Chapter 3: Page 83
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83 - Dead Winter
Posted on 2007-08-13 00:22:07

Sun is trying to come out.

Okay time for Jenny to fan-girl over a comic. I got two words for ya Dead Winter by S. Dave Shabet. Holy GOD I ASPIRE to be an amazing writer and storyteller like this.
I have never in my life read dialog that runs so smooth--has so much wit--that got me to laugh out loud. This comic my friends, not only does it have and amazing plot, characters that ooze with personality, and a unique style to boot--it--yes, take a seat, has ZOMBIES in it. My fellow undead fans, please add this comic to your bookmarks, because seriously people, GO READ NOW. It is a very, very entertaining read--I don't want to say whats going on in it, as far as plot goes, because my re telling it would probably murder it--so go read, you will not be disappointed. I swear on my shovel.

Also I added a few images to the Official Art section in the gallery. Did some concept art for the Red Halo logo, and some concept art for the Red Halo Military. Enjoy!

Original script for 08-13-2007:
This script may not match the finished comic! It will, however, contain the original spelling errors and other mistakes.
[Cut to Charlie and Katie]

[Zombies are coming in closer; Charlie has a panicked look on his face] DAAN!! Open the DOOR!
Katie: [startled] Charlie...? Wuh... [tries to open her eyes]
Charlie: [Charlie looks down at Katie] It's alright, [Charlie props her up against the wall beside the door and shields her with his body, the zombies are getting closer] just keep your eyes closed--and just keep talking. Everything is fine. [zombies are moving in closer one stumbles out and goes for Katie, it reaches for the girl but Charlie shields her, the zombie chomps on Charlie's arm. His blood is dark and thick like molasses.
Charlie: Ahhrggh!! Get back!!