Last updated June 03, 2011
Information that is gathered from all readers:
No individually identifying information is collected about readers of the comic.
Connection traffic, such as files requested, browser type, or other similar items, are stored in our website's traffic log.

Cookies may be used to remember visitor preferences when interacting with the website.

How this information is used:
Traffic is logged for the purpose of tracking general patterns such as overall site usage, internet browsers used, or similar items that will allow developers at The Zombie Hunters, USA and/or our webhost to create a better user experience. This will allow better planning for server load management, and may be used to count overall readership numbers. These readership numbers may be used for developing advertising strategies.

Cookies are used solely for the purpose of storing user preferences on the user's own machine, and are not tracked by The Zombie Hunters, USA.

Information that is gathered:
Registration is required to make posts on the forum. Email addresses and usernames are collected for the purpose of providing a reasonably secure forum environment. Names, ages, and other such information are not required for forum membership.

How this information is used:
Usernames are used to publicly identify the user to the rest of the forum. Email addresses are stored privately unless the user chooses otherwise. This information is not sold or otherwise distributed. The Zombie Hunters, USA is not responsible for any content posted on the forum or the actions of any member of the forum.

Information that is gathered:
Survey responses are collected for the use of The Zombie Hunters, USA. Only the survey responses are collected- no identifying information is gathered during the surveys. All responses are collected anonymously, and are numbered with a simple anonymous key-generating algorythm to weed out duplicates.

How this information is used:
Survey responses are used to allow better customization of product offerings. These surveys will allow The Zombie Hunters, USA to better gauge readership interest in different products, as well as supply appropriate numbers and sizes of products such as shirts or other apparel.

Information that is gathered:
Customer information is not retained on this site. PayPal may collect customer information in accordance with their own privacy policy. The PayPal Privacy Policy can be found here:

The Zombie Hunters, USA provides advertising space to the following advertisers: PulsePoint, ValueClick, Lijit, Project Wonderful. Their privacy policies can be found below.
Project Wonderful:

From time to time, testing cookies may be generated so that Greg can use them for site maintenance. These cookies will be labeled as such and will have a one-hour expiration time. Testing cookies are used to allow Greg to track the progress of various pages, load times, or other such performance information. Testing cookies are not monitored or collected and can be blocked or deleted with no adverse effects.