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62 - Battle Cry!
Posted on 2007-04-16 23:53:09

She's like Go Go from Kill Bill or something. Haha.
Watch where you are swinging that thing Sammie, Geeze.

Whats a better battle cry then screaming "BATTLE CRY!!!" Har har.

I am done schoooooooooooooooooooooooool for the summer! *does the Jenny-Jigg!*

And to all of you Elsie Hooper comic fans! There is an interesting contest being held, I suggest you read the comic, and enter!
The comic is a very good read, you won't be dissapointed--I really really look forward to his updates. And the comic has a really killer style which I like. Mwhaha, okay that'd be enough fan-girling for today =D

Speaking of cool comic styles Two Rooks is a new one out there, I like how they use black, white, and one spot color, a nice solid juicy red. I love dark future stories. It's definitely shaping up to be a pretty kickass comic! Read yes.

And oooh, Elsie Hooper, I've gotta go back and catch up... Very awesome comic! And if you didn't already know, the guys from MacHall are back with a new webcomic Three Panel Soul.

Original script for 04-16-2007:
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[then they exchange glances, Sammie grabs a weapon, and then they start to clear a path... ]