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Author Topic: THE RULES  (Read 73051 times)
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« on: January 10, 2010, 12:37:40 pm »

If you have any questions, or problems with the rules or moderation of this forum please contact me:

1. Trolling is not tolerated.
Do not come here to start trolling or flame wars. Don’t purposefully ‘start shit’ to antagonize others.
For example: starting a thread about heavy political or religious views, abortion, or the great pumpkin.

2. Don't post...
'shock' images/videos or disturbing medical photos/videos unless they are hidden by NSFW tags.

Link/post pornography of any kind. This is not tolerated.
Linking or posting underage persons in sexual situations whether drawn or otherwise will result in an immediate perma-ban.

4. Image size & quantity.
Don't post metric butt-tons of images at one time, and don't post enormous images and gifs.
Link them if the file size is over 150kb

5. Wrong Forum, go away.
This is not 4chan, Slashdot, or Gaiaonline, and we are not going "to be more like them."

6. Stealing is Bad.
Do not use this forum as a vehicle to distribute cracked and stolen media. This will result in an immediate ban.

7. &#%$^!!!
Swearing is okay, but keep it within’ reason. Racial slurs will NOT be tolerated.

8. Plugging yourself.
Do not come here to purposefully plug yourself or sell your shit. I am not against people plugging themselves, but come on. Don't join the forum JUST to do that.

9. Topics...
Stick to the topic. Or start a new thread. Easy peasy.

10. "...hey wat u doin ur dum twilite is awsum!!111"
Pay attention to spelling and grammar. L337 is not really tolerated here... you do know you sound like a tard right?

11. Don't act like your opinions are sacred. (Ganked from Penny Arcade forums, but very good advice!)
No matter what they are. Myself and the moderators are not in the business of protecting you from being challenged.

12. Read the topic or don't comment.
Duh. Also read what everyone else has said. No sense beating a dead horse.

13. Thread Necromancy
Please don't start up threads when they have long past their prime.
When you are posting in an old thread when there is a warning that states that it has been XX amount of days since the last post.
Post ONLY and we mean ONLY you feel the need to contribute to the thread.

14. Report, report, report! (Ganked from Penny Arcade forums, but very good advice!)
Thats what the moderators are here for. The moderators are unpaid volunteers, who moderate these forums out of the goodness of their hearts.
Most of us have real lives, and do not read every single post posted in our subforum.
If you report a post, it will be looked at; if you don't see anything done, it probably wasn't breaking a rule.
SIDE NOTE: Abusing the report button can earn you an infraction.

15. One account good, two accounts bad.
Umm, yeah no alternate account making. This will result in a ban of that account.

16. DO Keep your sig below 450px by 80px
Be nice to the peeps who have slow computers hmm?


Moderation of this forum.

Forum Admins reserve the right to delete any posts with or without warning.
All Admins reserve the right to ban a user with or without warning.

Know your Mods:

Ensouls, Hailfax, Psiclone, AmadeusMaxwell and
Uselessinfoman have "Zombie Hunter" as their titles.

Greg and TheLastOutlaw have "Red Halo" as their titles.

Please don't try to control the threads and tell people to get back on topic, flame them, troll, etc.
Report all bad behaviour to a Mod and they'll take care of them. Let us take the flack for telling people to get back on topic, etc Wink

The Banning Guidelines:

We don't like to do it, but it happens, but the Mods have a set of rules on banning as well, this goes as follows:

- 1st Offense: Formal Warning from the Mod Squad (They will say 'this is a formal warning')
- 2nd Offense: Formal Warning once again and possible ban depending on what rule was broken, and the time-frame of the first warning.
Usually if the 2nd offence is within' a 2 month span.
- 3rd Offense: Short ban from forums. (Up to 7 days depending on what rule was broken)
- 4th Offense: Permanent ban from the forums with no formal warning for discontinuing advice given from the mods.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Mods don't 'go after people.' When a complaint is lodged from another forumite is when we take action.
Threats to the Mods and other forumites will not be tolerated. If this happens, there will be immediate action that will result in a ban.
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