Chapter 3: Page 93
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93 - Jump!
Posted on 2007-10-08 08:48:26

This, this is the page of LOATHING. I hate this page. I imagine every comic artist has that ONE page that they just can't stand. This one here is mine.
At first I had this 2 page hugeass thing that everyone like...jumped into the helicopter.
Then I was like, wait, a ladder would be so much easier, and SAFER, . So I cut that shit out and made just a simple, slightly rushed page.
I am eager to get this story fucking rolling, now that the script is on its way to being finished, or at least there is a clear path set anyways, yargh.

Original script for 10-08-2007:
This script may not match the finished comic! It will, however, contain the original spelling errors and other mistakes.
Maureen: Fuck. They gotta jump it.
[you see zombies reaching for Dan and Charlie over the edge]
[Jenny opens the helicopter door and holds out her hand]
Jenny: JUMP!
Charlie: Dan jump.
[Dan doesn't hesitate to jump and does]
[Charlie hesitates, examining Katie carefully, and then the jump, just to be sure he doesn't accidentally cause her death]
[the zombies are coming back, and they're reaching for him, and stuff, and Jenny's getting pissed because he hasn't jumped yet]
Jenny: Charlie!? Jump!
[Cuts to Sammie dealing with Dan]
Jenny: What are you afraid of? Come ON!! It's not like you can die from the fall, or anything!
[Charlie strengthens his grip on Katie]
Charlie: No, but you may be forgetting that your friend can!
[Jenny gives an aww man, I'm such an asshole, look]
[Then Charlie jumps]
[the Helicopter lifts]
[Jenny's lookin' sad, and at the zombies,]
Sammie: Are you okay Charlie?
Charlie: Don't worry about me.
[The helicopter pulls up and leaves zombies behind on the roof]

Author's Notes: I took that out too, because that seemed like that would be an INSANE picture to draw, ALSO, they would have thought to use the ladder instead of jumping, so I scrapped this. Which was a little disappointing because I wanted to make Jenny look more like a douche here. Oh well. There is PLENTY more times where I can do that.