Chapter 9: Page 254
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254 - Keeping the peace
Posted on 2010-05-10 00:00:00

Milo always needs to keep the peace.

Just so everyone knows we need about 40 books left to sell to make the preorder goal, and only 60 sketch editions left overall! So if you want a sketch addition now would be the time to get it :)

Original script for 05-10-2010:
This script may not match the finished comic! It will, however, contain the original spelling errors and other mistakes.

Milo: Jenny! That'll be enough. [Milo enters the room.]

Jenny: [Glares at Charlie and walk away]

Milo: [after a pause] Is there going to be a problem, Charlie?

Charlie: A problem?

Milo: Yes, between you and Jenny. Is there going to be a problem?

Charlie: [Grunts] Hmph. As long as that she keeps her temper in check everything should be fine.

Milo: I would also prefer it if you also held your tongue as well. It's always best to not provoke people.