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Posted on 20180305

Hi again guys. As you can see the comic has not updated in a while. I fell into the depression hole again. Nothing keeps my interest, I have zero passion I have zero drive. It really sucks. Going to be changing my meds for the first time in a long while. I have to be weaned off the previous ones, which is a scary thought, because I don’t know what will happen. :(

I'm a little bit more active on twitter, I'm trying to keep people in the loop, the words of encouragement have been very helpful. So if you need to get a hold of me for any reason send it to my twitter (thezombiehunter) or email (tzhcomic(at)

Thanks everyone.

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Posted on 20180226

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Posted on 20180219

Hey guys! I made a Society6 page for TZH! Take a look!

Also my email is BORKED WITH SPAM. I made a temporary email if you need to contact me at tzhcomic(at) especially if you haven't had a response from me, send it again, I may have not have seen it in the deluge of xXGROW YOUr DICK BIGGERXx emails.