Chapter 20: Page 534
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Posted on 20140206
Good news everyone! I am going to get my permanent residency green card thingie soon! Greg and I won't have to worry about immigration poking us for a while which is nice! I can finally start relaxing and be more comfortable in 'Murica without having to prove to people who don't know us-- that we are married for love and not just for immigration status >:|



Forgot to put up the current status of book two!

Right now I've got the foreground colors left to go, on one final page. Then I need to tidy up a page with a big thanks to all our redshirts on it.

While I'm doing that, the current version of the book (less the bits I'm finishing) is getting combed over to make sure I've put in all the changes from our editor. If all goes well, we might be off to proof by the end of next week!

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