reflected how out of touch she had been with those around her, her confusion quickly melting into an embarrassed flush across her cheeks and nose at realizing her lack of attention had halted the discussion.

She stalled a second by clearing her throat before speaking in almost a hoarse way, “The usual supplies: any salvageable, sealed foods and bottled water. Medications, such as aspirin and anything that could be useful to add to the first aid supplies. Ammunition…weapons. Winter clothing and boots, blankets…the weather isn’t getting much better…”

The woman’s eyes had wandered off the side again, her thoughts rushing faster than her mouth could keep up with so her sentences were choppy and scatter brained. Billie rubbed her temple with two fingers, glancing around the table through her bangs and noting the only empty seat.

“Leland, do me a favor and go check on Trista…” Billie voice had a hint that her request was actually a polite order. Leland was the obvious choice after herself since he had some medical knowledge. Trista usually needed help with her bandages. Worse that could happen was the teenager refused help from Leland…though Billie failed to take into account that Leland, nor anyone else excluding herself and Liam had seen the extent of the girl’s injuries.
15  TZH Discussion / TZH Role Playing / Re: {IC} Those Left Behind on: January 11, 2010, 03:16:31 pm
"Billie...I...I...I..uh....," Alex breathed in as tears just fell from her eyes. "Just....thanks."

At seeing Alex’s tears Billie felt her chest tighten painfully. She desperately wanted to do something to ease Alex’s distress. Wanting to just reach out and help the girl clean up her face and promise her everything would be alright but Billie didn’t want to seem condescending…or lie to Alex. So Billie followed Alex upstairs in silence.

While Ignot spoke at length about their current situation Billie stared rather disinterestedly at her half full mug of hot chocolate. She was listening despite not seeming to engage actively in the conversation. Her eyes wandered from Ignot rather obviously, looking to Alex and following her gaze to Jason.

The doctor felt a frown coming to her lips…Jason had been just as devastated by Mr. Matheson’s passing as Alex and neither was coping well without the other for support. Alex put all that negative emotion into blaming herself for what happened and Jason diverted his guilt by putting the blame solely on Alex.

Billie prolonged staring at Jason made her smile, remember the comical expression on his face when he realized she is a woman. How they had all teased and laughed for a moment. She tried to think of the last time she had felt lighthearted like that…the closet thing being when it started to get cold…she had been unable to not chuckle at the beanie Ignot wore to protect his bald head from the cold.

"Remember our redner's trip the first time? Well, the lights were on. Looking back, so were the streetlights. I don't know if it's just that block or something, but power's there. I would like to see why."

Billie tensed in her sit at Ignot’s statement. She was sure behind his glasses he was watching her, knowing her eyes were back on him and narrowed. With the worsening weather and recent deaths Billie was firmly against out goings that weren’t absolutely necessary.

Ignot’s explanation of why the zombies have slowed didn’t cause a reaction from Billie. This would strike anyone who has spent some time with Billie as extremely off. Despite her friendliness, Billie is also a bit of a know-it-all when it comes to such medical inclined questions…so her having nothing to add to such a bare bones explanation seems to leave a void in the conversation.

The doctor only sighed softly, distracted. She knew Ignot’s curiosity about the power wouldn’t be stopped by her concern. Billie only hoped the leader remember her usually concern about taking along the younger survivors….by now he had to know she’d follow him to whatever ends.


"Got something for you Trista. Mind if I come in?"

He was back again. Almost every night since Matheson fell Ignot made it a point to visit her room before he retired to his own. Some nights she wished he’d stay away, others she was silently thankful for someone to chase away her thoughts for just a few moments. Regardless of her mood, every night Ignot would let himself in and every night she would ignore him…fingers running over the badge he returned to her months ago.

"It's gonna be cold tonight, so you'd better bundle up." He said, leaning up against the wall next to her.

She could feel his eyes on her but she would not meet his. She kept her head down often out of habit…her face bandaged to hide the scarring. Trista’s jaw tightened as she thought of how regardless of if she wore the bandages or not her injuries would intimidate and frighten the others…but…but she rather liked the thought…

"Pretty view you have." He said, leaning once more against the wall. "It reminds me of Moscow, with all of the snow around."

Trista thought of how she had never really traveled…but the thought quickly left her mind. It was irrelevant since the world was dead. There was nothing left to see.

"Just figured that you would want the warning. You know where I am if you need anything." He said, looking over at the girl, surprised to see her looking directly at him.

Trista had raised her head to look at the man. No emotion, no smile, nothing behind the eye at all. But just staring at him. She could tell she surprised him, but he recovered and his eyes just bored back into her as well. Trista refused to look away… she had wanted to make eye contact with the leader to let him know she acknowledge his presence, almost like an odd thank you…but she probably just came off as an unpleasant and unsettling staring contest.

Finally, Ignot moved, walking over and stoking her long hair in a fatherly manner. Trista tensed, fingers twitching as though wanting to strike out. She did not care to be touched…especially not like that…her father use to ruffle her hair…

"Goodnight, Без перевода"

He used the pet name he'd picked for her a little while ago. Trista had no idea what he called her but the Russia wasn’t unwelcome. As he was almost to the door she finally spoke, "Goodnight, Ignot."

She heard him hesitate but she didn’t turn. She just wanted to try and show respect. After all, her fingers ghosted over the numbers of the badge again…he helped her father find peace.



Billie said his name in a softer voice as not to wake those already sleeping. She had waited patiently for him to come out of Trista’s room. The doctor was silently proud of Ignot for trying to reach out to the sick girl…she hoped that somehow they could both help one another with their respective emotion disconnects.

She tensed as Trista’s door closed, knowing that as soon as Ignot turned his red-tinted gaze on her he’d know instantly what she wanted to discuss, that she wanted to challenge one of his decisions. But Billie has a stubbornness to her and she, like Alex, didn't fear Ignot as much as those who were not accustom to him.
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