"Gaze into my eyes, and you shall see.
I will make you a stone.
I will make you a tree.
Time will stop for you, but it cannot stop for me."

Basilisk zombies are one of the most mysterious of all the classes, and are most likely the third smartest type of undead. Although they lack the ability to learn from example as berserkers do, basilisks have managed to find other ways to get close to the living. The basilisk's main attack and defense is a piercing, bioluminescent, red glare that paralyzes their victims. Researchers have yet to determine how this is possible as it seems to be from the realms of science fiction.

Basilisks are known to be crafty, using mimicry to get close to their intended victims. A basilisk may lay in wait, pretending to be a corpse, or attempt to close the distance while acting like a less-dangerous crawler.

Paralysis is fast-acting, if eye contact is maintained for more than a second. During the first few seconds of eye contact, the victim would appear to be going into a seizure as their muscles stiffen and begin to lose function. After a few moments, the victim will go completely limp. The initial seizure is described by survivors as being quite painful, but once they have gone limp the pain subsides. The basilisk's paralyzing effect tends to last between fifteen and twenty minutes, giving the undead sufficient time to feed without having to hold down a struggling victim.

Though helpless, the victim remains completely aware of their surroundings in this paralyzed state. Those victims who have been rescued from this experience have described it thusly: "It's like being trapped inside your own body; you can't even scream, all you can do is lie there while your heart hammers in your chest—and blink tears away as that red eyed creature makes its way over to you."

Little can be done to resist the basilisk's glare; averting or shielding your eyes is the only known method. Military scientists are working hard at creating protective measures against this undead type.

OTHER NAMES: Gorgon, cobra, hypnotist.

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"I am fear, I am hate, and I am rage. I am a demon's demon.
I loathe and despise you.
You are alive, where I am no longer.
I shall make you suffer for what you are, as I suffer for what I am."

The berserker is possibly the most dangerous and rare of the seven known zombie classes. Sadistic in nature, they take malicious pleasure in causing pain.

These undead do not bite their victims immediately. Instead, the berserker will brutally beat their wounded foes. This practice can last for quite some time, depending on how resilient the target is. Some speculate that berserkers might simply be playing with their food, like cats often do. Only when the victim has become completely unable to respond, even unconsciously, will the berserker begin to feed.

If the victims are rescued before they are bitten, they may survive, though their chance of being rescued before the damage is too great is very low. The torture can be so crippling and extreme that it may be kinder to euthanize the victim.

Berserkers have been known to reach a top running speed of 30mph, which is 3 miles per hour above the world record for human sprinters. When berserkers find a potential victim, they will immediately break into a run and try to tackle their target. Because of their rarity, berserkers are usually solitary, but they have been observed traveling in 'riot groups' ranging in number between ten and twenty individuals.

These zombies usually hold a frightening and agressive appearance, and unlike the other classes these zombies are known to have facial expressions of that of a twisted grin, accompanied by a sick laugh like death rattle.
Berserkers are one of the more intelligent zombie classes, being able to learn from example. Some recorded cases describe a berserker opening doors and using objects as bludgeoning tools. Fortunately, this mimicry seems to be the extent of their learning capacity.

OTHER NAMES: Raver, the mad man, the sadist, 'Zerker.

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"We are many, we are the same, and we travel together, going on this long and lifeless, crawl."

The least dangerous type of undead when alone, crawlers are also known as the slowest (and dumbest) zombie class. However, they tend to group together, where their sheer numbers can be just as overwhelming as speed and adaptability.

Crawlers are the most commonly found zombie in the New World, outnumbering any other class by at least twenty to one. Incredibly slow, they tend to wander around aimlessly, waiting for victims to fall into their clutches.

If, by some poor chance, an individual happens to catch the attention of an entire group of crawlers, the shambling undead will pursue them. Fortunately, crawlers move at a moderate walking speed (depending on their injuries) that would probably be easy to outrun. Still, getting close to a crawler is very, very dangerous. Though many people view the crawler to be harmless, if it can approach within arm's reach, it will lash out and quickly shred its victims.

Spitters and Basilisks have been known to travel with groups of crawlers, using the horde's superior numbers as a way to conceal their own classes.

OTHER NAMES: 'The slow zombies,' groupies, the 'in' crowd.

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"I sing a song.
I sing the song of death.
You will listen, and you too shall die, and sing the song of death with me."

Their haunting cries carry across the wastelands, serving as a morbid lullaby for hardened souls brave enough to venture into the New World.

One of the more recently discovered zombie classes, the howler is just as slow as a crawler. However, speed isn't important for the howler, when its intended victim is unable to run away.

Howlers are basically harmless, if they are more than ten meters away. Any closer, and a howler's piercing moan can not only make a person nauseous and cause extreme vertigo, but, if the victim is close enough, may cause trauma to the eardrums and cause the victim to pass out. When their victims are incapacitated, the howler will make its attack.

Fortunately, a howler's low frequency cry is not infinite, and the howler can usually only sustain its cry for a few seconds until it has to stop. The howler's pause for breath lasts for about a minute, before it can howl again.

OTHER NAMES: Singer, death rattler, death talker, siren, banshee.

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"You can run from me,
You can hide from me,
You can cross the ocean, climb the highest mountain, or even fly from me.
But I will always find you, before you will ever find me.
I give you my word."

A class that would have anyone constantly looking over their shoulder, hunters are a very elusive type of zombie. Hunters can stalk their prey so secretively that the victim won't even know they've been followed until the hunter's teeth are buried in their neck.

Hunters are extremely hard to identify, as they display almost no visible difference from any other type of zombie. Only the hunter's behavior sets them apart from a regular crawler. Unlike the crawler, the hunter is very fast, flexible, acrobatic, and stealthy. They have been known to stalk a person for days, weeks, or even months when given the opportunity.

Hunters are generally found in areas that provide concealment, such as trees, old buildings, or even tall grass at the edge of the woods. They tend to avoid open areas or large groups of other undead, preferring stealth and cunning to mob tactics or overt aggression.

OTHER NAMES: Stalkers. Ghosts.

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"I'm sorry that I hurt and scared you so.
Let me hold you in my arms, and comfort you while you cry.
Keep still now. Don't struggle. Don't run.
I will protect and watch over you, and I will sing to you, you can rest now. It's all over.
And until you feel no more pain, and you draw your last breath, and until your heart beats for the last time, I will stay and hold your hand and remain with you, until you slip into the lifeless black."

Mercy zombies are one of the most peculiar in function of all the zombie classes. They are also likely to be the most humane, thus earning their name. The movement of a mercy has been described as elegant, fluid, graceful movements, unlike their shambling cousins.

Mercies seem to travel long distances to seek out the sick, weak, and injured. Unlike any other zombie, they will simply follow their victims, not pursue them. Moving at a steady walking pace, mercies will patiently track their target until that individual has finally collapsed. Only when their victim is unable to carry on, will the mercy make its approach.

A mercy zombie will embrace its intended victim, and take a single bite from the target's throat or from another vital artery. The mercy will then gently hold its dying prey keeping them still and prevent them from running away. This undead will emit a soft cooing noise, sometimes even comfortingly run its hand over the distressed victims hair or face until they die. Once the mercy's meal has turned, the mercy will release them. The mercy may linger with the new undead for several hours, depending on the undead type that the victim has become.
Amazingly, mercies will fend off other zombies, protecting their unturned victims from being mutilated and eaten by another, not so merciful, zombie class.

In the wastes, people who want to commit suicide may actually seek out mercies to do the task. It is considered to be a morbidly comforting way to die.

OTHER NAMES: Angels of death, mercy angel.

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"I am sick for all eternity.
I am in permanent state of vertigo.
My head pounds,
My fever raises,
My insides wither and crawl like snakes.
Let me show you what's making me so under the weather."

Perhaps the most lethal zombie class, the spitter is able to harm, kill, or turn a human without even touching them. Unlike any of the other zombie classes, which have to grapple with their victims, the spitter does the most damage from a distance.

As its name implies, the spitter can spit virus-contagious, acidic saliva half the length of a football field. This acid is a fast acting digestive that makes it easier for this class to devour its prey.

Moreover, if some unwary individual is unfortunate enough to get too close to this undead, it will vomit the acidic substance all over the victim's body. The acid is very corrosive, and as soon as it hits skin, the victim is considered to have been turned.

Spitters are known to travel with crawlers, but can be distinguished from the crowd by their distinctive gagging sounds. Visually, spitters are known for their missing or acid-burned clothing and hair; damage that is generally thought to be caused by poor aim or control on the part of the zombie.

OTHER NAMES: ill talker, puke machine.

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