Chapter 9: Page 257
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257 - Diner
Posted on 2010-05-31 00:00:00

Okay! Here's the lowdown on how the books work, now:

We've reached the end of our preorder bar! (Hooray!)
Now Greg is getting the final quote from the printing company. He was trying to have it before we finished the preorder bar, but you guys really hammered that last ten percent ;)
But anyway, here are the steps we'll now go through for the book:

Step one!
Once Greg has the final quote in, he'll be arranging the payment plan and all the other boring details (Thank you Greg!). He'll take care of getting the ISBN, the bar code, and (for the US) their Library of Congress number, and anything else that goes into making a book.
That could take up to a couple of weeks, depending on if there are any complications in the process. If I have to do anything personally, it'll take a lot longer because I'm still in Canada. So let's hope Greg can sign for everything!

Step two!
Once we've got our printing contract, that's when I get to do the fun stuff! We'll go through a colour test (probably two or three weeks for that, depending how long it takes the test pages to get shipped back to me). Basically, I'll send them a set of pages to print off, they'll print them, and send them back to me. Then I adjust the colours and we go around again. Each time the pages go back and forth, it adds some time- so let's hope we only have to do it once ;)

Step three!
Once the colour tests are good, I'll send in the files for the entire book. The printer will make a proof copy and send that to me, and I'll get to approve it (or not). If there are any problems, then we go through a change process and redo the proof. Like anything else that gets sent to me physically, it'll take another couple of weeks for this step.

Step four!
When the proofs are done, that's when we enter the production queue for the printing presses. At this point we'll actually have a REAL CALENDAR DATE for when we'll be able to expect the book, none of this 'a few more weeks' stuff. We'll wait eagerly by the doorstep for our MASSIVE SHIPMENT of books to appear on their cargo pallets. Once they get there, it's on to...

Step five!
First I break my wrists signing and sketching the HUNDREDS of pre-orders! (You guys are awesome!)
Then, Greg breaks his back packing, labelling, and shipping everything out to everyone! Finally, we'll die in a crumpled heap amidst scattered paper, cardboard and markers, while you sit back and enjoy a fresh, beautiful book!

All told, and depending on the lag times for mailing everything, we could have the book anywhere from late August to early November. We'll have a better estimate once the printing contract is actually signed.

We are now out of sketch editions! But, because it's going to be another few months, we will leave the regular preorders up in the store until the book physically arrives. If you order before the shipment comes in, I'll still sign your book :)

Original script for 05-31-2010:
This script may not match the finished comic! It will, however, contain the original spelling errors and other mistakes.
[Cut to Katie and Jenny playing chess, Katie is winning by a landslide.]

Jenny: How did you become so good at this?

Katie: Daddy showed me, when I was little. It's easy.

Jenny: Easy for you. [Katie takes another piece] So, before the shit hit the fan, your family was really rich eh?

Katie: [Grins] Yes! We lived in a big house when we moved from Ireland, when Mom married Daddy. It was by the ocean. And it had horses, and I learned fencing.

Jenny: That's amazing.

Megan comes over, tells Jenny that Milo was looking for her, and asks if she can play the next game with Katie. Katie nods solemnly.