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Posted on 20170807

Don't know when in October! But October yay!

Comic Mon, 24 Oct 2016 00:00:00 -500

Posted on 20161024

Haaaaaay guys.... if, uh, anyone is still there! I'm alive!

As it states up above I've been dealing with some mental stuff that kind of got in the way of everything in my life, not just the comic.

The comic is still alive and I'm working on pages (gasp) but I probably won't start updating again until January, or Februaray... we'll see how it goes, I still need more time, and I'll keep you updated on the TZH facebook page here ---> TZH BOOKFACE

Thanks for sticking with me so far :')

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Posted on 20151012

My Twitch Channel!

My Support Page!

TOMORROW Nov.6th I'm going to be doing an 'Early-Bird' Extra-Life fundraiser. I'll be starting at 9am EST and I am going to just gogogogo all day and aim for the complete 24 hours! You don't have to 'play on the day' to help out kids!' :D All donations will be going to Duke Children's Hospital & Health Center

I'll be playing PC games like Fallout 1+2, Diablo 1+2, Skyrim, Minecraft (Any PC games we have lying around) TONS of free-to-play MMO's such as Archeage, Trove, Rift, Guild Wars 2, Tera, Wildstar... etc I have MMO ADHD. I ALSO might even do some drawing! :D

So yes! Come and keep me company a day early (in game and out-of-game!) Stop by, say HI and help out THE CHILDRENZ :3