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Author Topic: Fourm Confusion  (Read 4534 times)
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« on: September 30, 2011, 04:16:52 pm »

So, it is perhaps just me and my lack of skills of the different internet fourms, but I find that this site is a little confusing. Particulary on setting up your own RPG in the RP Section.

For example, I have no real clear indication of how to work the RP Section of the fourms. Compairing it to say, Snafu-Comics, there was a set of Global rules that applied to every section of the Fourms, but also sub rules of the threads that govern that specific section. The Sub-Rules are simple, and act more as a way to bring order to the section its in then to just make a long list of things.

Like the RP Section has a rule thread to order things. In there you are to present your idea before the community in a preset and sticky'd thread, and with only four votes, it can pass. Then you go forth and build the OCC, and set it up, run it for a while until you have the membership you want, then close it and run the game.

But I can't find any order here. So I was wondering about the possibility of setting up sub-rules (or directions) to use each Section to optimize their efficiency, and reduce confusion. I'd help out with it too, if possible.
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« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2011, 06:33:50 pm »

There really isn't any order in the RP section because no one's really used it. Our RP section is very laxed.

OOC thread is strictly for Out of Character context and the possibility of questioning if anyone wants to start an RP. If you want to start up a sign in thread, go ahead and post in the OOC section, click "add new thread" and post what you want to do.Then after you feel like you have a substantial amount of people, you can add a thread in the RP section.

The actual Role Playing thread is strictly for In-Character content.

If you want rules, you make your own rules. Your RP, your rules. The end. If you look at past RP's, all the rules are listed in the OOC section and in the start up thread. No one's complained about it so we never had to do strict RP rules. Everyone just follows the same board rules for the entire forum.

We don't need to sticky threads especially if it is a new thread because it will be at the top of the boards anyway. But if you really want it to be sticky-ed just ask one of us [mods] and we'll do it for you. But for the RP section, it won't be necessary.

I hope I've answered your questions. If you have anymore, just let us know.  He love you long time
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