Chapter 10: Page 281
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Purdy FACE.
Posted on 2010-10-04 00:00:00

Havin' a sale! --->HURRRRRRRRR.<--- Still have some hoodies left, having a 20% off sale on shirts and prints. It's good shit yo.


ALSO! Our email is back up and running! Yes, I have lost all my saved emails, which means I have lost ALL the fanart pics I hadn't had a chance to put up :( so, if you still want your fanart up in the gallery, and if you have the time, can you please send it again? Thanks!

Original script for 10-04-2010:
This script may not match the finished comic! It will, however, contain the original spelling errors and other mistakes.
"After all, you wouldn't want me to share our secrets, would you?"
[cut back to Charlie reading the letter as it closes]
"I'm sure that the team will come to trust you in good time.
With all my love,

[As Charlie finishes reading the letter, Sammie stops by his room]

Sammie: Grab your coat and put your face on! We're heading into town to get you some gear.