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Author Topic: The Supernaturals  (Read 40975 times)
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« Reply #75 on: January 04, 2010, 10:23:48 pm »

"Help him to regain his strength, then give him what he came here for and send him off. Now I must really be off, good night to both of you." With that, Archie turned and walked away. Claire figured he would say something like that, oh well, there wasn't much else she could do about him. She looked over at Thomas as he reached for the vial. Oh, has he stopped being stubborn?

"Fucking sub-species... This is what... I think of your... Charity..." He raised his arm, shuddered, and dropped the vial. It hit the ground with a clink next to his arm.

... I'll take that as a no. Claire sighed. This is going to be a pain. She walked over to his unconscious body and picked up the vial, opening it and pouring the antidote into his mouth, then forcing him to swallow it. She cast a spell to make him lighter and easier to carry, dragged him into the back room, and laid him on the couch.

Claire figured she should remove the bullet, so she took out a book on medical spells and checked the glossary. She quickly found a spell for "Extraction of Shrapnel" and flipped to that page. Luckily, she had all the materials needed to prepare the spell. It also suggested having bandages ready because "things could get messy". That's lovely. Claire thought as she started to prepare the spell. If he ruins my couch, he'll have to pay for that too.

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