Chapter 10: Page 289
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Book stuff!
Posted on 2010-11-29 00:00:00
Just a bit more detail:
I've been tied up with visa problems for two years now, but if all goes well, or at least stops actively getting worse, I'll be in NC sometime in January. The visa problems are really why we aren't able to get the book out sooner. The proofing took longer than expected, thanks to shipping delays and a few other problems related to the isolation of my hometown. We looked at several options to rush the books along, and our printer has been really great about working with us. We wound up with two options. Option one was to send enough books for all the preorders, via air courier, to Canada. (The rest would wind up in our office in NC, eventually.) Then Greg would come up, and pack and ship all the orders as I signed and sketched them. But the shipping costs for doing everything this way would've added at least twelve thousand dollars to the cost, in addition to what we've already spent on the project.

The next option starts the same as the first. But, instead of shipping the signed and sketched books straight from Canada, we would pack them up as freight and send them back to NC. Then Greg would drive back, meet the shipment, and send each book out individually from there.
That would've cost at least $4,000, but that was $8000 less than shipping from Canada... Unfortunately, it added nine business days of shipping time. With our factory date now slipped to the 6th, that extra nine days wound up not getting the books out any quicker than just waiting until I could get through immigration. At this point it's just cheaper- with a lot less chance of losing the books in transit- to wait until I get into the US to sign, sketch, and send everything all in one go.


To try to be fair to everyone who has waited so long, we're going to start with the priority orders, then the folks who asked for regular shipping. We'll do the international orders first, and then the Canadian orders, and then the US orders. That way everyone should get their books at *about* the same time. (Priority orders first, of course)

Also, if you want to get a signed copy of the book, you can still preorder. Any book that is ordered before they physically show up in NC will get an autograph. Once they arrive, that period will be over :)

Thanks for waiting so long, everyone! I think we've been able to put together a book that is worth the wait- hopefully when you get your copy, you'll agree :)

And below you'll see a link to our store for the print and shirt sale we're running. It's 25% off this time, so if you've been waiting to get a shirt or a print, this is a good time to buy! :)

Original script for 11-29-2010:
This script may not match the finished comic! It will, however, contain the original spelling errors and other mistakes.
[Milo goes over to Katie who is on a bench between Maureen and Sammie. Katie has some ice wrapped in one of the shopping bags, on her face. Sam's drink cup is empty nearby.]

Mau: That fucking bitch is lucky you were there.

Milo: [Milo crouches down to Katie's height and gives her a hug]

Milo: You're okay, Katie. That wasn't your fault, there. I never put you in charge of James. If it was anyone's fault, it was mine.