Chapter 4: Page 116
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116 - Sault Ste Marie!
Posted on 2008-02-18 00:00:25

Okay, Firstly! Our email responses are apparently being bounced and sent to the spam box so if you emailed me over 2 weeks ago ish and I haven't responded look in your spam box ot'll probably be there. We are currently kicking things to help fix this issue.Second! Something I had forgotten to put up last update:
I had an interview! You can read it here. We touched on some interesting topics =D Thanks Sindra! This was loads of fun :)

Third! My home town found me! Oh noes hehe. This really brightened up my day! Thank you for the article! My ego is all big and fat now haha.

Original script for 02-18-2008:
This script may not match the finished comic! It will, however, contain the original spelling errors and other mistakes.
[Jenny appears from the room, gathering up papers as she follows Maureen]
Jenny: Mau--wait.
Mau: What? [The word is heavy and hits Jenny hard. Maureen stops, turns slightly in Jenny's direction waiting for a response. Sammie and Charlie are quietly watching, they're not going to try and interfere]
Jenny: [after a pause she responds] I fucked up. And... I'm sorry. [Like with Arthur Jenny keeps her eyes averted, full of regret and embarrassment the girl knows she has done wrong to someone she deeply respects]
[But, Maureen doesn't let Jenny finish; she turns and leaves without saying another word. Everyone watches Maureen make her way down the dimly lit hallway, combat boots echoing. No one tries to stop her.]
Sammie: [after a pause] Jenny...?
Jenny: [straightens and continues quiet and shakily head lowered] We're on three weeks suspension without pay; we have to go back to class until further notice, and if Arthur doesn't see any improvement in our team dynamic...