Chapter 19: Page 481
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Posted on 20130620
So today on Terable Adventures I got to speak with General I-AM-SO-NOT-THE-BAD-GUY McScar Face. Without even saying hello he is launches into a speech and tells me basically 'good job, but you suck' and don't let all the 'glory' of fighting the n00bzone boss get to my head.


I laughed at this cut-scene because it literally went from grisled 'if you had only seen what I have seen' bad guy telling her to not not being a cocky shit-- to my character, looking like... well, like she does.

SPEAKING of looks-- its time to see what Greg's characters' new outfit looks like.

Oh my!

Original script for 06-20-2013:
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Mercer walks away leaving Maureen with the clipboard dudeguy.