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Author Topic: The Traveler's guide to the world: The forumite handbook  (Read 3533 times)
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« on: October 02, 2010, 02:45:58 pm »

So, since this forum is so darn multicultural, I figured that making a list over do's and don't's would be a neat thing.
Be it your home location or some place you've been and learned some useful information (perhaps the hard way) that could benefit people going there in the future.
Some people sure could have it come in handy.
And if someone puts up something that conflicts with your own experience, please do tell.

Well, I think I'll make an example.

A few tips that may come in handy were you to find yourself as a tourist in Rome. And no, this won't include zombie survival tips.

-Pirate Taxi:
I am not saying that you should go along with "illegal" business, but those cabs are potentially one hell of a quick method of transport.
Of course, that could depend on the driver. But of own experience, some are good at service and will even load your stuff in the trunk for you and they are very good when getting back to the airport(some give you their number).
And they aren't all super easy to spot. I originally mistook "our" driver with airport personnel.

-True stereotypes:
Pizza and Ice cream. Yum! Eat! Now! But be warned: Eating western Pizza will never be the same afterwards if you go to the right places.

True for most major cities, but Rome has quite an amount of things to distract you enough for pickpockets to do clean work.
Be wary of popular "photo" places where big crowds gather. The famous statue of St. Peter is apparently one of the places with the most pickpocketing activity.
And on an unrelated note: There is this wonderful Chinese restaurant near that statue.

Not many of them in the "inner city"/old Rome. The few I saw were usually crippled and used it to their advantage to gain sympathy.

-Bus tour:
Open top tourist buses with an automatic guide. Very useful actually. I didn't think it was going to be as nifty as it was.
Use it, especially if your stay is short.

-Taxi fun time naow:
The regular taxi can be a fun experience in of itself and is rather quick way of transport. Warning: "classic" brick pavement on many parts of the road. The car gets transformed into a vibrator. Just sayin'.

"Lets get there early to avoid standing so much in line." LIES!
Everyone thinks like that! The result is the opposite result of what they think.

The Vatican state
Technically part of Rome.

-Bullshit v2:
"Bullshit" applies ESPECIALLY here. And it is IMPORTANT! It makes the difference between simply walking straight into wherever you want to go and standing in an agonizing line for perhaps several hours in the heat and nowhere to sit down. Especially for the line for getting to the top of the St. Peter's Basilica.

-Top of the St. Peter's Basilica
Beautiful view where you can see the rest of Rome from.
The line can be an agonizing experience of heat, tight corridors and hurting feet if you don't go the right time.
Also, when on your way down again, don't go on a murderous rage fit of nun slaughtering when you get to the shops! The shop selling refreshments is just two shops away.

There is a clothing code in the Vatican. To enter the main area(the Basilica), your shoulders and hips must not be exposed.
There is a "security" post where they control if people are dressed correctly. You'll be turned down if you come dressed inappropriate.
And there are plenty warning signs before the post, so you have no right to play surprised!
There is a shop where you can buy shawls if you make this error. (that shop probably makes a lot of profit on that)

-Sistine chapel:
You'll have to go through the Vatican museum to get there. Lots of walking to get there from the front. And once, inside, a lot more walking through this very long museum.

Omg what the hell are you doing there!? GET OUT!
This is how to experience Norway!
Warning: If you have a phobia of meeting loads of old Germans and Danes then this isn't for you. Also, if you have irrational fear of the possibility of meeting me at one of the stopping places then this isn't for you either.  Roll Eyes

Ive gained an all-new respect for BB this day. LET IT BE KNOWN!

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