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Author Topic: When Zombies attack--2013  (Read 29911 times)
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« on: July 27, 2013, 07:15:55 pm »

Ello! Welcome to The Zombie Apocalypse! You may jump in at any time
Your form should look like so:(using mine as example)
P.S. speak in First Person and start off from where whomever ended when you jump in
Name: Yukio Solo
Weapon: Sword and Fan with tiny blades at the end(Katrina)
Age/Gender:16, Female
Bio:(intro, telling a little background and how you found out about the Appocalypse)
I was seven when my parents died. I didn't have much choice. They just... Died. No one had the guts to tell me how. So, I ran away fending for myself and smuggling what I needed to for survival. Eventually I worked my way to an apartment with a TV. I turned it on, "News reporter, Stan Devin here. When one Scientist goes too far is when we land in the Apocalypse. The scientist was testing a drug called moraphinahline (More-a-phi-na-line) because he thought that it could cure any disease. He tested it on a man with Cancer and he was healed. The doctor tried it then on a kid who had dementia and he amazingly regained his memory. He started selling the drug stating "It Can Cure Any Disease!" He
However was wrong! It didn't people started overdosing and now... They're biting people and they then become mindless hooligans!
I have been informed that if you get blood transfer(zombie blood touches your  not bandaged wound) or you are spit on by these Zombies... That you do not panic... You may not touch anyone except for those whom have had blood transfer or have been spit on.
If you have been bitten.... Well nice knowing you! This is your awesome re---NO---AHHHH..........

Well there goes the reporter. Time to pull out the decor sword(not really meant for decor) and stay safe!

Two months later:
"If you have not been infected please come to the docks! If you have not been bitten but are infected then please come to the loading docks. Located to the right and left." Said a speaker, repeating the message over and over. They're going to attract Zombies it continues! I listened to it and I was directed on board a ship to an Island.
(Explain how you got to the Island... Then explain how we got on the Zombie hunting squad
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