Chapter 9: Page 242
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242 - Scootle
Posted on 2010-03-11 00:00:22

Always worries me about too much blah blah blah explanation. But, this will probably be the last chapter with explanation in it. After that, everyone is on their own! :)
Still working on those webcomic tips. I am going to put it all together when I am done so people can refer to it later and the like, once it's done I will put it up in the extras section!

Hope everyone is doing well. See you all Monday!

Original script for 03-11-2010:
This script may not match the finished comic! It will, however, contain the original spelling errors and other mistakes.
Megan: Our testing has gone as far as it can go within the ARC facility. The Half-Life project has been closed indefinitely. This means that Charlie is, in the eyes of the Halo Council, a noncontributing citizen in ARC's society, and a waste of resources. Fortunately, Arthur has decided not to destroy Charlie [Charlie looks hurt] and with his approval, we are going to be having follow-up testing on Charlie's potential to assist in the field with salvage teams like yours. for the purpose of protection and early detection of the undead.
Milo: So why us? Aren't you afraid that we'll, you know, break him?
Megan: Unlikely. Charlie can hold his own. If the demonstration achieved nothing else, it showed how durable he is. Look, we've poured over everyone's files, done the footwork and the background checks Besides, we've gone through your files, and you guys are the best match for Charlie.
I trust all of you a lot. I have been with you all since the beginning, when you first arrived on ARC, and you're all highly experienced out on the field.
And because the halflife experiment is for the aid of zombie hunting, it was only natural that I would choose you all for the testing.
We have already done all that we can for Charlie in the lab and I am going to be leaving and Mercer is going to be busy. Charlie needs other friends to be exposed to people and conflicts in the outside world--it will be good for him.
Milo: Well. If he's really as good as you say, I'll consider it. How about you guys? Sam?
Sam: [shrugs] Eh, works for me.
Jenny: You gotta be shitting me.
Sammie: Meh, if Megan says it's okay, it's okay. We could use someone that's not going to die at the drop of a hat. Plus we could use another guy on the team, Milo must feel like the estrogen's gonna get to him and he's gonna have to wear a tampon or something just to fit in.
Milo: [weird face] What makes you think I haven't? I get in touch with my feminine side.

Author's Notes: Jesus Christ what the fuck was I on??