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122 - Economy Studs!
Posted on 2008-03-31 00:00:23

Yes, He has a face. And this is how I pictured him. Impish/Devilish almost.

It's funny there was a lot of speculation to what Jasper looked like underneath his mask (some even suggested that he was actually a 'she'). But I don't think hardly anyone pointed out the only red halo officer seen without a mask on in the video. Haha.

ALSO! Cool announcement!

Busy Jenny is busy. So Jenny doesn't get to go out much, so the first time in like 5-6 months (yeah it's that bad) I went out to a bar to watch a friend of mine's band The Economy Studs play, and they are totally awesome, I grew up in a musical family, and I was a senior flutist (Or pretty damn close) at like 16? So it takes a LOT to impress me. So I heard these guys and I was like yeah yeah! So yes. ANYWAYS. A song called ZOMBIE DANCE RIOT come on, and they lyrics are farging awesome. Its like a zombie hunter survivalist lovesong haha. I then started to think to myself whats with this tiny town and zombies? I dunno, but yes! I really wanted to show em off So I got Jacob Maybe (who plays an awesome bass) to do a little write up for me to put on the site:

Whether you're training for zombie hunting and need an appropriate song for the inspirational montage, or are currently engaged in a messy, shovel-swinging battle with the undead and could use a peppy beat to keep the energy level up, The Economy Studs would like to offer some help. It comes in the form of this rough demo version of 'Zombie Dance Riot' from our forthcoming album.

Please, if you find that the track helps you in fighting the good fight, we'd love to hear your testimonials. Email us at or join the fan-created Facebook Group ( and message me.

While we will be touring this summer, odds are long that we'll get to your town. Contact us to put your name on the Reserve Copy list and we'll make sure you get a copy of The Great Northern Soo-Superior Mitey Fine Economy Studs Music Band. Be warned, however; in addition to this zombie/love song, we also tackle the topics of paper airplane races, pugilists, snipers, and the holy act of sleeping in.

A few of the tracks from our first album are available on Myspace:

We wish you the best in your zombie hunting. Let us help you bring a little bit of groove to the profession.

-Jacob Maybe

I am really big on showing off my town and these talented people it seems to be hiding from me. Haha, but! Right now they just have their rough demos up, but they are always happy to get feedback. I'll be pimping them out again once they have their newer stuff up :D So yes! Give em a listen!


Original script for 03-31-2008:
This script may not match the finished comic! It will, however, contain the original spelling errors and other mistakes.
[A man with sleek black hair pushed to the side enters, he has a gun. He notices her holding the shovel, and mock laughs] Cute. [He lets himself in]
Jenny: What do you want?
Jasper: What? I can't just drop by and say hello? [Jasper waltzes about her room like he owns the place]
Jenny: [Jenny glares] People like you don't 'just drop by,' to say hello... unless they want something.
Jasper: Well then, [Jasper sits on Jenny's bed, and then lies down, arms crossed behind hid head.] perhaps I want to thank you for not having the courage to tell your friends about my transfer to your team. Seeing their faces when I told them myself was priceless.