Chapter 5: Page 141
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141 - Gunz
Posted on 20080721
Thanks goes out to Greg for the photo used for panel 1, even with the photo I still kinda messed up the gun, agahaga.

Original script for 07-21-2008:
This script may not match the finished comic! It will, however, contain the original spelling errors and other mistakes.
[Cut to Milo and James]

[Milo crushes a zombie skull, and shoots again, he looks up at Jameson who is still terrified. Milo has killed all of the surrounding zombies. You see Katie in the BG kicking one.]

Milo: Walters?

James: [Just staring off] T-th-th-there is so m-m-m-many of them.

Milo: Yeah, yeah, there sure are, and plenty more if we wait long enough. Now, how about you come down from there, and we'll get you home? Sound like a plan?

James: I lied. About before--'bout doing all those things. I wasn't a wastelander--I was barely in the outbreak--But, the way I got infected was so stupid--

Milo: Dude, it's okay. We already knew.

James: You already knew?

Milo: From the moment you introduced yourself. [holds out hand - dude gets down]

James: [looks a little sheepish] Why didn't you say anything?

Milo: Eh [shrug] We had a bet going to see how long it'd take before you froze up. I owe Sam a beer [gives his helmet a shake]

[They are now both leaning against one of the buildings, getting their gear fixed up]

Milo: We all have our bad days, kiddo. [Grins as he grabs a window ledge]

But we'll make a hardened and cynical zombie hunter out of you yet. Cheer up, [Pats the kid roughly on the back] the worst is yet to come! [He grins as he sneaks inside a girl's room]

Author's Notes: A GIRL'S room eh? Milo, you dirty scamp.

Edited for the obvious. Milo really isn't a skirt chaser, and James being not-a-wastelander.