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Author Topic: The Heart vs. The Mind  (Read 2885 times)
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« on: November 15, 2014, 06:52:12 am »

This has been an interesting topic within most of my friend group, and I thought it would be enlightening to bring this up here on the boards. I still don't know many of you, and I believe this topic will help me get a better read on all who participate.

In any given situation, which is best to act upon: gut instinct and emotion, or logic and thoughtfulness? Heart or head? Does one trump the other in every situation? Should there always be a harmony between the two? And despite which you think is best, what do you ACTUALLY act upon a majority of the time?

And please, be honest about it. There's really no wrong answer, and I don't want to hear the same bland, cookie-cutter responses of what we're SUPPOSED to do.

I think that a harmony between the two is important, but intellectualism should always be the major priority. At least for someone like me. After all, acting on emotion is an instinctual thing, and there's almost nothing as pure and fulfilling as that. But to act without thinking is almost always going to cause trouble, no matter what the emotion is (anger, charity, etc.).

As for what I actually act on? Well...I'm actually a pretty emotionally-driven person. If a situation doesn't have much emotional stock with me, I follow the above paragraph. But if I'm very involved with a situation, I have a tendency of acting/speaking without thinking. Once again, nearly always ends in an intentionally bad way.

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