Chapter 10: Page 274
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Posted on 2010-08-16 00:00:00

Holy shiat. This page took me a while to do. And it's like an oven in my room during the day, so, because of that there will be no Thursday update this week sorry :C I need to play buffer-catch-up!

So Greg and I (Well mostly Greg) spent like, almost 3 weeks building this camp thing, from how to keep out zombies, to what was in it and how much fuel/water it used in a day. Yeah holy shit that was a lot of work and research, especially on Greg's part. And this is only 1/4th of the camp seen here. There will be more to come!

We are having a Hoodie clearance sale! Everything must go!
We are making room for new t-shirts.

Because of our recent supply problems with hoodies we have decided that we will no longer be carrying them. Once these are sold out they'll be gone and we will be able to stock a bit more variety with the t-shirts.

Original script for 08-16-2010:
This script may not match the finished comic! It will, however, contain the original spelling errors and other mistakes.
[CUT TO: Megan finishes reading the letter]
[Scenes of the new outpost. Above shot of camp, snow lightly falling Helicopter coming in. Helicopter dropping off supplies. Red halo's milling about. It's about November/December ish. And there is a light dusting of snow on the ground.]