Chapter 4: Page 101
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101 - TG
Posted on 2007-11-22 08:56:17

Actually if you are bit they'll just take you out back and shoot you. But that's not really the GREATEST thing to tell to a 6 year old. 'Treatment' just sounds SO much nicer.

And totally did not loose everything on my school project a day and a half before it was due after spending 3 days straight on it--and had to redo it all last night/early morning and it never got completely finished and I am all twitchy and tired, oooh no. I dislike packaging assignments, so much. I can't wait until the Christmas break, oh god, oh god yes. *dies*

Oh and Happy Thanks Giving to our American readers! We already had ours in October, but I am totally in the mood for turkey and stuffing and right now.

Cartoons done by the amazing Scott Willetts

Original script for 11-22-2007:
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[Roll infected videotape]
Author's Notes: There IS a script for this, but it's already in the comic sooo...