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3076  Roleplaying / RPG Graveyard / Re: Hunter the Reckoning: Brookvale on: March 29, 2010, 04:04:33 pm
The thing and Mary began to move to one of the corner booths, away from the rest of the group.

The kid in the back got up from his computer and approached the pair, his young face set in a grim scowl.  "Oh, don't mind me... I'm just a 'fly on the wall', so to speak.  However, motherfucker, one unpleasant move out of you and you have my word I'll be making some permenant alterations to your pretty little face".

The thing turned to face Truant, positioning himself as though he were protecting Mary from him.  With an expression that was like a parody of a thoughtful frown it addressed the youth with a voice that dripped with sarcastic disdain.  "And where did you come from boy?  You're not from around here, so I really don't expect you to understand but the lady and I have BUSINESS to discuss.  Adult things you understand?  Please run along and save your crude threats for when you are actually being threatened.  I have already said I have no desire to see blood spilled here today but you all seem very determined to sorely test me."  Turning back to Mary he gestured to the booth she had indicated and bowed slightly, "Ladies first my dear."  Before she had a chance to respond the creature snapped out in an authoritative tone, "Brandon, I do hope you're hope you're not planning on doing something foolish."

Brandon froze, he had been in the act of turning the sign in the diner door from "YES WE'RE OPEN" to "SORRY, WE'RE CLOSED."  Brandon cleared his throat.  "I just thought more privacy would be appreciated." 

The creatures eyes flicked from Mary to the sign in Brandons' hands, "Fine."  It smiled its unerving smile again.  Brandon couldn't take his eyes off the thing as he returned to his seat by the counter.
3077  Roleplaying / RPG Graveyard / Re: Hunter the Reckoning: Brookvale on: March 29, 2010, 11:18:40 am
"There will be no such meeting, proposition or contract where you are concerned, tortured soul. I ask you now, leave us in peace and never show your face again. I will do what is neccessary to keep the balance. No blood need be shed here, not even yours."

The thing turned to look over its shoulder, "Carl, you need to sit down before you fall down.  And please tone down the melodrama.  I certainly have no intention that any blood be spilled here today and I assure you, my soul is free of whatever form of torture you may be alluding to.  However if you insist on interfering with what is my business I can promise you that I will not leave you in peace."  Its voice went from converstaional to bitter coldness, ending with a chilling glare before turning away from Carl.  "It's painfully obvious that you are neither aware of what the balance is or what it would take to protect it."

Brandon jumped at the mention of balance, first by Carl, then by the thing standing in front of him.  Of the three words he had seen "unatural" seemed the most self explanatory.  Beware?  Absolutely, he was on his toes right now.  Balance?  He wasn't sure where that fit at all right now...
3078  Roleplaying / RPG Graveyard / Re: Hunter the Reckoning: Brookvale on: March 29, 2010, 10:40:41 am
Brandon was having a harder time focusing, the lettering on the menu in front of him seemed like it was trying to skitter off the page and he blinked repeatedly.  His eyes were beginning to tear and a strange feeling was in the pit of his stomach, a feeling he hadn't experienced since... "Oh my God no..." he whispered to himself.

The door to the diner opened and an icy chill much more intense than just the cold outside swept in.  A man, lean to the point of being gaunt, stepped briskly inside, his long coat flapping behind him.  The words on Brandons menu twisted and melted, becoming new words, "UNATURAL, BEWARE" and suddenly the world changed.  Almost everyone in the diner was bathed in a strange light.  The two derelicts at the counter with him, the waitress, even the kid in the back.  The "muffin man" nearby looked perfectly normal and didn't even spare a second glance at the new comer.  Brandon resisted the urge to cringe away from the newcomer who instead of being brightly lit was dull gray, dark and sooty.  Some shape flickered in and out of focus around him, as though he was part of a badly superimposed photograph.  The menu flashed one more word, "BALANCE" before the lettering seem to return to normal.

The gray thing brushed past the "muffin man," moving between Brandon and Alex and placed a hand on each of their shoulders.  "Brandon, good to see you again, I caught one of your shows earlier this week, fantastic.  You guys have really improved since your earliest gigs.  And Dr. Forsyth, it's good to see you again as well.  What a cooincidence running into two of Brookvales more noteworthy residents in Mary's diner."  The thing turned towards Mary with a smile that was angled too far, and showed too many teeth to be entirely friendly.

The suit grabbed his muffin and coffee and left, glancing back over his shoulder at Brandon and the Dr, possibly wondering who they were and whether or not he should have been expected to recognize them.  The gray thing detached himself from Brandon and Alex and leaned over the countertop towards Mary.  "Mary my dear, it has come to my attention that you have some, how shall I say this?  Abilities... that may in fact be useful to me.  Oh, don't look so surprised dear.  Your kind keeps popping up and you certainly didn't try to be subtle when you attacked one of my associates.  He has no hard feelings you know, he's been through it all before."  The thing smiled again.  "So you have something that could benefit me and I have something that you want, I believe this is wherein the nature of a business proposition or contract is discussed, perhaps somewhere a bit more private?"  The thing flicked a business card at Mary holding his hand out to her for a moment before clapping his hands loudly together and smiling broadly.
3079  Roleplaying / RPG Graveyard / Re: Hunter the Reckoning: Brookvale on: March 28, 2010, 12:39:17 pm
(((OOC 1 waitress and cook is fine for a late/early shift.)))

Brandon looked back over his shoulder at the sound of the door opening.  A tall, thin man in a suit slapped a ten dollar bill on the counter and barked for, "A black coffee to go and an english muffin."  The clock over the register was creeping towards 0530 and Brandon rubbed his eyes, they were beginning to tear and drift out of focus with fatigue.  He'd been up close to 24 hours already and was ready to crash.

Brandon sighed and ran his hands through his hair.
3080  Roleplaying / RPG Graveyard / Re: Hunter the Reckoning: Brookvale on: March 28, 2010, 09:26:50 am
Brandon raised his eyebrows as first one, then a second person walked in, both looking like derelicts and smelling of booze.  The first shuffled past him towards the restroom while the second sat at the counter nearby and ordered coffee.  Brandon finished pouring sugar into his coffee and began stirring it as he looked around, trying to figure out what sort of what diner he had wandered into.  At the moment the only other person he hadn’t noticed before seemed to be a young kid crouched over a battered laptop.  It seemed early for the kid to be out for a before school breakfast but what the hell, to each his own.

Brandon sipped at his coffee, enjoying the warmth as it spread through his body.  Once he felt more like a human being again he turned to his new seatmate, “So how’s it going man?  You look like you had a rough night last night.  I know how that is.  Just got off work myself you know?”  Brandon smiled a lazy half smile and sipped at his coffee again.
3081  Roleplaying / RPG Graveyard / Re: on: March 28, 2010, 09:09:26 am

I can appreciate the direction your thoughts are taking you, believe me I can.  Shortly after I first became "involved" in this mess I took out an entire office building full of those things.  You know what the kicker is?  Doing what you know is right and being branded as a domestic terrorist.  Being wanted by the FBI is no picnic kid.  Think long and hard before you do something that's going to bring that sort of attention on yourself. 

And weigh the risk vs. the tactical reward.  Killing a building full of midless idiots to take out one or two of these things really isn't worth it, a smash and grab or something more surgical should get the job done.  Just make sure you plan ahead and most importantly, have your exit strategy in place first.

Good luck.  If you need weaponry let me know.  I don't run a charity but my prices are reasonable.

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3082  Roleplaying / Role Playing Sign up and OOC / Re: Anyone interested in Hunter RP? (oWoD) on: March 27, 2010, 08:15:18 pm
I couldn't have said it better myself.

But yea, two threads, one is the "internet" and one is the game.  It's hard to describe beyond that but you'll see how it works out (or doesn't) as the game unfolds.
3083  Roleplaying / RPG Graveyard / Hunter the Reckoning: Brookvale on: March 27, 2010, 04:11:37 pm
Friday February 19th 2010, 0515 AM Brookvale IL.

Brandon Slater was cold and tired.  His band DeathWish had wrapped up a gig the night before.  They had played till last call despite only being booked until midnight, there was a good crowd and the club owner had tossed in a nice bonus for their extra time.  But by the time they had packed up their gear and he had gotten back to his apartment it was almost 5 in the morning.  As usual he hadn't gone shopping and he cursed himself for buying a motorcycle instead of a car as he sped off down the street in search of food with the weather hovering at freezing.  Plans to run across town to mooch off of Joey his bass player changed as he quickly began to lose feeling in his fingers.  Instead he pulled over at the first diner that was showing signs of life and quickly killed the bike and shuffled inside, clapping his gloved hands together to get the circulation going in them.

The lone waitress on duty looked at him and Brandon did a double take at the intense scrutiny she subjected him to.  She was short, only a few inches over five feet, with her mid length red hair pulled back into a ponytail, but she held herself with a barely concealed aggression that raised the hair on the back of his neck.  As he sat down and began pulling of his helmet and gloves she tossed a menu onto the counter and crossed her arms under her nametag which said simply "Mary".

"Good morning," Brandon said, not even looking at the menu.  "I'd like two eggs, sunny side up with bacon and orange juice.  Also some coffee.”

(((OOC Yep, that’s the same Mary that Cheez is playing.  It’s the start of a new day in Brookvale, what are your characters up to?)))
3084  Roleplaying / Role Playing Sign up and OOC / Re: Anyone interested in Hunter RP? (oWoD) on: March 27, 2010, 03:20:34 pm
Ta. Posted my backstory and appearance. I edited it into the same post as my profile. let me know if anything's up with it.

By the way, it said in the book that you should tell me what my Arsenal consists of, so, yeah. What boomsticks I got?

Cheez, add me to your MSN and we will discuss.
3085  Roleplaying / Role Playing Sign up and OOC / Re: Anyone interested in Hunter RP? (oWoD) on: March 26, 2010, 07:44:50 pm
It's not an edge but you're correct, conviction must be spent to activate second sight.

I apologize for not starting the game thread today but unforseen circumstance and extreme drunkeness prevented it. 
3086  Roleplaying / Role Playing Sign up and OOC / Re: Anyone interested in Hunter RP? (oWoD) on: March 26, 2010, 01:28:27 pm
Late February.

Specifically a Friday morning.
3087  Roleplaying / Role Playing Sign up and OOC / Re: Anyone interested in Hunter RP? (oWoD) on: March 25, 2010, 07:13:54 pm

Cheez your character looks epic.  I think we have a really good group here.

As far as whether or not her kid dies in her imbuing or gets taken away after is completely your call, both are excellent story hooks though the losing later would take more build up.  I would probably prefer the losing afterward but as I said, totally your call.
3088  Roleplaying / RPG Graveyard / Re: on: March 25, 2010, 07:06:25 pm
(OOC hunter-net is indeed a way for other hunters to find support and camaraderie however like any gathering of humans on the net personalities don't always mesh and general assbaggery can ensue.  Keep it in character and don't take it personal.  Especially in the cases of higher powered characters with multiple derangements they can be somewhat abrasive.)


If you're really what you're claiming to be and you really are serious about this let me give you a tip.  Usually there's more to it than shooting.  If you're not lying to us you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.  As far as “others.”  Fuck kid, open your eyes if you haven’t already.  They’re everywhere.

And I'm going to take a guess and say you're pretty young, I don't know how young but I'm going to further guess it’s too young to buy your own smokes.  So this might be a really foreign concept to you at first.  Research is key.  Whether you refer to it as scouting, investigation or whatever, study your prey before you kill it.  It will almost always give you an edge in the end.  But that can be a double-edged sword.  You can't spend too much time or whatever you're going to kill will do something you could have prevented if you had acted sooner.

Fight smarter not harder.

Live by these words and you’ll be fine.

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3089  Roleplaying / RPG Graveyard / Re: on: March 25, 2010, 03:22:08 pm

Ease off Fire, can't you see how fucking green he is?  We've had this conversation before.  We're a tactical resource that can't be squandered over petty bickering.  Is he attacking you?  Or fucking with you like Hush did?  Hush fucking deserved to die slowly, this one doesn't.  Not yet anyway.

Truant?  As far as the writing goes, you either understand it or don't.  If you do you're one of us.  If you don't you're trying to sucker us and it will be very easy to catch your lies.  I don't know where Firesolved is right now or if he's even capable on making good on his graphic threat but believe me when I say this.  If I catch you lying to us, if I find out you're helping the enemy, I will kill you.

But if you're serious about killing the undead, I will give you all the help I can but it depends on what you're facing.  As far as killing them easy?  It's never easy.

And next time type like a human being, it's painful to decipher that crap.

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3090  Roleplaying / Role Playing Sign up and OOC / Re: Anyone interested in Hunter RP? (oWoD) on: March 25, 2010, 03:12:20 pm
Oh his login was definitely Helmi, I thought you meant his actual character name.
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