"Let me give you a quick explanation..."

The virus has two stages.

The dormant stage, and the active stage.

If an uninfected individual comes into contact with blood, or other bodily fluids from zombies or other infected persons, and this fluid enters the mouth, eyes, or other open wounds or orifices, the individual will become infected. The virus will spread throughout the body of its host, but remains dormant so long as the host is still alive. Those carrying the dormant virus can pass it to others through blood, saliva, or unprotected sex.

As soon as the host with the dormant strain dies, the virus then enters the active stage and works to reanimate its host's body. No matter how the infected person dies, they will turn into a zombie upon death, unless they have sustained a massive brain injury.

A zombie is the result of the virus in its active stage. A bite from a zombie is fatal, to infected and uninfected alike, and the results of that bite are always the same: death, then reanimation. The severity of the wound determines how long it will take for the victim to die and turn. Those bitten experience flu-like symptoms; fever, chills, vomiting, and eventually lapse into a coma, ending in death. Once deceased, the victim can be expected to turn and rise within five minutes. Continuing the cycle.

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