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61  General Discussion / Webcomics Discussion / Where has the "other zombie comics" thread gone? on: April 06, 2012, 09:15:32 am
It did exist, or am I crazy?

Well, I remember seeing Leftovers in it, and in case it still has fans here, I'm posting the link to this thread as a fellow Comic Fury member:

Essentially, the author wants a break and wants guest art as filler not to let his comic go stale in his absence. If anybody is in a fanart making mood, check it out!
62  TZH Discussion / TZH Discussion / Re: Today's Comic on: April 06, 2012, 05:59:29 am

Is my nose bleeding? I think my nose is bleeding. I think you made my nose bleed.

I didn't know I made you so horny! :3
63  TZH Discussion / TZH Discussion / Re: Today's Comic on: April 05, 2012, 06:09:58 pm
I can't believe you guys aren't figuring this one out. It's hydraulic oil, he needs to refill his tank every now and then, because while we were OBVIOUSLY lead to believe that Jasper was a robot, the twist ending is that Charlie is the actual robot! Jasper, in a less surprising twist, is a sexy leprechaun who thinks Milo stole his gold. Because Milo was prancing around with a gay flag. He's not gay, mind you, but he was showing support for his gay cousin when he was too shy to come out. Sadly it ended only in embarrassment for the both of them. But yeah, Jasper the sexy leprechaun saw him running under the rainbow and jumped to conclusions. Of course, he actually lost the gold gambling, but he was too high to remember. He used rape drug on himself, you see, but it turned out disappointing. So Charlie discovers that he's up to killing Milo, and, in his robot logic, concludes that the surest way to keep Milo from being killed by Jasper is if Milo was killed by someone else BEFORE it can happen. So he eats him.
Then he drinks more hydraulic oil because the actual blood contaminated the old and that's just bad for a robot.
64  General Discussion / Random Stuff / Re: Random Thoughts on: April 02, 2012, 04:49:41 pm
I just decided that vegetarian are super-badass.
I dislocated my jaw eating a salad. This is a fucking extreme sport!
65  TZH Discussion / TZH Discussion / Re: Today's Comic on: April 01, 2012, 09:42:27 am
Sunday is Milo's day for sweeping the Intertubes (yes, they get dusty, and sticky at some places) and he didn't look out for incoming comics since it wasn't the day and was crushed to death!!!!
66  TZH Discussion / Fan Works / Re: Slippery slippery corpse soap! on: March 30, 2012, 08:33:03 pm
DoctorVer wins a... CAKE! totally a lie... (new cake emoticon ftw) Yes, she was making herself fake ears.
If Eric finds out about she can do this, he'll be pretty upset that she did it (and Edna) before even thinking about him.
67  General Discussion / Random Stuff / Re: The Insanity Episode VIII: The Waffles Strike Back on: March 28, 2012, 07:17:25 pm
Does it have to be literal burning, or does fapping with a handful of tabasco count?
68  TZH Discussion / Fan Works / Re: Slippery slippery corpse soap! on: March 25, 2012, 12:28:02 pm
This is where Edna hangs out when you don't see her. Aside from all the time she spends in public showers thinking about how sinful, sinful those naked wet bodies are. So sinful!
69  General Discussion / General Discussion / Re: Awesome image 2: Return of Raptor Jesus on: March 21, 2012, 06:43:18 pm
Here is how it goes for several servers, to prevent hotlinking:
The server only allows visitors to download an image if the previous page in browser history is from the same server. Sometimes, it can be circumvented by pasting the URL in the address bar and hitting enter twice. (the server blocks the first attempt, but is fooled by it on the second) Meanwhile, the hotlinker doesn't notice it because his own browser recognises the image URL and uses the cache version instead of asking the server.
Now, one can't expect forum visitors to go through the trouble without even knowing what's on the image. Maybe it's boring! A better solution would be to rehost it.
70  General Discussion / Random Stuff / Re: The Insanity Episode VIII: The Waffles Strike Back on: March 21, 2012, 05:09:06 pm
You guys are so racist! Poop burning is an important economic activity in many parts of the world!
71  General Discussion / General Discussion / Re: What did we learn today? (Apart from that australian wine rocks.) on: March 21, 2012, 05:01:45 pm
Today I learned that it is possible to accidentally a whole bank. Please don't tell the police.

Today I didn't exactly learn but pondered from previous information: glass has a crystalline structure no geologist would fail to classify as rock, and any fine glass equipment needs to be cleaned with cellulose-free wipes because its outer molecular layer is softer than cellulose and would wear out of shape, if said shape needs to be very precise. In other words, paper beats rock.
72  General Discussion / Zombie Stuff / Re: Who will remain? on: March 19, 2012, 08:46:30 pm
I think Canada's doomed. Harper will see the zombies as ideal voters and want as many as possible. [/controversy]
73  TZH Discussion / Fan Works / Re: Slippery slippery corpse soap! on: March 19, 2012, 08:43:54 pm
Alice wasn't corrupt when she was working in a real police force. But she doesn't respect Red Halo quite as much, and that tends to wear down one's ethical standards.


*gets the blood mop fully expecting readers to get hurt*

*cleans the blood from the ceiling*
74  General Discussion / General Discussion / Re: What did we learn today? (Apart from that australian wine rocks.) on: March 19, 2012, 05:47:38 pm
Practice on handcuffs and padlocks, they're simpler.
75  TZH Discussion / TZH Discussion / Re: Today's Comic on: March 18, 2012, 07:11:57 pm
He doesn't have to be a comic book villain, just because he is a comic book villain!
He does douchey things because he takes advantage of his position for personnal gain, may have a bigger agenda regarding that power struggle thing with Omar and Mercer's factions and stuff, and he seems to take unhealthy enjoyment in humiliating subordinates. Hopefully those motives don't pervade his entire life, or he'd be more messed up than Kathie.

A post without a mention of the obvious way Milo will die? Unacceptable!
Milo hears of the theory that he will die from a scratch because ARC has no tetanus shots. He remembers it while his team are retrieving medicine from a hospital and takes a dose on the way. By miracle, the vaccine is still good. He saw enough junkies on TV to figure out how inject himself. He dies about fifteen minutes later of anaphylactic shock. (Vaccines do not go in veins. Never.)
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