Chapter 9: Page 240
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240 - Hmmm.
Posted on 2010-03-01 00:00:48

They are going to be good friends!

How about some webcomic tips?
Website design tips!

Simple is sexy. Simplicity goes a long way, bogging your site or promotional material down with flash and 'bling' can make things look cluttered and tacky ESPECIALLY when it comes to web design. Keep the important things, discard the rest, so your reader can find what they are looking for easily and with as little effort as possible. You have approximately 4 seconds (or less) to capture your reader and hold their interest. If a newcomer is confused to even know where to read the comic, you have lost them. If you try to 'wow' them too much with your designs by going 'out of the box' you really risk losing potential readers because they will spend the bulk of their time TRYING to find the comic to read it, instead of reading it.

I REALLY dislike comics that cause me to click around to start reading it. It really REALLY should be on the front page in my honest opinion. As soon as they type in your url, the comic should be the first thing they see. Itís REALLY risky for people who are new at the webcomic trade to not have your comic on the front, unless you really know how to guide peoples eyes to where you want them to go. And that takes a lot of practice.

And hey guys! it's a new month! Vote vote vote! :D I has a new drawing up.

Original script for 03-01-2010:
This script may not match the finished comic! It will, however, contain the original spelling errors and other mistakes.
Milo: [grabs Jenny's wrist] That's enough, Jenny. Let's just hear Megan out, all right?
Charlie: [glares at Jenny] Who are you to judge me, you ignorant little child! Such outbursts and displays of impulsiveness are far more likely to be the cause of death of your teammates than the implausible event of my eating them.
Milo: Whoa, whoa, [Makes a 'T' with his hands] okay time out--
Jenny: [Ignores Milo] Fuck you!