Chapter 9: Page 236
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236 - Mmmm. Cookies. Site updating!
Posted on 2010-02-08 00:00:50

Hey peoples! Greg and I are going to be working on the front end of the site, so if it seems borked we are working on that xD

And hay, it's those people.


This can be tricky.
What social group of people are you making the comic for? Gamers? College students? Older people? A young audience? Or a more established readership? Knowing this important factor can help you develop a readership quickly and keep them longer because you know how to market for that demographic. It can even help you determine things like the comic mood and website design. Which will bring us to our next topic later on.

When I did this comic at first I had no idea about what kind of audience I was aimed at. But after taking Graphic Design that course really delved into what an audience was, and how you can market yourself for that audience, what their likes and dislikes are, and to, basically, get into their heads. And I found this very useful because it can even be applied to webcomics.

EDIT: This is just an example of the majority of people who tend to like this kind of comic. I KNOW people who don't fit it enjoy the comic as well. Not everyone will like everything that is posted, or will only like one or two things from the list below. This is an estimate.

For example: The TZH audience consists of mostly American males and females who range between the average ages of 12-40 or older. The people who read TZH usually express and interest in RPGs, books, and videogames that pertain to the post apocalyptic genre, or are into various 'survivalist-like-type' outdoor sports and hobbies, like air soft or paintball. Some have a military background or in the military, or participate in another survivalist type leisure pursuit. People of this nature are usually into world building, fine details, and need to know everything about everything, because of their nature they usually like to know their surroundings fairly well, almost like knowing 'all the exits' and all the tools you have on hand, because people who are in this type of demographic are 'tactical problem solvers'.

Because of all these audience factors TZH has evolved into an expansive detailed, and elaborate world with a lot of dimension to it. Knowing these factors helped me develop the story to better suit myself and my readers, and helped build the encyclopedia and the basic skeleton for the TZH world.

Original script for 02-08-2010:
This script may not match the finished comic! It will, however, contain the original spelling errors and other mistakes.
[TZH crew arrives all wet and bedraggled, they are wearing their armbands.]
Megan: [Turns away from Mercer] Hey guys. Thanks for coming in so quick, in such shitty weather.
Milo: No problem, what's up?
Megan: Well, how's chore duty treating you guys?
Jenny: [Flops down in chair, and begins helping herself to the food that's out on the table, smelling it and testing it first, out of habit] One day is lobotomizing enough but three weeks of this shit? (something else?) I don't care if our next team-mate is a chimp on a Segway- just let us do our job, this protocol bullshit is--shit! We don't NEED a 6th person.
Mau: Wait. Is that why we are here? Did you find someone?
Megan: I anticipated your imminent boredom and Fortunately, we just happen to have a solution. As no one was forthcoming for the position, we expedited your clearances. You'll be getting a 6th member, who will be helping you with the Half-Life field-testing, as well as assisting you with your usual salvage retrieval.
Milo: Field-testing it how?