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Author Topic: Battle Forge  (Read 2353 times)
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« on: September 03, 2009, 03:32:50 am »

If you haven't heard of it, well I should smack you.

Its basically a game where someone took Magic: The gathering and combined it with and RTS.

The gameplay is basic and actually pretty easy to learn. There are 4 different basic type of cards.
Fire, Frost, Nature, and Shadow, then you got your cards that share elements like fire and shadow and frost and nature.

To play a card you need a certain amount of energy gathered and 1-4 orbs.

Go here provides a better explanation of the game.

Also best of all its F2P though I should tell you that honestly I suggest spending 30 bucks on it.

While the F2P gives you free 30 cards to start out with, spending 30 bucks give you 4 decks of each element type and 3000 points to spend on booster packs.

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