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Author Topic: What did we learn today? (Apart from that australian wine rocks.)  (Read 541529 times)
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« Reply #2295 on: May 02, 2014, 11:05:52 pm »

It wasn't learned specifically today but very recently I learned that Amazon UK rocks.  I was going to buy "The World's End" soundtrack album and before I clicked buy I read the reviews and someone in the reviews suggested that anyone interested in buying the album would be better off going to the UK amazon (found at because the UK version has TEN extra tracks on it that are left off the US version.  So I logged in at Amazon UK (with my same US login which was cool) and it automaticaly converts pounds to dollars for you and bam, my soundtrack is on its way.  I have the attention span of a squirrel on crack so I immediately forgot about it until today when I had an email from Amazon UK suggesting some things I might be interested in and sure enough, they kick ass again.  Check this out.  It ships from Florida and will cost me 19.50 US dollars (that includes the shipping)

The same "import" album on Amazon US.  Yea that's not a typo, it starts at 70 bucks.  Plus shipping. 

I had even priced the first three albums alone digitally (emusic) a while back and it would have been almost 25 bucks just to download them which I passed on.  But less than 20 for five real CDs?  Yes please.

Lesson learned, Amazon UK is the shiznit.

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« Reply #2296 on: May 09, 2014, 11:24:12 am »

TIL I learned how to build a washtub bass... very straightforward but still managed to mess it up ^^'
(on the other hand it didn't cost me anything, only recuperation materials Smiley)
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