Chapter 4: Page 120
The original drawings for this page can be purchased here!
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120 - Portfolio
Posted on 2008-03-17 00:00:24

Not expecting company?
Also, check out that new header! I have been meaning to do it for a while, the one up was just a temp image. You can buy the print here. lol. You can get mousepads, mugs, and magnets and things as well :) DA does all the shipping, I get a decent cut, and its good as a for now thing until I get the ball rolling for my own printing things. I also made some new tzh link banners out of it Oooo animated!

Check out My Portfolio Website! I have some never before seen stuff up there.
A good chunk of it was class assignments and other commission work--though, thats definitely not all of it haha. I'll probably be adding more to the design part after, cause oh man, did we ever do a shitton of work this semester. Right now I am doing up my hardcopy portfolio and we, and we as in my class (all seven of us), are going to Sudbury (3 hour drive from where I live) to have our portfolios reviewed by some RGD's (Registered Grahic Designers AKA the PRO's) on the 20th--which was kind of a last minute decision, and we are all scrambling to do that-- and OH MAN putting your lifes work together in a 25 page 11x17 Portfolio has never been harder.

But you bet your undead rotting corpses that I am definitely putting TZH stuff in there :D

Original script for 03-17-2008:
This script may not match the finished comic! It will, however, contain the original spelling errors and other mistakes.
[Cut to Jenny's dorm. Though the window Jenny is sitting at her desk drawing and writing furiously into her art journal while listening to music. The girl closes her book. There is a willow tree on the front cover. As she closes it reveals, on the table, a set of silver dog tags, Jenny takes off her headphones, picks them up and inspects them, she stares at the dog tags for a long while. The engraving says:


[The girl puts them around her neck, she holds them for a moment and frowns sadly. Jenny then leans back and stretches. You see that she has an infected badge on her desk as well as other infected paraphernalia. Her hat is also there.
Here you can see various clippings from old newspapers about the virus tacked to the wall assembled almost in a time line-like fashion. You see a shot of her entire room]
[Someone is walking up the stairs towards her chambers]
[Jenny suddenly sits up straight and looks at the door, it has been bolted many times and there is a chair in front of it. She gets up slowly and grabs her shovel beside her desk. She begins to approach the door slowly. There is a pause.]