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1  General Discussion / Movies/TV Discussion / Re: World War Z Trailer on: November 12, 2012, 08:03:01 pm
I think a more ambitious crew could have done a movie that followed the book in spirit. And anthology movies have been made, Jet Li's Hero, Pulp Fiction, so I think there was definitely options that could have been more like the book, but this... We got a really throw-away plot, we have to stahp the zambies! That trailer just makes me feel like they're embarrassed to try and sell this as a zombie movie at all. If I didn't know World War Z, I'd have no clue that was a zombie movie. I can just feel that the phrase 'not your typical zombie movie' will be uttered by any actor that gets interviewed about this movie. I know we were warned though, I remember groaning when the plot synopsis was released, and yes I will still go see it as well.
2  General Discussion / Movies/TV Discussion / World War Z Trailer on: November 09, 2012, 10:01:35 pm
Meh. I just can't I see any aspect of World War Z in that trailer. I can hardly tell that's even a zombie movie. I am unenthused about this.
3  General Discussion / Game Discussion / Re: City of Heroes is dead. ;_; on: September 10, 2012, 10:04:01 am
I was actually hurt to find out that they shut it down.

But from what I've been hearing is that several people are making attempts to either save the game or buy it from NCsoft.

Yeah, outcry has been pretty huge, but I don't have high hopes for it all. Like Stan said, Business is cruel. Besides even if CoH gets saved, it just wouldn't be the same. The trust and stability would be shattered. Who would spend money on a game that might just get the plug pulled again?
4  General Discussion / Game Discussion / City of Heroes is dead. ;_; on: August 31, 2012, 08:46:25 pm
I have played this game for 5+ years now. I loved it. They always had something new in the line to make me love the game all over and make me excited to play. My wife and I played, built characters, and played in an incredible world. I had hoped that when my kids got old enough we could all play together. You never expect something to last forever, but man you don't think it'll just end like that. NCSoft has just pulled the plug on the game, entire dev team just gone at the drop of a hat, and now one of my favorite past times is going to just disappear. That sucks, and not just because of the time and money I put into the game, but because of all the fun I won't be able to have again. All the dastardly deeds left undone, the wrongs I never got around to writing. I have to say, for all the good and bad, I am going to miss that game
5  General Discussion / Movies/TV Discussion / Re: Rise Of The Guardians on: April 16, 2012, 09:42:13 pm
Watch this trailer. Watch it. And ask yourself this. Why has there not been more Russian Santas?

Rise Of The Guardians

Or Australian Easter bunnies. I have got to say Dreamworks is making some really interesting movies as of late. Bet my kids will love this one.
6  General Discussion / General Discussion / We missed Doomsday apparently. on: March 05, 2012, 10:50:30 pm
If any of you happen to follow Jollyjack you may have noticed his Deviantart Journal.

Since the concept of the Leap Year was first implemented back in 45BC, there have been about 514 of them.
Without the extra day every 4 years, we would be in 2013.

As the Mayan Calendar doesn't take leap years into account; 2012 has been and gone.

(Edit - no: I'm not smart enough to work that out myself. I read it!)

It seems we survived another apocalypse with no zombies. I'm starting to think that they're not even trying to wipe us out now. Whoever is supposed to be in charge of these things needs to get their act together and destroy the world properly for once.
7  General Discussion / General Discussion / Re: Funny Image Thread Lives Again!!! on: March 04, 2012, 09:34:24 pm
8  Roleplaying / Role Playing Sign up and OOC / Re: Flight of the Praetorian on: January 22, 2012, 09:36:21 pm
What do the Alchemists do exactly? And how steampunk are we talking? The weapon choices seems mundane, but then you mention Alchemists, so I'm trying to figure out how grounded we are in reality and hard science.
9  Roleplaying / Role Playing / Re: bar if the future! on: November 29, 2011, 07:35:07 pm
J.C. listened in on the newcomer talking to the barkeep. He laughed at the request. J.C. shifted down a few stools near the newcomer, and imposed himself into the conversation, simply because it seemed to be the most interesting thing going on at the moment.

"Ask a one eyed man what he's seen? Now that is a brilliant strategy." J.C. paused and looked over at Shen. "No offense." And then went back to the newcomer. "Shen here is the more didn't ask, didn't see. The stoic type, you know. It'd put a hurt on his business if people thought he had loose lips. At least that's how I've always seen him, you don't go spreading my business, do you Shen?" J.C. eyed the barkeep for a moment. Then just went back to the newcomer again without waiting for Shen to answer. "Besides, if anyone came here on the run, they'd probably have enough sense to make sure the barkeep wouldn't recognize them. Now, if it was me, and I knew I was being followed, the only reason I'd stop at a place like this would be to leave someone here to call me if anyone came looking or pay someone to encourage anyone following me to stop looking, if you catch my meaning, but that's just me I suppose." J.C. moved back to his stool a bit further down the bar and took a sip of his drink and went back to watching the crowd. J.C. scanned the groups, trying to see if any groups seemed too interested in the newcomer, if his theory was right and anyone here was set to discourage trackers, it would probably end in a bar fight at the very least, and those were always fun. 
10  Roleplaying / Role Playing Sign up and OOC / Re: shen'anigans ooc. on: November 29, 2011, 07:13:23 pm
Name: Chuck Glasco

Age: 26

Description: about 5"10, medium length brown hair, bit of a gut. Jeans and a t-shirt, leather coat. Small massager bag with some writing supplies.

Powers: Writing!, and Imagination!

Weapons: Expanding metal baton on a carrier on his belt.

Job: Writer.

Bar of the Nowish.
11  General Discussion / Movies/TV Discussion / Re: Latest Movie You've Seen on: November 28, 2011, 10:50:36 pm
Rented Conan the Barbarian. It was a disjointed mess. Wouldn't really recommend it.
12  General Discussion / General Discussion / Re: Funny Image Thread Lives Again!!! on: November 23, 2011, 12:47:01 pm
God I loved that snack one, that was freaking hilarious. I hope they really posted all that stuff and that was just shooped.
13  Roleplaying / Role Playing Sign up and OOC / Re: shen'anigans ooc. on: November 18, 2011, 09:28:22 pm
Ok, posted for J.C. in the futuristic one then. may whip up one for the Now-ish one too then, need to think on one though.
14  Roleplaying / Role Playing / Re: bar if the future! on: November 18, 2011, 09:26:27 pm
J.C. sat at the end of the bar with his back against the wall. He liked this seat as it gave him a view of just about every corner of the bar. The ice in his cup clinked as it slowly melted in his glass on the bar. J.C. glanced at his drink. It was in a puddle of its own condensation. He couldn't even remember if he had taken a sip from it since he ordered it. He just went back to surveying the milling inhabitants of the bar. He caught snippets of conversations and just listened for anything that sounded interesting or anyone that could do with the services of a mad scientist. These kinds of places were treasures troves of willing test subjects ready to let him do any manner of experiments and procedures on them just at the promise of more power. J.C.'s attention was pulled to the door when a pair of armor soldiers popped in and took up positions by the door and some nut job in a cape and helmet rolled in after them. The newcomer walked up to the bar, taking off his stupid helmet, and looked around as he took up a seat down the bar.

"Geez, and I thought I had a flair for dramatics." J.C. mumbled to himself.   
15  General Discussion / Movies/TV Discussion / Re: It Came From YouTube on: November 17, 2011, 10:38:48 pm

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