Chapter 5: Page 132
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132 - Parkour
Posted on 20080526
Eee! It jumps!
This is the good ol, Hunter Zombie Class, they are the undead, sneaky, urban ninja's! Fast, flexible, and very crafty.

For those of you wondering "How can he get down?"
Not a problem!
I picture their movements to be somewhat like this:

Parkour/Free Running
David Belle and Yamakasi are the shit.
Parkour Documentary (Need a youtube account to see this)
Okay and this was just incredibly amusing. Haha.

Now, take away, the fear of pain, death, and all the human inhibitions like getting tired etc, and you have your Hunter zombies ;) This was some fun research. I find Parkour and freerunning interesting, it's like a science.


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It sits perched in the sill and looks down.